It's another Autumn Must Have

And HALLEFRUITINGLUJAH there is a 25% discount code from Whistles.  Grazie to Grazia.  All exceptionally handy.  Now I know it seems that my list from there is as long as my arm (and I do have randomly long Mr Tickle arms...) but fortunately (or not....) there isn't a lot left there that I want.  Either online or instore.  Soddus Lawus.

But, there is one perfect, must have item that I tore down to Whistles today to pick up. (armed with the coupon from my Grazia - useable either instore or online) 

Perfect for all year round, ideal to wear during the day with jeans, fantastic for work and easy to dress up for nights out.  

Let me introduce to you, The Sculptured Top.  I fear this addiction may be even more, well, addictive, than my Cocoon dress obsession from the summer.  That may well have something to do with the fact that it's the same fabric.  It feels like crepe, it is in fact, a very manageable - cough - polyester - cough.  Do not look away, it washes like an absolute dream (although it says these ones are hand wash, I've always washed the dresses on 30 degrees), and if you hang out straight away, doesn't need ironing.  Check and check mate in my (lazy cow) book. 

Size wise with these tops - they are very true to size.

Now whilst I love this one, I am going to hold fire as I don't need (yes this is me typing..) another leopard print top. (although I don't have one in this colourway to be fair...) 

Leopard Print Sculptured Top 

Just to tempt myself - another in my beloved leopard print is the Jungle Leopard Sculptured Top

On my list of "things I may well buy before the week is out" (the promotion runs until the 7th October - hell that's way too long for me to resist) is definitely the top in yellow.  I think this would look fab with navy and I know it works with black as I've loved my dress in the same colour with black with summer.  I will get so much wear out of this (loving my justifications here?) 

Sculptured top in Yellow 

They also do in what they call Red, but personally I would say in the flesh is more on the Orange side. 

Sculptured top in Red 

I though, very unexcitedly, bought it in the Ivory.  I know I know, yawnarama, but this for me, is the ideal A/W substitute for a plain white tee.  As useful with a print jacket over jersey drawstring trews as with skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, cigarette crops and any number of coats or jackets over the top.  Over a leather pencil skirt per chance?

If you don't have a 25% off Whistles code for online and don't fancy going to get one (or what you want online is sold out - grrrr) then House of Fraser have 20% off for the next two days

Whistles Sculptured top in Ivory 

I am rather gutted to see that John Lewis don't have a Price Match malarky going on as - and this is news to me - gleaned from the manager of my nearest store - they have items that Whistles make specifically for them.  One of them is another sculptured top in a navy which I'm not sure I can live without.  

Becky Sculptured top   To be fair it looks like diddly squat here but I think that may be more to do with the fact the poor model looks like she's about to participate in a line up as opposed to modelling a rather fetching top. 

I am absolutely holding out for it in a black.  Even though I have my Cos top which isn't hugely dissimilar, it's just got coated sleeves which are slightly too bling for your average day wear. 

The one item which I know I am ridiculously late to the party in coveting and Obviously it's now sold out everywhere bar in a size 8, (the one thing I need oversized - duh) is the C'est La Vie Sweatshirt.  Oh the freaking irony. 

Ho hum.  Anyway, I may well be wearing my new top tomorrow - off for a meeting with another great British brand which is growing by the season.  Can't wait to report back. 

Finishing with my outfit from today - going scarfless and making the most of the remnants of our Indian Summer. 


Navy and white linen tee - Zara
Navy quilted blazer - Next
Distressed paint splattered skinnies - Zara
Chestnut Saxon boots - Kurt Geiger
Gold Mini Antelope Charm Necklace - Bill Skinner
Tan studded cuff - Mulberry
Chestnut Bag - Campomaggi from Plumo

Believe it or not, I have another Must Have up my sleeve coming very soon.....

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5 comentarios:

  1. I've got the cest la vie sweater. And it's a really weird shape, quite boxy. It's a keeper, but only just. I've ordered. the Madewell bien sweater, hoping that's a better fit. If it ever arrives.

  2. I've got the white sculptured top - I'm boring too. But they're fabulous. I really thought you were going for the yellow one for a minute then. But the first leopard one is a stunner too. Sooo tempting but no. One is enough. For now.

  3. John Lewis have got a price match on - saw an advert in the paper this morning and just checked and is online so 20% of lots of stuff....having just got some vouchers for a late birthday present I might be tempted!

  4. John Lewis are matching House of Fraser on Whistles 25% discount and other key brands today and tomorrow.
    Look at the fabulous Camo Jumper!

  5. Does the Becky Sculptured Top come in ivory? If so, I may cry with happiness!! And you need to get yourself to Dublin Kat ... there was a packed rail of C'est La Vie sweatshirts in Whistles (House of Fraser, Dundrum Town Centre) yesterday.