My first A/W must have.

Hello, it's Mrs Sensible Head back.  And this time it's the first of my Must Have items for A/W this year.  Actually it's my second if we count the black/grey jeans from yesterday so... I'll move swiftly on. 

Let's just say I'm on a roll with the getting all our ducks in a row for A/W.  This is also code for "justifying spending now so we won't have to come September/October".  Yeah.  Right. 

But back to business and today I'm talking shoes.  Grown up lady shoes.  The classic stiletto court.  Yet again, I did touch on these earlier in the season but I have a real feel that these are going to be the shoe of next season (I would love to say I have some insider knowledge on this and yes, I do get sent details of next season's trends.  However I both a) have the memory recall of a goldfish and b) profess to not really caring as I'd rather wear what I like than what is on trend - she says looking at the oversized buckle sliders on her feet thinking, you hypocritical cow) 

A stiletto however - yes, I can do them.  And I think I shall be doing them with dresses for nights out this year.  I say "think" as the last couple of years, I've shied away from wearing grown up, dainty, ladylike shoes with dresses.  I know exactly why - I've felt like I was either going to work or to a wedding.  It felt all a bit prim for me.  I favoured a shoe boot that I felt was slightly edgier (yes I feel an absolute buffoon writing that and yes, I am saying it with my head firmly crammed up my behind.  Apologies) 

Now have I changed or has shoe fashion?  Alas, I fear that I still look at fashion for "my age" with a hint of derision (which is slightly ironic) but I do think that it is probably a combo of both.  The Classic Court Shoe has definitely made its shoe revival and is back up the fashion charts as a Fashion Shoe and not just a Work or Wedding Shoe.  Totally acceptable to wear with jeans and this year, I am going to give it a go with a dress.  (she says......) 

The great thing about these with a dress is that you can wear tights.  And you don't have to wear dark tights, you can wear flesh coloured tights (I'm not going to say American tan tights but hell yes, American tan tights.  They're not like they used to be, honest guv).   Which means that you can wear your summer dresses that little bit longer as opposed to having to team them with opaques and shoots.  I'm not even going to mention sheer tights - they may be coming back into fashion (I have NO idea whether they are or not) but at the moment, I'm going to throw it out there that hell will have to freeze over before I wear them - or at least one season of other people wearing them first till I think they're totally normal again.

So, starting with classic black.  I have a pair from Zara that I've had for three years now and they will serve me well into a fourth.  Definitely worth buying a pair that you truly love as you will wear them and keep them.  As obvious as that sounds, it sometimes is so easy to buy a pair as they are "almost" exactly what you're looking for instead of hanging out for the ones that are perfect.  You keep Perfect for years.  You end up wearing Almost perfect a couple of times, don't feel that great in them, charity shop them and buy Perfect at an inflated price when you should have just bought them in the first place.  Been there, done that, got the video.  Who hasn't?

These for me are Perfect Black heels. 

Whistles Izzy V Cut Point Court Shoes now £90 was £130

Or these would serve the same Perfect purpose.   Posted these earlier in the season at full price but they are a total bargain at £40.  Ideal for the A/W. 

Autograph suede Water resistant shoes with Insolia were £99 now £40

They also do them in pink as well if you're looking to either match an outfit or just add a hint of colour to a more neutral set up.

In Pink 

A fabulous red patent pair - nothing says Christmas like these. 

Kain Red shoes from Vince Camuto were £95 now £69

If pink isn't your thing then other block colour shoes are out there.  I think the best day to night shoe in the perfect heel height is the Bea from Kurt Geiger (which, yes I have featured before as it's just pretty darn perfect) 

BEA in Orange was £110 now £69

An alternate citrus shade in yellow now £69

In navy suede now £69

I adore my leopard print heels (they were a princely £5 from H&M last year but I don't feel the need to change them) 

They do my beloved BEA from Kurt Geiger in a leopard which is down from £110 to £59

Dune Alivia Court Shoes was £75 now £45

Slightly more out there - the orange versions of the pink ones I had my eye on last year but didn't cave on in the end.  These have the most wonderful Autumnal shade to them - I can almost smell Hallwe'en...

Carvela Astro Court Shoes was £130 now £79

If you don't feel like full on leopard print then these are the perfect combo from M&S. 

Autograph Suede Water resistant court shoes with Insolia were £99 now £40

A variation on the black theme if you don't want totally plain, would be these from Karen Millen. 

Mesh & Leather Court Shoes now £70 was £140

However as I have leopard print and black, the one hole in my wardrobe that I am determined to fill is a metallic pair.  Yawn, yawn, yes, I've banged on about this before but I am still super keen on them and therefore these go to the top of my Wish list. 

