So marching on.

With our little sales list firmly in our hands whilst we sit here sweltering in the heat.  Whilst we're here actually, I'm going to say it and I'm only going to say it once.... I think I might be ever so slightly bored of wearing shorts..... Yes, totally blasphemous to even think those thoughts, let alone utter them out loud but, well, I am. 

And no I'm NOT going to buy another pair - I can count on my hands the number of weeks I have left of wearing them.  I'll get my coat. 

Speaking of coats - actually we're not speaking of coats today.  This rather spectacularly sunny Friday, I'm talking trousers.  My sensible hat is rather slipping from my sweaty forehead which I'm trying to ignore but I am soldiering on regardless. 

My trousers of choice for the A/W and also - hell, you can wear them out tonight or tomorrow night - or any night for that matter, with a little print top and a pair of strappy sandals or stilettos.  For work, they still work in this heat (I'm assuming that people don't tend to wear short shorts to work these days?  City shorts are a hard one to get right... so these are the perfect option)  Not tight tight but fitted enough to be smart. 

And cropped - in at the ankle.  Too long and they look wrong diddly and too short, we're delving into clam digger territory (I predict these will no doubt be making a come back in the coming years mind you) 

In the winter, I love these with, yes knee highs to keep your ankles warm (don't laugh, they have made great advancements in the last couple of years and no longer cut off the circulation to your lower calf and feet) and brogues, loafers, slipper shoes or ballet flats for Hepburn style chic.  In the evening I wear mine with either sandals or stilettos again (not reinventing the wheel here as you may have noticed...) 

Ideal with a little jumper (see yesterday), shirt and sweatshirt or blouse.  Little top as per the summer, for out in the evening and you're off.  These are trousers that will work for every occasion and with the majority of tops that you have in your wardrobe.  

My proviso is obviously that mine are machine washable but I do understand with trousers, some of you do not have as low expectations of washing care as I do and dry clean is pretty much fine. 

My pair are black which I find work perfectly for my wardrobe but I also would love a navy or cream pair.  Red would be an ideal colour if you have lots to go with it. 

Print wise, I also ventured into my first pair of floral capri pants last season and they will definitely be getting lots of wear as soon as the sun decrees I can put my legs away.  A print pair are amazing for adding interest to an otherwise plain set of basics.  Invest in a great set of basic plain tops and a coat and then let your legs do the talking. 

So starting with some print trousers that are total bargain territory now. 

Bistro Crop Trousers from Boden were £59 now £17.70 The black in these means I think they're perfect for a black top and black coat, or even a cream top and black coat.  Lots of opportunities for the Winter but ideal now with a brighter top like here.  Even in the A/W it would still look amazing with a coral jumper.  (and I know I've said it before, but I love the addition of a stripe layer with it) 

Or the navy star spot ones.  Love the idea of these will all black or all navy for a slight twist on a classic Parisian look (I'll be coming back to these - clearly it is my annual obsession) 

Bistro Crop Trousers in navy star spot were £59 now £35.40

Now don't laugh - these are from Viyella.  Yes it's the brand that gets the most ribbing in that it's the one I exceptionally rudely diss for being for people of a certain age.... (err me supposedly).  But I came across these and didn't even look at the brand.  You would honestly never know they were from there.  These with a plain or striped top would look amazing.  I love the idea of a denim capri too - the perfect "looks smart" but is actually casual and easy to wear option.  Snarfing down yet more humble pie as I type. 

Viyella Floral Denim Capri Pants was £79 now £39

In cream at Mint Velvet was £69 now £55  and fear not - these do go in the machine. Teamed with black here but love the idea of this colour with navy or greys. 

They also do the black version but they're not in the sale. 

Mint Velvet Capri pants in black £69

Ditto the Pearl which is their gorgeous silvery grey shade.  Ideal with whites, for teaming with prints or navy or black. 

Pearl Cotton Capri Pants £69

Boden have a fab plain red pair, again in the sale. 

Bistro Crop Trouser in Red was £59.90 now £29.50

Jaeger may not be the cheapest but they are absolutely ace at making things that are machine washable, which actually, is pretty unusual for smart expensive trousers.  So these ones in the sale in navy are a great investment.  I love the button detail - just that little extra something. 

And everything from Jaeger in the sale currently comes with an extra 20% off which is applied at the checkout... Who says it's worth waiting for new season stock?!

Jaeger Button Detail Navy Capri Pants were £99 now £75 pre extra 20% off.

In White £75 pre discount 

Or red....

Personally my choice would be the pale pink for the end of the Summer but also into the winter months teamed with greys and whites. 

Pale Pink 

Textured black print (be warned - dry clean but they are amazing) also at Jaeger. 

Matelasse Capri Trousers were £125 now £75 pre extra discount (£60!)

