There's life in the old dog yet.

The old Summer dog that is.  If we're to listen to the Daily Express (and good god, no I don't read it - I happened to be getting petrol this morning and my eyes were assaulted by its ludicrous headline as I went to pay), then apparently we're all going to be melting in 100 degree plus heat for the foreseeable future.  

Seeing as this is the same ridiculous pile of editorial garbage that proclaimed we were to be blasted by a Baltic weather front and snowed in for months back in January and we ended up with... nope not even one snow flake, then I'm taking their "predictions" with a pinch of salt.  I fear I may however know where Mystic Meg has taken up residence.

But one thing we can't deny that it is warm.  And tomorrow and Friday, ditto - temperatures remaining rather scorchio.  Even at the weekend when it's due to bucket it down with rain, it's still going to be warm. 

So let's enjoy the Summer moment and rather than my usual trick of thinking forward, I thought of something that I haven't covered yet but would be ideal for at least the next couple of days (let's be hopeful and maybe maybe maybe we'll get loads of wear out of them in the coming weeks......) 

Print shorts.  The perfect alternative to a skirt.  Now here's a random thing - I actually find it easier to wear shorts than I do a skirt, even though clearly they're shorter (duh - although to be fair, that does depend rather obviously on the length of the skirt....).  Maybe it's because I'm not used to wearing skirts but I find a) shorts offer more modesty than a shortish skirt and b) it's so so much easier to team tops with them. 

You can throw any tee over a pair of shirts - ditto a shirt, ditto a smock style top.  Which just don't seem to work with the dimensions of a skirt.  I descend headlong into frumparama status.  It just looks wrong diddly on every level. 

We've done denim shorts - yes I may have one or 3 pairs but print shorts have really come into their own in the last couple of seasons and right now there are some great ones about - yes, we can nab them in the dregs of the sales.  

These work really well with a casual tee over but sling a blazer on as well and hey presto - a much smarter option. 

Classic floral print in the Outlet at Joules. 

Joules Outlet Floral Shorts in silver floral now £24.95

Not many print ones left at Boden but these would be my pick of the crop. 

If you're going to do Print for Summer then there isn't a lot that says British Summer more than these. 

Brown Riviera Shorts were £45 now £31.60

A pastel blue print at Mango (they say these are culottes - errr a tad short in my opinion) 

Mango Denim Bermuda Shorts in Light Pastel were £29.99 now £14.99

Love this navy cross hatch print from Joules. Elspeth Print (which randomly is still full price at Joules but in the sale at John Lewis)

Elspeth Print shorts were £44.95 now £27.96

I've eyed these up many a time in Mango - a lovely soft but still with enough structure, linen feel to them. 

Jacquard Cotton Shorts was £19.99 now £12.99  For me, these with a denim shirt and a cream blazer and some tan glads would look amazing. 

Yes, I'm obsessed with all things navy and these clearly caught my eye at ASOS. 

ASOS Reclaimed Vintage Shorts in Stripe £32

Ditto these from Whistles (be warned - this is quite a thick fabric... not for those super warm days) 

Whistles Audrey Striped Shorts were £95 now £50

More navy striped from Banana Republic.  Shorts from Banana Republic are a lovely fit by the way.  Absolutely kicking myself that I didn't get the Milly designer collaboration ones last year - I even tried them on - what a numpty.  They were gorgeous. 

Hampton-Fit Multi stripe short £35

Monochrome in a print rather than as stripe from Mango. 

Printed Shorts were £29.99 now £19.99 

Not print so much as a textured fabric but still definitely on the smarter side.  Though again, I would love dressed down with a denim or chambray shirt over.  Even a little casual linen tee and some espadrilles.  Easy to do at this price. 

Lace Shorts from Banana Republic were £49.50 now £29.99

Or in black - again now only £29.99

But if you thought they were a bargain, hold your horses.... This is what we call a bargain.

