It's an M&S love fest.

Ok so yes I'm the last blogger or fashionish person to comment on how A-MAZING M&S are this season but finally I give in.  

This is done, however, with a disclaimer that I refuse to fawn all over them like so much of the press have (clearly I haven't had any freebies - ha), but I will admit that yes, they do seem to have pulled a couple of rabbits out of the bag. 

I would though, like to point out in the interests of your average shopper, that the shop itself is still an unmitigated nightmare to navigate.  Whilst there are undoubtedly a number of gems available, they are clearly lurking within a sea of stuff.  I call it stuff as poor M&S does still seem to be trying to be all things to all men. 

And the sizing of their coats in particular is still just random. 

So, in the interests of being helpful as I do have a huge huge soft spot for M&S - especially their Food Halls (for anyone who is a coeliac, the majority of their normal range sausages and burgers are GF and their breaded chicken steaks are to die for) - I have selected some of my fave pieces from their ranges this year. 

Whilst I am on my soapbox though, I will say it's getting much more difficult to find things in the right sizes, especially online where things appear to sell out within hours.  I thought they had got better at this but it appears to be going wrong (or right for them - selling out has to be good for them no?) again. 

I was going to entitle this, if you need a coat, look no further than M&S this season but of course I am also having a bit of a love in with Topshop.  Actually that's a total lie.  I am having a massive strop on with blasted Topshop online (although yes this partly my fault.  I know, I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW that procrastination cannot occur ever when it comes to shopping).  Tried to order green coat online.  "we are experiencing technical problems, please come back later" or something along these polite yet infuriating lines.  I do come back later and hey presto, my (like my inflated sense of entitlement?!) coat is sold out.  As I type I am hoping that the wonderful Husband will be able to pick it up on Cheapside tonight..... (hmmmmm) 

But there are definitely some real beauties at Marks.  Says the girl who is so not into coats, it's untrue. 

Now as per usual with M&S, ignore a lot of styling.  With my Kirsty and Phil hat on, you need to look past the decor.  Use your imagination........ Not as bad as it used to be that's for sure but still a long way off their print and tv ad quality.

Starting with:-

Cutaway cocoon coat from M&S - £85  This is much better in the flesh but again you definitely need to (in my humble opinion) size up.

M&S Animal Print coat - £85  This looks SO much better in the flesh - a cross between a crombie and an oversized blazer.  Lovely muted animal print. 

Notch Lapel Striped Coat - £99  This looks pretty darn nasty in this photo but again, it's lovely for Autumn or Spring.  As perfect over jeans as it would be over a little black dress for a night our or even a wedding. 

Peak Lapel Twill Coat with Wool - £120  For the more brave amongst us who perhaps venture to an office with proper people as opposed to hanging out in the park with small kids who constantly have the remnants of a Penguin adorning their hands and face. 

Limited Edition Pure Cotton Parka £89  I absolutely LOVE this.  With detachable lining, not sure how waterproof it is (I'd go for probably shower....) but this is the nicest parka I've seen in years.  Actually I don't just love it I completely adore it.  And as if by magic, I think the styling on the model is great - such a lovely dress she has on (v Marant, no?) with some pretty fab boots.  Yes it really is M&S! 

Ok so in my opinion, this is how M&S haven't got it completely right. 

There is this jacket which I'm not sure I'd have looked twice at if I'd seen it online 

But honestly, I saw it instore a couple of weeks ago and it is absolutely beautiful.  Yes, again, you do need to size up, unless you have the shoulders of a 4 year old. 


Another great coat is the Autograph Checked BIker Jacket £139 (it basically has an asymmetric zip - to me, that is where the similarity with anything biker starts and ends) 

But it's a gorgeous coat.  Now I am clearly being a massive hypocrite being narky about M&S styling when I look like this with the coat and hat on.  Duh.  I may have had a drink or two at lunch this day (it was my day out in London a couple of weeks ago).  On a separate note, the hat is FAB. 



From the sublime to the ridiculous. this is just the most gorgeous coat.  Yes, I know, it's white.  And I very very much doubt whether it would go in the washing machine (I'm assuming no with a capital N) but, my she was yar.  Very similar shape to the one above that I tried on - not sure why I didn't take a photo of this one. 

