I'm on a Must Have roll...

Without a shadow of a doubt, my staple for the last couple of seasons (winter through to summer actually) has been my coated skinny jeans.  And there is no chance of me being able to get through a season without a) hauling out all my old ones and b) perhaps (!) buying some new ones. 

Now there is method in my madness (as in the buying more part, not the just wearing them again part).  As it is usually so hard for me to find any that are either long enough or just cut well enough to avoid a full on muffin fest rolling over the top of them, I have tended to savour my beloved skinnies and kept them for best.  (best she says, like I'm 70).  But I really want to be able to wear them on a daily basis.  And so I need another (spare..) pair. 

My faves are from Cos and 2nd Day.  The Cos ones they don't seen to do any more (do you see why I panic at mine being worn out?) and the 2nd Day ones aren't cheap.  And they're certainly not in the 25%/20% off discount offers from House of Fraser and John Lewis (oh yay John Lewis, thank you for turning up to the party) 

So whilst I do have others in the pipeline, there definitely are ones on offer that I would think are worth looking at.  And as this offer is only on for the next two days, I'm just going to get this one out there and keep the others for a later date.

Firstly a selection from Mango. 

Now I have always had black (I will admit that I did try silver last year, 2nd Day £200 ones but dear lord, I gave Metal Mickey a run for his money so they went straight back.  Seriously I looked like a Cyborg) but I am loving the look of these bottle green ones. 

And in black  now £27.99

These from Vila look fantastic and I would say are definitely worth a try 

These from Label Lab seem to have that metallic grey/charcoal edge to them that I was hoping my Tin Man ones might have (alas no).  These look a lot more promising.  I absolutely love the colour of these - a grey/olive/washed black metallic look.  So perfect for both day and night.  Oh that I didn't have Daddy Long Legs.

And finishing with yet another Whistles (yawn) bargain/wonder that I discovered on the JL website (I am pretty positive that these are a store special and not in all Whistles but I am prepared to be proved wrong).  Longer Length Jeans.  Oh my dear lord, can you imagine my excitement.  The only slight fly in the ointment is that I need a pair of dark indigo skinny jeans like I need a hole in the head.  But.  It's still a giant leap (ha) for us Gullivers out there.  Nearly a 34inch inside leg.  All hail some genius somewhere at Whistles.  THANK YOU!! (now please can you do a pair of coated skinnies?!) 

So that's all for today folks - not my usual War and Peace but two days of special offers has to be rushed through.  Had a fantastic meeting today in London with the wonderful girls at Hush, which I can't wait to tell you all about.  Rather amusingly (or not) I had dressed for the depths of Autumn (in my defence it was cold and raining when I left the house this morning) and of course verging on mid 20's and full on sun when I arrived at their offices, a somewhat sweatier mess than I had hoped.  Excellent impression made.  Not. 

Having said all of that, I loved my outfit and can't wait for it be chillier so I don't look like such a tool. 


Black zip back jumper - Zara
Black cigarette cropped trousers - Zara
Black boyfriend coat - Zara
Black and leopard print loafers - Zara
Sunglasses - Dior
Stone Maxi zip cross body bag - Anya Hindmarch 

Whilst we're here - the green coat.  The green Topshop Coat that I sent The Husband chasing round The City to collect.  Well, he rang after picking it up in hysterics saying why on earth did I want a Kermit coloured coat and his colleague would like me to know that it was the same colour as both his inbox tray and the M&S food bags.  Thank you.  This foolish idiocy from them alone I could have lived with.  The 5 year old asking me if I was dressed up as a Ninja Turtle?  Nah.  Coat going back.  (not helped by the 9 year old helpfully pointing out that if I lay down in grass I would disappear).  To be fair, as much as I do love it, honestly it's one of those things that is so bright and so distinctive, I'm not sure how much wear I'd get out of it.  Polishing my halo as I type with it in a bag by the front door to be returned.  

Luckily I now have a coat shaped hole in my wardrobe which needs filling.  Always an upside. 

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9 comentarios:

  1. Kat, you look gorgeous! As always! Really loving those Zara shoes.

    Would you believe I googled "cos coated skinnies" last week, after you mentioned where they were from. No sign! I will check out the Vila ones, I think I have the Vila skinnies (with the zip up the back) in every colour. Those coated ones would go nicely with my Autograph boots.... So now I just need a top for my trip to London for my birthday in November...!!! Woohoo!

  2. Your posts always make me chuckle...."best she says,like Im 70" lol xx

  3. I am loving your' 'Beatnik Vibe' in the latest pictures, very cool. I have had some of these moments in the last couple of weeks, I think it is the loafers. pony and cropped pant. So easy to wear and looks so good. I fear the coated skinny ( my legs are a good 6 inches shorter than your's and bandy, God hated me, but I will love the look on you. )

  4. Sass and Bide do some nice ones, worth a look at.

  5. Oooh, I love it when a plan comes together! I don't own any coated skinnies (shocking, I know!) BUT ... I do have two items in a bag that need to be returned to Mango .. well hello!! I think I see some coated skinnies in my future. Happy Days!

  6. Non related comment...you will love this....Niamh O Neill black leather pencil skirt...google her.....AMAZING!! JUST got mine....too too nice...as for her mushroom one...!! Helen

  7. The H&M ones are fab too Kat, they come in green black and a stunning berry colour, I loved the fit of them-they do a low rise and quite a high one so a version to suit everyone.

  8. Beautiful outfit, very Audrey Hepburn!

  9. Oh my! The 'green' coat comments are just too funny! Bless you! Happy hunting to fill that coat gap & I shall await your finds! I'm on the looky too & just can't decide! I need to get out there for a trying on session! Ax