Now these are plain in that they're not print but not plain plain.  Added interest in the texture and of course a bit of bling - gotta love a gold thread....  Ideal for every day with a cream, black or plain white blouse.  Just add extra accessories to tailor for each occasion. 

Bistro Crop Trousers from Boden in metallic tweed was £89 now £35.60

Or the Silver version - metallic Jacquard Boden call it - love the idea of these with charcoals and white.  These ones were £89.90 and are now only £17.80.... ooooh.

So are you already a fan of the capri trousers or is it something new that you can see working for you?  Not many pictorial examples of ones with flats here but believe me when I say they work so so well.  Or do you plan on doing another style of trousers this A/W?  Would love some more inspiration if so - any excuse for a shop. 

Finishing with pics from yesterday and today, for us the start of the holidays.  First day spent with friends swimming and having lunch, ending the day at a local farm for live music, raspberry picking and a champagne picnic.  Not a bad way to start the hols.  The most stunning sunset, hence my hair looks red in this pic! 


Paint splatter effect black and white jumpsuit - M&S
Denim jacket - Red Herring at Debenhams 
Hat - Zara
White Sliders - River Island 

And today for a day with my two boys.  Lunch at Wagamamas and then more swimming and supper with friends.  


Silk print shorts - Zara
White vest - Reiss
Cream and white silk top - Zara
White sliders - River Island 
Hat - Sainsburys
Tan bag - Prada 

Tomorrow the start of the first weekend of the hols.  Brunch with the kids, we have some stools to paint and then out for dinner with friends.  Couldn't think of a better way to start the holidays.  Hope everyone is still enjoying the sunshine (although I have to say, I am more interested in hearing how the start of your A/W wardrobe is coming along - any amazing sales bargains to report?!) 

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16 comentarios:

  1. Thanks for the heads-up on Boden. Just placed my first order with them for some orange tweed capri's for A/W and the grey/blue floral for now.

    1. Oh hope you love them - I just think they're so useful and now at a great price. x

  2. I've just started collecting for A/W with a black embroidered/lace top by Isabel Marant - £315 down to £94.50 in the sale at net-a-porter! Completely see-through so will need something underneath, but can't wait for it to cool down a bit so I can wear it! Also got some pale grey Senso ankle boots that were half price in the Asos sale. I usually do quite well in the summer sales for winter gear - last year I scored a classic navy Reiss peacoat with a big discount!

    1. WHOA! Fab bargain. Yes love the second round of the sales..

  3. Er, except that the strawberry (coral) cashmere crew neck from Boden is SOLD OUT in my size - I went on their website yesterday looking for it, to no avail. Might still get the Bistro capris, though. And, no offense as it's obviously entirely a matter of personal taste and no one can like everything that everyone else does AND I've had quite a lot of wine, but I really, really don't like those fugly white pool shoes - I'm still waiting for you to do a complete about-turn on them like you did on the New Balance trainers last week. Sorrrrrryyyyy... ;-)

    1. clearly proud of your neck ... lolz


    2. oh sorry - no I LOVE my sliders - primarily as (don't yell at me...) they're so so comfy. A friend who is a die in her Birkies, even she says they're more comfortable than Birkies themselves! Plus for £20 it would have been rude not to..! But they're only for summer so not long left now!

    3. I love the white sliders too!

  4. Have you cut the collar off your denim jacket? I have too - liked the jigsaw one but it's sold out and don't want to pay £85 ! I am still working on fraying the edges- how did you do yours?

    1. P.s love the white sliders!

    2. no - it came like that. It's 10 years old and was £12 in the sale. Gets dragged out every year! Can't even remember why I was in Red Herring at Debenhams! Popped in as it was near work I seem to recall. And thank you - I love the sliders too! x

  5. Fab bargains today in M& suede court shoes with leopard print heel..were £99 now £21.99 and black cashmere jumper with Love in red Swarovski crystals was £119 now £29.99....and a black and white blazer was £29.50 now £7.99....good ol Bluewater!!

    1. oh my god well done you - I KNEW I should have gone to Bluey today! x

  6. It's navy on the printed boden trousers, I have them but you could get away with black as well. I hankered after them all season but as they weren't selling I waited waited waited.... Lo and behold 70% off! I actually ordered at 60% off then got a price adjustment 5 days later when they reduced them again :-D

  7. Would it be possible to describe your fake tan routine as I have finally bought shorts after a decade of dithering. I have bought cocoa brown mousse on your recommendation. Could you talk about your hair removal, exfoliation, moisturising products and routine?

  8. I have three pairs of Next Ultimate Capris that I bought in the Spring and love them - no bagging, wash well and don't need ironing, lovely expensive fabric and only £39 xx The only colour I don't have them in is the Ochre.

    However Just looked them up on the Next site - they have all gone :-( but they seem to have a new-in version (for winter I suppose and a different finish with the zip) still called ultimate capri but I haven''t seen them/tried them on. Love Emma