Another of the classics.

So on Wednesday I had a flash of inspiration based around a set of classics - tuxedo blazer, white shirt and jeans. 

Tuxedo blazer, check.  Jeans, to be covered but how long's a piece of string.

Today I'm looking at that nigh on impossible to nail - the white shirt.  I've been thinking about this a lot over the last couple of days and to be honest, I think these are a bit like jeans.  You probably need more than one option in your wardrobe - as different styles will be different looks. 

So the classic, white, crisp, cotton shirt.  A true staple and a great layering item with a stiff collar and turned up cuffs under a jumper, be it v neck or round neck, sweatshirt, merino or cashmere (and personally I'm not averse to a touchy feely acrylic either - ya boo sucks) 

But they're not exactly comfy to wear are they?  If you're not wearing them as a layer then they need to be the perfect fit - very hard to find that ideal shirt that isn't too loose but isn't so tight that it gapes at the buttons.  And is it me that finds them ever so slightly like wearing a thin layer of cardboard.  Probably because I've spent so much time over the last x number of years wearing loose comfy clothes.

Actually it's just dawned on me that I'm essentially what I am in fact talking about needing, is a blouse with a collar.  What is the actual difference between a shirt and a blouse anyway?  Is it the collar?  Is it the fabric?  Gosh - with all the questions to answer in the universe, I wonder if anyone apart from boring old me has given this any brain time at all.  I'm going with no. 

It has cemented the thought though, that I am looking for something in a slightly more fluid fabric, with a collar that can work with a blazer on its own that doesn't look like I'm going to work.  Not to be too specific or anything.  In a nutshell.  Oh and white.  Plain white.  Ok with maybe a little detailing on the shirt itself but nothing too fancy and certainly no print. I'm thinking probably a silk jersey, lyocell, viscose? (she says not actually having a clue and simply listing all the drapey shirt like fabrics I can vaguely recall.  Technical fabric expert I am not - my eyes are trained to solely look at the "WASHING MACHINE" symbol)

Phew.  Anyone else confused? 

Well let's just crack on and see where I got to.  Starting with one which is on the more sheer side of sheer from Mango.  This brave young lady doesn't appear to need to wear a vest under hers.  I can just hear the grimaces from my young ones if I were to pitch up sans vest, bra on show. (vaguely tempted to, just to see their faces) 

Essential Chiffon Shirt from Mango £24.99

Women Silk Long Sleeve Blouse on promotion at £29.90 from Uniqlo  Ok in my defence - as much as this looks like cream, it is apparently "off white".... (there are lots of different colours available on the website... just in case you were having a black and not a white moment..... not that I'm thinking about that too or "anything") 

Love this one from Temperley at John Lewis - a cotton and silk blend, but... but they say it's dry clean only?  I'd hand wash for sure. 

Whilst we're here, I was asked yesterday, what was best to wear under a slightly sheer white top and my answer would be nude.  Not as in go naked (each to their own mind but at 41 I'm sticking with underwear, thank you) but as in a nude plain bra.  Possibly the least sexy bra you can own - totally plain nude t-shirt bra - but definitely the most useful.  Or spaghetti strap vest (do they still even call them that?) if it's super sheer. 

Somerset by Alice Temperley £89

A good basic one (honestly there really really aren't that many out there are of a reasonable price - I have looked at all the usual High Street suspects and then some I wouldn't normally think of and these are a rarity)

Flowy shirt from Mango £19.99

Up there in my list of favourites are definitely the ones from Me+Em.  I managed to snaffle the super bargain no button layering shirt in the sale but honestly, I do think they're worth full price as I would wear mine every day if I could.  Definitely in the market for another one and these would work as well on the school run, as they would for a dinner party, for work or a lazy Sunday afternoon lunch with the family.

Longline layering shirt in viscose/crepe jersey £98 from Me+Em

Me+Em French Cuff Layering Shirt £78 

Satin back French Cuff shirt £148 (ouchBut it looks so so so gorgeous.  If you sign up for a newsletter or something with Me+Em, I'm sure you get a discount... first order maybe?  Worth having a look. (worth setting up another account......ssshhhh  OOH actually I haven't ordered anything online from them, as I've always had to order through the store.  Oh hello.....)


Now I know we said that we needed a collar.  See that?  That's me backpedalling and saying now that maybe a collar isn't that much of a must have item on the agenda.   Essentially as there really aren't that many out there I can see to recommend with collars.  

However I've remastered my plan and substituted collar for slightly fitted.  I reserve the right to change the agenda again when I can't find many of these.  ie for slightly fitted, read very very very slightly fitted......

Some of these that I've found are not cheap by any account.  Probably as they're silk.  On the other hand, if we factor in the cost per wear and the longevity of a shirt like this, then it's hopefully not too eyewatering.  We also need to factor in that we can say shirt instead of blouse which is perhaps priceless.

Silk Grandpa Shirt £140 from Hush - don't forget your 10% discount in October using the code OCTEVENT.  I've checked what the special offer is today and we're still getting a free notebook with every order.  (alongside the 10% off)  Oh and this is ecu not white white but I don't care, I love it. 

Reiss have a similar one - Alexa Pocket Day Shirt in Porcelain £120

And from the sublime to the ridiculous.  

There are no words needed to describe this next item - we'll all been there and we've all had way too many vodka redbulls as a student at the 70's night on a Thursday at Ricky's in Leeds and forgotten to do it up after we've been for a wee.  (just me?)

But these are essentially a good idea.  I guess.  If you haven't got a long body that is - a permanent wedgie is no-one's idea of comfort. 

