Hungover Ramblings

Stealth hungover ramblings at that.  I felt fine this morning, I even went to the gym.  Ok so I may have had to leave (conveniently) early during the sit ups bit (technical term) towards the latter part of the class as I was about to throw up.  Pure class.  Not.  

But we did have a great night out putting the world to rights and drinking rather too much white wine.

I also had had a great day yesterday, taking my mum for a sushi lunch at Bluewater and a very swift scoot round the shops.  

So seeing as my brain is buried under a fog of stale Sauvignon Blanc, today is a slightly different blog.  More of a stream of (only slight) consciousness.  There will no doubt be typos a plenty, spelling mistakes and a distinct lack of grammatical prowess (sod all new there then) 

Am still in that no man's land of not knowing quite which way I should jump with regards to precious purchases for the A/W and so am still sitting on the fence.  Although I have made the decision that navy and black are going to be sitting merrily next to each other in my wardrobe this season.  

And so here is my random selection of goodies that caught my eye yesterday.  Starting with the most utterly lush pair of boots that I've seen in a long time (apart from the Sam Edelman black ones which are still haunting me....).

The photograph online doesn't do them justice (surprise surprise from M&S).  The most beautiful leather, the most gorgeous versatile shade of taupe and the perfect almond toe and chunky zip detail.  Apologies for the really not so fab shot actually on my foot.  I feel in good company with M&S online photos mind you. 

Autograph Premium Leather Boot £129

Untitled Untitled

Clearly I need another leopard print scarf like I need a hole in the head, but for anyone who doesn't have one - this is an absolute corker.  Of course it's not online yet.  Duh.  Will track down the code and post it as soon as it arrives on tinternet though as it's great. 


Now the real reason I went in - Trench-hunt.  They had one.  Not one style, nope one coat.  Just the one.  In a size 16.  Yes, m'dears, this is a size 16.  It is slightly roomier than I would like in the body part but an absolute perfect fit on the shoulders.  I do recall from another trying on coat session in M&S that I had when I went to London a couple of weeks ago that they too were all on the ridiculously small side. 

Whilst this one is too big, I think even a 12 would be too small for me on the shoulders and so should probably order a 14.   This is actually the shorter version that they do for £79.  I think it's possibly a better look for me than the longer one.  But perhaps I should order both to see (if only returns at M&S weren't still the world's biggest balls ache.  Please oh please oh please M&S, can't you learn from your rather wonderful John Lewis counterparts and let people return things at a normal till.  Or if you pick up something from a food store on Click & Collect, let it be returned to same food store, a la JL again..... Having said that we're getting a ginormous M&S locally next year so it shan't affect me.  Back to the ramblings) 


I am completely all of a kerfuffle about which to order and of course in what size.  GAH.  Obviously the Burberry would fit like a glove....  The alternative of course, is to order it in a navy... hmmmmmmm now that's an idea that's just come to me.  Looking pretty ghastly as per usual in this photo.  I would expect nothing less. 

And I can't be bothered to think about it any more. 

Moving on to something far more exciting - I LOVE the outfit in the photograph below.  No this isn't the headache talking - this was taken yesterday when I was sober as a judge.  Whistles have a similar one but a) it's in silk b) it's a gazillion pounds (not, clearly, but it's expensive) and c) the trousers are an odd shape.  However I've seen it paired together as an outfit and I adore it.  

I have seen loads of check things that I am desperate to blog about - coming soon.... - but I couldn't resist posting this which has gone to top of my must have list.  (a more important list than a wish list) 



Gap.  Honestly couldn't believe it.  Went in to have a look at the macs (which really aren't all that) but got completely waylaid by these beauties.  I would have loved to have tried them on but was really short of time. I shall be making a return trip as soon as I can.  Or I may do a cheeky online order tonight (free delivery, what's not to love?!) 

Gap obviously subscribe to the same school of abysmal photography/styling as M&S do.  Sigh. 

