All year round wonders.

Focus.  Yes, this is more of a reminder to me than anyone else as (in case you haven't noticed....) I can get ever so slightly carried away in Sales Season.  But I must practise what I preach (remember The Rules anyone?) and so bearing this in mind, I've come up with an excellent buy in the sales that you can wear now but will be an integral part of your Winter wardrobe.  

To be honest, this is slightly easier to get one's head around, seeing as we have a slightly unsettled week ahead with regards to weather.  Bad weather = much more motivation in buying and thinking about clothes that are for chillier climes as opposed to sun dresses and beachwear. 

And one perfect item that we can find on sale is the dark grey/black jean.  I love these.  Actually having said that, I only have one pair in grey (ancient Baxters) and they're not the best (duh).  These are definitely on my wishlist for A/W (sneak peak number one revealed) as (at the moment) I shall be channelling all things dark this year.  I feel a verging on goth season in front of me -  can't wait to deck myself out in shades of black, grey and navy.  

So I will be needing at least one if not more pairs of grey jeans.  I do much better on the black front if I'm honest - some of which I've listed the nearest I can find to, here. 

These little numbers are great for during the day now with ballet flats or any sandals - even an ankle boot on wet days.  Wonderful teamed with a tee and small jacket.  In the evenings, I love to add heels and either a print top or some bling.  Gotta love the bling. 

In the winter, these come into their own with boots and jumpers - or shirts and jackets.  I promise you they will be one of the most versatile pieces that you own. 

So don't wait for the new stock - get boxing clever and see if there are any in the sale that will work for you.  It's a great Sales Investment.  

Mid grey skinny jean was £69 now £35 from Mint Velvet.  I love the fit of MV jeans - a properly decent rise, they keep their shape really well and come in different lengths. 

My favourite jeans from Mint Velvet which are great, are the Triple zip ones. 

Dark grey triple jean was £69 now £49 Love this shade of dark charcoal.  

Black zip detail jean £69  These are the ones I have and have worn to death.  I wear them during the day with a sweatshirt, I've worn them on smarter occasions and out in the evenings. 

Another great pair were the Reiss ones - huge surprise as I would never have thought of looking there.  And even if I had thought of looking there for jeans, I would have thought they would have been ridiculously high cut.   I did try these on and they were FAB.  Really really great. 

Reiss Skinny Smith Jeans in Grey was £75 now only £45

They also do the Boden jeans which I love, in a black and they're now in the sale.

Boden Skinny Jeans now £44.10

Now some people have commented that these below are very tight at the ankle but others don't have a problem at all.  At this price, they are worth trying as they are a lovely fit (I didn't have an issue with them bar them being too short for me) 

Ankle Grazer Coated jeggings in grey from M&S (this is a very dark charcoal) was £35 now £17

And in black again £17 was £35

Lovely zip detail at the ankle

Much paler now but staying with grey.  I tried on some jeans at Karen Millen last year and was very impressed with the rise of them - now admittedly I haven't tried this on but LOVE the idea of them.  And easy to see how they can styled for the A/W as they've done here. 

Pale Grey Coated Jeans from Karen Millen was £99 now £55

Also in grey which I happen to like, but I can appreciate may not be everyone's cup of tea are the printed ones. 

Snake Print Skinny jeans from Karen Millen was £80 now £50

Ones that aren't in the sale but that I will be keeping my eye on as these are fab all year rounders are these from FCUK.   Special interest in the leg length and the perfect mid grey colour.

French Connection Tiffany Jeans in 33 inch in Grey £65

Others that aren't in the sale but would be a great investment buy are the River Island Amelie jeans which I tried on a while ago and can confirm are super flattering and a great buy for £40. 

Grey Amelie Superskinny reform jeans in grey £40

These from M&S also aren't in the sale and are new season but if you fancy them then you must get them now as they will sell out.  If you're after skinnies that aren't spray on tight, then I would recommend these, but I would also say size down.  I managed to snaffle the 10 last year in Long in black but they were on the loose side and of course the 8 Long were long gone. 