Cotton-blend bodysuit shirt £29.99 from Mango

But finishing though on a slightly less eye watering note, with another one I think would be a wardrobe essential - the Coco Shirt from Baukjen in off white £99

And finally my outfits from yesterday.  What a difference a week makes, this time last Thursday, I was out in bare legs.  Managed to cope with bare ankles yesterday - and that was a stretch to be honest.   Autumn has well and truly landed. 

RIGHT - a warning.  If anyone bought the River Island faux leather jeans - BEWARE.  Now it may be that I'm deluding myself that I am actually a size 10 or it may be the fact that these are exceptionally thin pleather but mine yesterday started to do a Tom Jones and come apart on the seam.  At the back.  In the most embarrassing place they possibly could.  I know it's not the fact my arse is stretching, as they do fit and aren't even tight tight on me (believe me, I have other trousers which I am surprised haven't split but I was really shocked at these) 

This is only the second time I've worn them so they are going back.  I have the Zara ones as well which were going to go back but they shall be making an outing this evening.  Quality wise they do feel thicker but suffice to say, I guard Zara receipts with my life. 

" image

Black and white cashmere long jumper - Joseph
Black pleather jeans - River Island 
Yellow swing cardigan - Goat
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang

And last night for the cinema - a change of trousers was in order due to potential major embarrassing trouser faux pas and so I changed into a 10 year old pair of Earls.  They don't make 'em like they used to. 


Jumper as above
Dark indigo straight legs turned up - Earl
Black "tuxedo" (yeah right) jacket - Topshop
White leather tennis shoes - Zara
Bag as above. 

Went to see Gone Girl with the girls.  I think there were about 3 men in the entire (full) cinema.  Was it as good as the book?  I think I'd like to have seen it without reading the book.  Which, since I have read the book, was/is never going to happen.  The fact I couldn't remember most of the details wasn't relevant as I could remember the ending.  Looking forward to Before I go to Sleep next.  Am positive I can't remember the ending to that.  Being pickled does sometimes have its advantages. 

Tomorrow I am back with another discount code that I think you may all HATE me for. HA! 

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19 comentarios:

  1. Love Me + Em shirts. Am crazy about your Joseph sweater. Is it new or old? I need one.

    1. oh so sorry, it's really old. Actually, it's older than my smallest son and he's 6! I bought it from Joseph when I went to Bicester, just after I'd had a miscarriage before getting pregnant with him and I ummed and ahhed over this as I wasn't sure. It was £50 reduced from £500! 100% cashmere. One of my best buys ever!

  2. Wanted to punch the air and shout 'Yes' at your comments about white shirts. The lack of comfort is what has been putting me off but will def investigate these. I think that the Hush styling is stupendous this catalogue, want to wear every outfit! I enjoyed GG - and didn't, think it is problematic in its stance on women. BIGTS (dear Lord, thats an acronym) is great, loved it!

    1. It's gorgeous isn't it - the entire Hush catalogue. And yes, proper shirts look great but they are so so uncomfortable to wear aren't they>?!

  3. I was JUST about to mention the Reiss one, but you beat me to it! I have the navy version and it's the nicest top in my wardrobe. Just stunning. You'd love it. The sizing is true so order with impunity.

    I liked the white one too, but it was a little too see-thru for me. Plus I don't own a white bra!

    1. Oooh navy though, that sounds nice and also super useful.... hmm maybe I should do another darker shirt blog post. And it works much better imho if you wear a nude bra under white. a white bra is randomly much more visible!

  4. You are so right white shirts are really difficult to get right - I personally never feel that comfortable in one so go for more blouse - in my head (!) softer, less formal option. Love the look with pleathers and yellow Goat jumper. And oddly enough I remember Rickys in Leeds very well - parallel universal!

    1. YES I knew someone else would remember it! Loved that club. Can't remember if the Thursday 70's night had a special name or not...

  5. Yep,the are shirts and then there are shirts. I have top layer shirts - stiff, uncomfortable, double cuff variety that are hopeless as under layers. I'm in need of the blouse variety. Gosh being a woman is complicated. Lolling at your pleather problems. Mine go so baggy that they fall down come mid-afternoon x

    1. My pleather problems are continuing. Zara ones tried last night - sweet baby jaysus they were so so uncomfortable. Plus the belt loop broke before I"d even left the house. They're going back. Where are yours from? (not that you're selling them to me...!)

  6. Are those Wild Kat shoes named after you?? :-) I wore an acutal woolly hat today. Autumn is indeed upon us!


    1. yes! So so pleased with them, got them last year and they really are fab fab ballet shoes. x

    2. Ooh, get you, that's brilliant!

  7. Hahaha! 70s night at Ricky's in Leeds... oh yes. I am a couple of years older than you but I know exactly what you mean. I really don't think I could wear a "body" again.

    Love some of the other drapey shirts, though.


    1. oh you could........!!! and I am so over the moon that other people remember Ricky's! Did you also used to go to Naffee's afterwords?!

  8. Simply adore that yellow jacket - I need more yellow in my life

    1. It's a gorgeous accent colour - maybe my fave at the mo.

  9. Kat, just taken delivery of the Me&em double cuff layering shirt and its heaven !! At last a white shirt that can be worn comfortably under my jumpers without feeling like a straight jacket....went straight back and ordered the longer one too, like you said not cheap but when you just know you'll wear it to death it'll be worth every penny. Btw I got the pleather Esprit biker jeans and they fit wonderfully, haven't taken 'em for a spin yet so will let you know if any saggyness or seam destruction occurs ! (final note, the Me&em jumpers are absolutely gorgeous too ...lord help me!)

    1. Ooh please please do let me know. I'm desperate. And i'm so pleased you like them - I can't rate them highly enough. Absolutely love 'em. x