In an attempt to write a blog & not buy anything...

... I am going to look at a Summer essential that I don't wear so I can't buy.  As gorgeous as they are (and believe me, I have bought them in the past - I bought two last year - duh), they simply do not work for me.  I have tried, I really really have.  

And the worst thing is, I can't even put my finger on why they don't actually work.  I don't know if it's my shape, my sloping shoulders, hell, I don't know.  But they just feel wrong on me - which, to be honest, is handy as you can't wear all of the styles all of the time.   If anyone hasn't noticed, I am ever so slightly fickle when it comes to fashion (no, really? you would have thought I'd grown out of it at the over ripe age of 41....) but I can say I've tried these and I'm leaving them to others. 

However I have been asked a number of times by people if I could do a blog on one and seeing as I keep seeing utterly gorgeous numbers, it would be rude not to.  Plus - to go back to the beginning, finally, I can do a blog that I won't have ordered something by the end of it.  She says ambitiously....

I am talking Kimonos.  The absolutely ideal Summer cover up.  Perfect for throwing on over a light tee and jeans or shorts.  Throw over a swimsuit and a pair of shorts to go down to the pool or the beach or to go and have some lunch.  They work just as well over short summer dresses as well - especially plain ones when the jacket can do the talking.  Ideal for when a proper jacket is too warm but you need *something*.  That is when these come into their own.  

They're also ideal to add interest to a dull old tee and a boring old pair of plain shorts.  So useful in fact that I think you could easily justify adding maybe more than one to your Summer wardrobe. 

Starting with some lovely versions at River Island - adore the beaded detailing round the collar on this. 

Green Geometric Print embellished kimono £40

This is much more embellished again at River Island but I still think this would look gorgeous over a white or nude tee or vest an some faded jeans or shorts.  Perfect as well for the beach over a costume.  This would actually work better for me as one of the things I think I struggle with is them falling off my shoulders - but with the tie, this wouldn't be a problem. 

Cream Pacha Lace Fringed Kimono £80 from River Island   This is more of a work of art than a piece of clothing.  (I will admit I am having to sit on my hands now to order this.  Thank god it's a) £80 and b) I'm not going on a beach holiday this year.  However on proof reading this, I'm working out how gorgeous it would look over distressed skinnies for a night out....)

Another fantastic tie front one from the Pacha range at RI. 

White Pacha Embellished kimono £45

A simple version from M&S if you want an entry level Kimono.  Very easy to wear as can be seen below - gorgeous subtle colours which would work with any neutral shades. 

Floral Kimono Wrap from Limited Edition at M&S £25

Silhouette Rose Print Wrap £25 - same shape as above in bolder colours.  Gorgeous with blacks. 

Moving onto plain now and there is a great selection of crocheted hem kimonos at New Look. 

White Crochet Hem Kimono £19.99

They also do in a coral which is stunning for the Summer   They also do this in dark pink, fuchsia (they are slightly different..), cobalt and black.  All gorgeous (on link)

More simplicity at New Look with this Black Draped Bar Back Kimono £19.99  This would also work well over print shorts.

They also do this in a cream for £19.99 as well 

A slight variation on a theme with tie dye at Monsoon/Accessorize 

Leiko Tie Dye Kimono £35

I have to say my favourite of the lot (bar the Pacha lace one) is this Paisley print from New Look. 

White Paisley Print Kimono from New Look £19.99  I love the print and the muted colour palette - this would also be super useful in the cooler Autumnal months with a longsleeved tee (fingers crossed for an Indian Summer...)

Like I say, I love them on other people but I simply cannot make them work for me.  Please tell me how you wear them as I have two sat in my wardrobe that I really want to wear!  Or like me, are they one thing you struggle to get on with.  

However, I am getting into the Boho vibe - of course it obviously wouldn't be a normal post for me if I didn't quaff a slice of humble pie somewhere along the lines.  Having pontificated earlier in the season during a Marant a like post that I was on the edge of all things boho, I have found my inner hippie chick and have discovered a full on taste for the embroidered.  

Not a kimono but a top that I bought for my sister in law's wedding when I was 7 months pregnant with the now 5 year old.  I wore it back to front so it was properly empire line with a huge pearl cluster necklace.  At the time, this cost me so much money I wanted to weep but I have to say, I drag it out every season, numerous times and every time I wear it, someone always comments on how gorgeous it is.  Obviously it goes in the washing machine (there is method in my obsession....) 


Linen and crochet embellished top - By Malene Birger
Straight leg jeans turned up - Zara
Champagne leather espadrilles - Penelope Chilvers
Straw hat - Fat Face 

So I may have to stay with the Boho theme and just see if there is anything we can sweep up from the Sales, seeing as we seem to be having a Proper Summer.  (this now does mean it will rain from the weekend till the end of September.  I apologise now.)

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14 comentarios:

  1. I love your top so much! So pretty! I haven't embraced the mono yet but I'm very tempted by the New Look one. May just have to try it... Lynne xx

  2. Still have t bought mine and time is running out...mind you I love the. M&S one, a great price too xx

  3. I JUST bought the New Look one this past weekend for an evening garden party - it was perfect! Might check out the River Island one too - love the print!!

  4. I look so bad in these too! And feel like a child raiding my mum's clothes for dressing up in them. I'm 5'9 so it's not a height thing, I just can't carry them off.
    Which is a relief frankly as this is the first of your posts in ages where I haven't gone ooooh and bought about 3 things!

  5. Have you tried a kimono-like shrug? This one is fab: Sair x

  6. I too love kimonos but they are verboten as my 13 year old daughter has one (skinny jeans, vest, kimono, Vans- so very cool and lovely). I fear this may be a recurring theme in the next few years.......

  7. I bought a kimono from H&M a few weeks ago - it's still hanging in the wardrobe! I'd love to know how/where you store all your clothes. I currently have three double wardrobes, two chests of drawers and a shop rail thingy but everything is bursting at the seams - and don't mention all my shoes!

  8. The two I have are shorter in length, which helps I think. Any I've tried on recently that sit below the bum, I've found to look a bit unflattering. I think of mine like a big scarf - they're so forgiving and perfect on a warm day to cover up & add colour without overheating. Great selection...loving the River Island one the most. Regarding the New Look one, I was out recently and three girls in the one pub all had it on... #awkward - I was glad I'd picked the other design with my own NL one!
    Always love this MB top on you - such a stunning design and a great investment buy - you look fab x

  9. I think the kimono has the potential to look really frumpy, especially if you don't have a very defined waist (which I don't). As long as you see the waist as you move they look ok, otherwise you just look like you're trying to cover up all the lumps & bumps!!

  10. I bought a stunning one in zara last year and tried it on, my office laughed, my husband laughed and it went back! I looked like I'd fully lost the plot... clearly they don't work on me!

  11. Your top is stunning...maybe you could do a blog on where to find something similar?

  12. I am so glad it's not just me - I look like I am wearing a
    Summer dressing gown - believe me I have tried as they are just everywhere and in some really pretty prints. Ho hum..

  13. I'm glad it's not me - I don't suit them either! But love them. Am tall too, do you think it's that? Either feel like a transvestite or like my mother in one - neither of which I'm aspiring to.