This year in a waxed grey - gorgeous.

Waxed Skinny jeans in grey £35 - Limited Edition M&S

My favourite fit jeans that I have (in black) are the 2nd Day ones.  Have managed to track some down in the sale.  

2nd Day Jolie Pelt Jeans with leather inserts was £130 now £78

I know it's rather a risque subject to bring up BUT I do think in grey, the good old 80's acid wash, actually really works.  A similar idea to my beloved tie dye jeans and at a bargain price.  Would look fab now with white and great in the Winter with an all black outfit. 

2nd Day Black Jolie Acid Wash jeans was £109.99 now £33

There will undoubtedly be a plethora to choose from in the next coming months but certainly, if you can spend less and bag yourself a sales bargain then surely it would be rude not to. 

Finishing with my outfits from yesterday and last night.  An absolutely fantastic party down in Worthing with one of my oldest and bestest friends for her 40th and her wonderful husband's 50th.  There was much drinking, much dancing, much eating and great speeches.  Just great. 


Print top - Zara
Indigo Baxters - TopShop
Washed black suede jacket - All Saints
Black and tan shoes - Clarks
Black Faridah hobo bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs.

And last night. 


Violet Twist Fluid sleeveless dress - Acne Studios

Black glitter heels - Lucy Choi
Black leather clutch - Tory Burch

I'm about to enjoy a Chinese with The Husband and then an early night as I am exhausted - busy week ahead.  Hope everyone else had a fab weekend! 

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10 comentarios:

  1. Love the pic of you and the Pier! Lived in Worthing as a child and that beach is where I learned to swim. Smells though doesn't it!?

    Funnily enough I was thinking earlier today of my black coated jeans that I didn't really wear last A/W but have loads of potential outfits for now,

    1. Have to say didn't really notice it smelt at all! Is a different place that's for sure - absolutely gorgeous coast line that unfortunately is quite neglected. A poor relation to Brighton it seems - yet it's just as pretty, that's for sure. A real shame. The beach was just lovely but then I do pretty much love every bit of the British coastline.

  2. Slightly off subject. Im looking to grab a trainer bargain for A/W. Are new balance out dated now? I like nike but really unsure what to get and don't what to look like a wannabe teen. Any advice much appreciated x

    1. oh lawdy, this is an area where honestly I'm slightly feckless. I have my New Balance in navy which I can't say I love love but have to say I am quite looking forward to wearing them as an alternative look for the A/W.

      Nike - errr, no idea. Honestly it's an area that I shall be merely piddling round the edge of as opposed to diving full on into.

      However I am loving the skater shoes look and shall be big on these. Not your thing? xxx

    2. Feckless is definitely how im feeling.

      I like the skate look, but it doesn't like me im afraid.

      Thank you and I love your blog. X

      Hohum will have to keep hunting.

  3. I love your blog - a recent discovery - though I have to sit on my hands and resist the urge to shop! and I love that necklace you have on here that is often seen peeking out of your outfits. where is it from? it looks like a super classy Tiffany number. But i really want you to say "H Samuel hidden-gem £10.99 this season".

    1. oh thank you! And I"m so so so sorry but you're right, it is a TIffany Bean that I have had for nearly 20 years now! However I think you can still get them - they really really are worth it (that's not super helpful, is it?!) xxxx

    2. thanks! I suspected as much *congratulates self on eye for qualty*. Looks great.

  4. I bought some All Saints jeans in the sale this weekend, £88 down to £49 - always liked the look of them, wasn't going to pay full price though! They're the Track style with the exposed zip, supposedly low rise but more like a medium really, in washed black. Absolutely love them, loads of stretch and after one wearing they haven't gone baggy yet! I held the Reiss grey ones up against me in JL, but way too long - I'm 5'6", and there was a good 3 or 4 inches of extra fabric below my ankles!

  5. Kat I'm loving my Boden ankle skimmer skinnies in pewter grey, I buy the long length so they are full length rather than cropped (I'm 5 7). Typical amazing Boden quality x