Now moving away from the coats to a couple of other things that have caught my eye.  Firstly I found the scarf that I had on the other day (even though obviously it looks diddly squat like it online - but i'm sure it is)  Colours are so much better in the flesh as you can see, even from my crappily amateur hour photo. 

M&S Collection Lightweight Scarf  £19.50


These I am completely intrigued by - M&S Collection Leather look ankle grazer denim jeggings - £25  I have friends who completely rave about M&S jeggings and these also come in different leg lengths so ankle grazer may mean something approaching to ankle grazer as opposed to pedal pusher (on me - if i buy the long) 

Have to say they're not really rocking my world in any colour other than the black (they also come in a berry, a chocolate and a fawn.)

I honestly sometimes wish I was a centipede and could justify a million pairs of boots (I only have two legs and am not doing too badly to be honest) 

These I have completely zero need for but I think they are just gorgeous.  

And and and you can get a matching bag.  Swoon.  (I've featured this clutch before actually and it's really stunning.  Have seen it instore and it definitely doesn't disappoint) 

These are such a bargain for £69.  And they're leather. 

Autograph Leather Slouch Clutch bag - £89  It doesn't look like it matches here but honestly it does!  (89 clearly is a magic number in the world of M&S)

And so there we have a brief round up of a few things which have caught my eye.  Distinctly lacking on the top frontage so I need to do some more work on that..... Always the hardest thing to shop for, I reckon. 

Finishing with outfits from the last few days. 


Black jersey top with arm patches - Zara
Pear drop jeans - Boden
Black and tan sandals - Clarks
Black lime, grey and pink scarf - Markus Lupfer at Whistles 
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang 

Cream knitted sweatshirt - Zara
Cream silk vest - Cos
Khaki silky trousers - FCUK
Gunmetal Virgins - Ash

And out for dinner on Saturday night. 
Untitled Untitled

Khaki petal print dress - Whistles 
Black and tan coat - Zara
Tan lace up open toe ankle boots - LK Bennett
Tan De Manta clutch - Alexander McQueen 

I am now off to see if I can track down my beloved sold out lime coat.  SOB (and yes I do appreciate I have no-one but myself to blame.  Eejit) 

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18 comentarios:

  1. Love the checked Autograph coat - I blogged about it last week after falling in love with it - better order it before it sells out now!:)

  2. I love your sweatshirt and silky trousers/ash boots combo you honestly look gorgeous. The whistles dress also looks really amazing!

  3. olthedoll@gmail.comMonday, 23 September, 2013

    Love love love that Checked Biker coat.... love it!

    I've ordered last weeks Autograph leather Taupe boots and those Leather Look Ankle Grazers, lol, so I am awaiting (impatiently!) delivery this week... I'll be back with how I got on!

    1. ooh let me know how you get on. I can't wait to try those trousers. Meant to order them last night with 20% but got distracted by ill child. WHAT????? roll eyes

  4. I have to admit that not having see the real deal, none of those M&S coats would get me really excited, I agree the styling is awful, even BHS does it better and generally they don't have much to work with. I LOVED all of your outfits especially your Saturday night dress and shoe boots which was sexy without a hint of OTT. The M&S coat pics on the otherhand all look like my mum on the school run c. 1985!

    1. I promise you that they're better in real life. I have to say I was quite impressed with the look of the parka. The white one is gorgeous as well - if you're barking enough (or clean enough - my kids ruin me, that's my excuse and i'm sticking with it...). And thank you about the outfit - have to say I am beyond pleased with that dress!

  5. Green coats aplenty at Knightsbridge Top Shop on Saturday

    1. Clearly way too cheap for the Knightsbridge market! Sold out online and in all my local stores in my size but the wonderful husband has managed to pick on up for me on Cheapside (again, not exactly aimed at the city market....!)

  6. Replies
    1. It's from High Society - Grace Kelly says it about a boat (yes a boat - don't laugh) that she thinks is absolutely amazing. I am a High Society addict. Clearly I'm on on my own!!!

  7. Don't know if you've seen this?

    1. Ooh I'm not sure I have - will check that out thank you xxx

  8. Fab selection! Love your leopard dress frim your day out in london....where is that from please? Cant wait to get to a M&S

    1. Thank you! It's from Whistles - they may still have it some places. It's called the Lucky Cocoon dress. x

    2. Thanks Kat - I should have recognised it - I adore whistles! Hx

  9. Where is that gorgeous yellow cardi from please??