Dale Cream Crochet Detail shorts in cream was £110 now £35

Actually Reiss are very on the ball when it comes to shorts - they style theirs for smart occasions which gives some fab inspiration (as well as my much more dress down ideas) 

Winston Monochrome Black/White shorts were £95 now £56

These are definitely a dressier version with the lurex detail but I'd still have no qualms about wearing them during the day with a black or white tee and my slides. 

Reiss Navarre Lurex Print shorts in Black/cream were £125 now £49 

Some are slightly fuller so give the illusion of a sort of skirt whilst maintaining one's dignity and still being able to wear a plethora of tops over the top.  

These would look great with a denim or white shirt - even a little navy jumper would work for a cover up. 

Warehouse Blossom Print shorts in bright blue was £36 now £20

The same shape but in a palm print.  LOVE this colourway. 

Palm Print shorts were £36 now £20  These are high waisted but personally I think they'd be better sat on the hips (unless you're planning on wearing a crop top with them...) so I'd size up. 

ASOS call these Culotte Shorts but they give the same skirt impression. 

Blurred Floral Print Shorts £16

Now I have managed to get through this whole blog without ordering any which is a miracle.  I. Will. Not. Get. Carried. Away.  I am more than aware that this year we are going for our family holiday to the British seaside and the chances of me having to wear jeans for a week, is high.  Sat here polishing my halo (whilst I am still drowning in stool hell...industrial chic anyone?!) drinking wine.  My kids are on their knees, they are SO exhausted, we're all limping to the end of the term, me, with a little help from a small glass of something cold from the fridge. 


Grey and black linen dress - Next
White slides - River Island
Black and white straw hat - Zara
Black Faridah hobo bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs. 

And tomorrow, it's going to be even hotter.... is there anything else we need for our summer wardrobe?!

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13 comentarios:

  1. love your Banana Republic picks and your Next dress is fab! x

    1. Shorts from BR are truly amazing - fab flattering fit - the Americans certainly know how to do shorts for a certain generation!! And thank you - v pleased with the Next dress. x

  2. love the lace shorts. today i wore long sleeve breton. skinny jeans. mango parka and ballet pumps. should have gone with wellies. even with the umbrellas we got soaked. rained non stop for an hour on the school run. would love some sunshine so i could wear shorts, or any form of sunny weather clothing.

    1. ooh have you had any sun at all? Supposed to be gorgeous again this week, so fingers crossed! xx

  3. Love that dress on you! So much so, that I ordered one myself and have it waiting impatiently for our trip to the UK and Italy in Sept (and then for the long hot Aussie summer when we return home). Planning on wearing it with my red Arizona Birkies… although do like the white slides… feel some more shopping coming on… but can't as I have already ordered the Penelope Chilvers espadrilles… thankfully on sale. You are bad for my bank balance!

    1. ooh that all sounds lovely - would look ACE with red arizonas. You will love the espadrilles - they are honestly amazing. xxx

  4. That dress is so nice, I love you in the hat too!

    1. Thank my love - rather in love with my hats at the moment (who can be arsed to do their hair in this heat?!) xx

  5. The Mango & Banana Republic ones are especially fabulous. Can you believe I only own denim & leather shorts?! Sophie Ox

    1. WHAT?? No I can't, you must that immediately - although I am rather loving the idea of leather shorts..... Hmmmm..... I feel a shopping trip coming on....xx

  6. Hats. Have you done hats yet? Fedora, straw, trilby, whatever!! I'm off to Chicago (excited skip) in 4 weeks and it's going to be hotter than Hell. I need a hat ... thoughts??

    1. Hmm no I haven't but I'll have a look to see what I can find - they are so hard to take away on hols though - SHITE on a plane and you can't pack them! But leave it with me - BEYOND jealous of you going to Chicago you lucky monkey!! xxx

  7. How did the DIY job go??? I've tried but there really isn't any comparison to a bought pair! Let me know how you got on xx