Have toyed with these - really have - they are gorgeous, but they're suede and gold suede for the Winter?  GAH - decisions, decisions.... Alas, the ones I do really want from Karen Millen still aren't in the sale... Soddus Lawus.

BEA in Gold was £110 now £59 from Kurt Geiger

Now there is (at the moment, I'm predicting a huge influx...) a real dearth of metallic court shoes - everyone is still sandal mad - but these are a great option, especially if you don't want full on gold and aren't a thin heel fan.  These are definitely an excellent option for day wear. 

Black Anna by KG Kurt Geiger were £110 now £49

Or the pale grey suede option - was £110 now £29

These work really well for now with Summery pastel colours but I love this shade also with denim and black or navy for the A/W. 

KG by Kurt Geiger Bailey Court Shoes was £99 now £59

Another classic nude shade from Vince Camuto 

KAIN Nude shoe was £99 now £65

Saving my best for last though and these are just The Best.  Low enough (for me..) to wear during the day, ideal for lunch, for a smart day out, perfect for the evenings obviously.  Hell I'd throw them on with jeans and a tee for the school run, at this price.  Ok so they're sort of a sandal shoe but I've no plans for a sandal shoe blog so they're in here.  Sue me. (well don't, just buy these as they're out of my size. SOB)

Celita Spike Shoe from Coast in Natural was £85 now £25

So what do we think?  Are we all going court shoe mad?  I haven't ventured down the almond toe route yet, as you can see - at the moment, I am all about the point.

Moving onto the outfit from yesterday - lunch with my lovely sister and brother in law, mother in law and families and a brand new baby niece.  Too gorgeous for words (and no I'm not broody - hell will definitely be freezing over before I go down that route) 


Cream crepe sculptured top - Whistles

Indigo Baxters - TopShop
Gold Pegasus necklace - Stella & Dot
Tan belt - Primark
Black and tan shoes - Clarks

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19 comentarios:

  1. I love a pointy court - I've got loads and keep them for when they reappear in fashion every couple of years. You're right.. buy decent and they wont trash your feet either - I've got 3 pairs of varying animal print desperate for a wear!!

    1. This is very true, I actually have unearthed a fuchsia pair from 12 years ago that I could still wear given a pink opportunity! x

  2. Hi Kat, you might have some luck getting the Coast Celita shoes if you call the Oxford street store. They had some size 39 this morning and will post for 7.95.

    1. oh thank you so much but I'm thinking I'd need a 40 as I'm a 39.5. They had a 39 online I think. DARN IT! xxx

  3. The pink autograph ones are amazing and what a steal at that price

    1. Perfect if you're looking for a pink shoe! Black would be my bet but I am dullarama when it comes to coloured shoes (hence I've only worn my pink stilettos about 5 times in 12 years!). Bit of leopard print though...

  4. I got the Coast ones - they're amazing!

  5. Hi Kat, I LOVE your blog, you're always finding great items for me to buy!! my whole wardrobe is changing for the better, I have found a huge love of dresses which I didn't think I would ever have but your style has shown me a whole new range to try. love the coast shoes, gonna order me some!.... dam the downside I'll be broke soon!!!

    1. oh that is such a lovely lovely thing to read, thank you so much for taking the time to post xxxx (and lucky you having those shoes in your size!)

  6. Enjoyable blog as always. I'm not the slightest bit interested in pointy high heeled courts though. I don't take people seriously if they're wearing them. Don't know why. See them as a bit eighties/nighties dressing up box, or Joan collins. As you always say, fling something at someone enough times and it becomes appealing. At least I won't spend. Your changing room adventures have been very helpful this past season. Some LOVELY things purchased from your suggestions. Thank you.

    1. It's quite nice seeing something that you know you don't need, isn't it! Yes, I see what you're saying about the shoes but I do have a random fetish for them. Thank you for your lovely comments, always lovely to read and so pleased you've managed to snag some great things xxx

  7. a pair of pointy high heels are on my A/W list.... I am off to check out the Coast ones, have a rockstud vibe that appeals...xx

  8. Did you see the Coast Celita on the All Worn Out Blog. Pretty sure Belinda has them

    1. No! I've seen a number of people with them on Instagram (my new random obsession) but I'm sure that Eve from All Worn Out Blog was one of them? They're such a fab bargain, loads of people are snapping them up! x

  9. oh I love The Classic Court Shoes and you are right when you say you can wear them with a dress and tights. They are so elegant on you and I wear the ones I have with Summer dresses. Thank you for mentioning them in your blog x

  10. Kat, Debenhams have the spikey shoes in all sizes. x