It's got my name all over it.

It's the print jacket.  Or the embellished jacket.  Or the statement jacket.  It's unashamedly in your face and gloriously out there.  Ok so not always out there out there - sometimes it's more on the subtle side but plain it ain't.

I am a huge fan.  Correction, make that The Most Humungous Fan.  I genuinely love these and have more than a couple.  In fact, I was going to wear one today but checking my oh so reliable iPhone, it looked like today was going to be the better day of the week so I decided on a maxi dress today and am postponing jacket outfit for tomorrow (yes I am the saddest person on the planet, I actually do that - plan my outfits the night before.  It saves a HUGE amount of stress, I promise) 

Other people love a kimono.  Me - I'm all about something with a bit more structure.  Not necessarily more fitted, although I absolutely do love a nipped in waist but my favourite shape is definitely something more boxy. 

These for me are a staple of my wardrobe.  I have a plethora of basics and jeans (yes, I do have lots and lots of jeans.  I love denim.  The perfect trouser for my lifestyle, both casual, a little dressy and very dressy) and they are the perfect foil to a print jacket.

I wear this for the school run, I wear them out to dinner.  Over jeans, shorts, dresses, skirts, you name it, they are there for you.  They're more reliable than husbands.  (I've had one glass of wine - bear with me)

They are also the perfect Sales buy as that all year round wonder.  Ideal now with a vest or tee underneath.  Throw on a scarf for Autumn and in the winter, supplement with a thin knit merino jumper and/or a shirt.  Honestly they are fabulous and they come in every shape and every print and colourway to suit all tastes and shapes. 

Ok - now some of these are not in the sale, but with some stores (River Island, I'm looking at you) they have these pieces of gorgeousness in, that just sell out.  They don't ever get reduced.  And to be honest, they're such a great price to begin with, there is the old adage, you snooze you lose.  If you like these, get them otherwise someone else will. 

Orange Textured Boxy Jacket from River Island £50

Pink tile print colour block jacket from River Island £50

A subtle variation on the theme but the pockets definitely make a statement.  Ideal if you're thinking of channelling the monochrome French look this year (hint hint...)

Wool-blend Collarless Jacket from No.21 at Matches - 70% off - now £149 was £498

My favourite shape yet again, from Mango 

Printed Jacket now £29.99 was £44.99

And in gorgeous red shades, again now £29.99

Floral detail from ASOS - again full price but again, these sell out in the most popular sizes. 

ASOS Jacket with Statement Embroidery and Rope Detail £60

ASOS Jacket in mixed floral print with tape detail £55

Another great floral number from New Look - now personally I wouldn't wear this as a suit set like they have here, it's slightly too much for me in the pixelated print but as a jacket with a white tee and faded jeans?  Perfect.  Also gorgeous over a denim shirt and white jeans or shorts. 

New Look Pixelated jacket £29.99

Moving onto the more structured and this time a stripe.  This is a blazer take on a classic breton stripe. 

Comma Blazer from Weekend MaxMara was £128 now £76

Or the inverted colourway which may be more A/W appropriate?  I love the idea of these stripes teamed with a huge leopard print scarf, jeans and tan boots. 

Velvet by Graham Spencer was £165 now £82

A little bit of A/W Marant here with a tweed version of a biker jacket. 

Gaylord tweed jacket was £135 now £270

Alternatively there is a frayed boxier style boucle jacket at a bargain price at Mango. 

Frayed Detail Boucle Jacket now £39.99 was £79.99 in navy

And in neutral 

And I adore this lace number. 

Idyllwild Jacket from Anthropolige was £158 now £78.95

Similar shape but my obligatory leopard print - oh yes. 

Mint Velvet Print Jacquard Jacket was £119 now £59

So all shapes, all necklines and all prints, some more subtle, some unapologetically in your face.  Guess which I prefer?  I actually haven't bought one this season, I have to say, I may have overdosed over the last couple of years but they are one of the things I wear again and again and again.  Which is the sign of a good purchase. 

Finishing with outfits from yesterday and today - definitely feeling a nip in the air here.  Gone are the legs.  Dare I say it's quite nice to wear some other things from my wardrobe?  


Painter's smock in chambray - Joseph
Patch skinny jeans - Mango
Black oversized buckle sliders - Zara
Black Diego - Alexander Wang

And today. 


Maxi dress - Dorothy Perkins
Denim jacket - Sainsburys
Rose Gold Havainas
Tan bag - Prada

Loads of excellent things in the pipeline - I have plans a plenty.  Tomorrow night I am off to see Robbie Williams.  Oh yes.  Oh yes oh yes oh yes! 

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9 comentarios:

  1. Love your maxi dress and denim jacket are they both recent purchases?
    I love the mango jackets im not as daring with print yet ( but im trying) well jel of Robbie Williams!!! Have a fantastic night he always puts on such a performance x

    1. oh lordy I'm so so sorry, they're not but I shall be doing a maxi post later today or tomorrow so watch this space. And go for it with just one jacket, I promise you won't look back! xxx

    2. I got a denim jacket in sainsburys today reduced to £11 I am over the moon!!. I have also ordered a lace jacket quite similar to the anthropologie one but from the mango outletsite so hoping its as nice. X

  2. You look fab in your maxi dress and denim jacket. I also have this maxi and I love it! Always so stylish. Lynne x

    1. oh thank you! It was THE best Dorothy Perkins bargain, wasn't it?! Must look and see if they've got any more actually xx

    2. It really was! I always get so many compliments when I wear mine. Lynne xx

  3. I have had the no 21 jacket in my wish list for so long. Please get it so that I can see how you style it. It will be such a great purchase at that price.
    I would never have guessed your denim jacket was from SAinsburys. Gotta love a supermarket bargain. Looks fabulous with your maxi dress

    1. Do you think it will go any lower in price....? It's an amazing buy, isn't it - maybe I"ll see if they do a 20% off thingy like they do at My Wardrobe (all prices in stock - it may well happen...) I reckon it would be SO versatile. And yes, Sainsburys have some great things - this is from last year but I'm sure they have similar xx

  4. They're all gorgeous, aren't they! xx (oh and I never got back to you re playsuits - I think go for it, so long as it fits well and you're comfortable in it - no different to wearing shorts.... I personally haven't tried them as I'm so tall and not going somewhere super hot this year so am happy with my summer purchases from last year. What did you decide in the end?) x