Windowpane pullover £29.95 (you can't see from this that it's actually edged in black.  Perfect or what?  Unlike the grim pairing with the floral trousers) 

Slim cropped print pants now reduced to £27.99 (they were more than this in store)  AND they do Petite and Tall in this colourway which are also reduced.  Oh it's meant to be, isn't it...

Now clearly I was looking for a trench coat mainly which I couldn't actually find.  However I did find something else which I also think I have to have.  The photograph simply does not do this justice.  It. Is. Gorgeous.  This is coming from someone who doesn't do coats and doesn't do much colour.  So the obvious choice is a bright green coat, no?

I love the fact that there is so so much check or pink out there in outerwear - this is just completely different.   Again, this was a decision made pre drink or hangover.  I haven't lost the plot (I don't think..!).  With navy and black or grey or tan, or a combo of the above, I think this is just superb. 


So whilst the sun was out in this photo and yesterday was a lovely day, it seems that Winter has returned with a vengeance today.  Ugh.  Moving onto embracing the black. 


Black and white cashmere jumper - Joseph
Black coated skinnies - Cos
Yellow cardigan - Goat
Patent loafers - Zara
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang

Out last night.  It was a fab night despite me feeling rough as a badger's behind today. 
Black Coated skinnies - Cos
Grey and lime swing top - Cos
Lime, black, tan and snakeskin sandals - Zara
Black grey and taupe beaded cuff - Plumo
Silver bean necklace - Tiffanys

And today - completely nailed in the rain.  Took my mum who's been staying with us out for lunch.  Lovely day. 


Baby bootcut jeans turned up - Rock & Republic
Wine and bone striped top - Massimo Dutti
Cream boucle cardigan - Massimo Dutti
Navy low Converse
Stone maxi zip satchel - Anya Hindmarch
Leather and stud cuff - Warehouse 

I am now off to eat copious amounts of steak chilli with black beans and chorizo with potato wedges and sour cream.  And sleep.  Maybe after I've done a cheeky Gap order......

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10 comentarios:

  1. I have very similar boots to those M&S beauties, need to get them re-heeled though. I'm loving that check print too Kat, found very little of it online so far so thanks for the heads up on gap. Loving that Topshop coat too. Been looking a grey one but I may take a look at that one now! X

  2. Gorgeous boots kat from m and s, the black ones remind me of the Tom ford zip bag! It's friends and family weekend do you need a voucher for 20% off? Tx

  3. Ordered the Gap jumper yesterday, arrived this morning. Love it, fab jumper, fab price. Not so lucky with the trench, every year M&S sold out in my size, must learn to order earlier! Love the Topshop coat, brighten any rainy day.

  4. Love the outfit with yellow Goat cardi. I have the same one in navy but yours is just gorgeous! Love the length of the Topshop coat, why is it so hard to find a longer coat on the high st when so many designers featured them for A/W?

  5. On the trench front have you looked at the whistles one. Tried it on a few weeks ago and thought it was fab.

  6. I can't believe that rain coat was a size 16 on your delicate frame, I would be in a 22 or above. It looked really classy though! I have just bought a pair of ankle boots like the M & S ones (in their pic, not the actuals) they are are a sort of metallic cream, I did wonder what had possessed me, other than they were cheap, but may be I am vindicated afterall. Not sure about the check trousers, the check doesn't line up even in their picture and as OCD as I am not, it is about the only thing that I notice on clothes. I think it came from a stressful wallpapering experience, so sadly I even try to line up wrapping paper, but that's just me.

  7. I'm in a shopping ban right now but I might just have to pop in to Top Shop to check out that green coat... Even though actually I quite fancy a yellow one after seeing your Goat one...

  8. Love that green coat on you!

    If you're looking for the perfect trench I have to admit (I'm from the shop!) but Love is Boutique in Tunbridge Wells just took in three gorgeous, immaculate condition Burberry's - two tan, one navy, different sizes. You should check them out, see if they suit!

    Work those window pane trousers!

  9. love the window pane jumpers but the trousers just a bit too rupert the bear i think... however, the green coat is beautiful!