It's an inspiration job again.

This time - courtesy of Topshop.  Spied this pic on their homepage the other day when looking for errr something and thought - yup, that's one to copy.   It doesn't happen often that I see an outfit and think I love everything about it, but this is one of them.

It's not exactly reinventing the wheel but oh my lord, I LOVE this look.  Absolutely going back to basics with three must have separates that, to be fair, most of us probably already have in our wardrobe. 

And if we don't - well, there is no better excuse to invest in three perfect items that can be used in lots of other outfits - in fact, they'd be the ideal staple to build a wardrobe around. 

For me, this is simplicity and perfection personified.  Dare I mention those Parisians again?  I think this is the perfect nod to them.  But with a bit of English rock chick thrown in as well.  Ok so now I'm sounding like an arse and I'll cut to the chase. 

I'm going to start with The Tuxedo Blazer.

I am freaking furious with myself for not ordering the Helmut Lang leather lapel blazer in the Matches sale in the Summer when I was being "good".  What.  A.  Moron.

Yes I do have an old Topshop tuxedo style jacket which does the job perfectly well - should I say "did" the job perfectly well.  Now I have developed a full on obsession with a contrasting lapel.  Mine doesn't have this.  And it needs to be on the loose side.  And slightly longer than your average blazer.

In fact, on reflection mine is just a black blazer that Topshop years ago called "Tuxedo", lulling me into believing I had something different.  Those evil marketing people who see the likes of me coming from a mile off. 

Having said that, I'm not entirely sure I can justify the purchase of a new one but I've had a swift look around to see if there are any that might make the credit card twang.  

Starting with the one in question above from Topshop.  Oh except that I can't as it's sold out.  Clearly everyone was inspired by the same pic as me. 

Fear not - moving swiftly on, there are others out there...

My fave option (not withstanding the H Lang which haunts me - literally haunts me) is the Hush one.  At the moment, Hush are running their October promotion which is 10% off for the whole of the month using the code OCTEVENT at checkout.  Plus daily there are all sorts of great different offers which are listed on the homepage of their website (scroll down to the bottom) - today for example there's a free Hush notebook in every order.   Other days there is the opportunity to get your entire order for free.  Definitely worth a look (plus free returns so you can't go wrong). 

Tuxedo Jacket from Hush £99 pre discount. 

I know I said a white shirt and jeans are my inspiration but I simply love this laid back look with the yellow and matching trousers.  See how versatile it can be?

I shall be doing jumpers shortly - earmarked this yellow one for sure.

Second fave would be this one from American Vintage, currently with 15% off at My Wardrobe. 

American Vintage Pearl Blazer was £130 now £110

An understated version from ASOS. 

ASOS Blazer in Crepe with lapel detail £45

In a few sizes left from Mango at John Lewis now only £29.99  Although for me this is slightly short for a true tuxedo style. 

Slightly different selection of sizes I've uncovered at House of Fraser.

Ditto this one from Mango but it does have the contrast lapel collar and the quality of Mango blazers for the money is generally very good. 

Contrast Flap Blazer from Mango £59.99

However they have come up trumps with this one. 

Satin Detail Blazer from Mango £69.99  Love these with the leather skinnies (note to self - yet another outfit option.  I see a plan coming together here...) 

I have searched far and wide for these Tuxedo jackets, including out of my comfort zone but this often pays off and hey presto - I've found a beauty at Wallis. 

Black Tuxedo Jacket by Wallis was £75 - on promotion at the moment for £50

The shoes belong to a whole other blog.  Salivating at the thought. 

Longline and loose again at House of Fraser with their Therapy brand. 

Therapy Longline Tuxedo £49

Now Marks don't have any tuxedo blazers but I was in our new one today and their blazers for basic black every day throw ons are great quality.   More fitted which some might prefer (if I'm honest, I often find a fitted jacket slightly more flattering but it's basically a different look)

Buttonsafe Welt Pockets 1 Button blazer £59 from M&S

Also love the look of this one. 

Peak Lapel 1 Button Angled Seam Jacket £49.50 from M&S

So I'm now armed with a host of new outfit ideas - but I've realised that the one thing missing is a white shirt.  Yes, I have white shirts, but I have layering shirts.  I shall be revisiting this one. (skipping with glee at the finding of a hole in the wardrobe if I'm honest)

Today, I dodged the rain.  It did mean not leaving the house until 1 but I had loads of jobs to do before then so that was ok - oh and a lovely friend who I hadn't seen for ages bombed over which was a lovely catch up.

It's not often that I love LOVE my outfit but I have to say, this is one of my favourites.  I could wear this every day and feel great.  Till I got bored by the weekend that is.  Doh. 


White layering shirt - Me+Em 
Black merino jumper - Uniqlo
Black capri pants - Zara
Camel wrap coat - Zara
White leather tennis shoes - Zara
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang

So tomorrow, another day on my course for my angel Aspie and then a lovely lunch with great friends.  Off to the cinema tomorrow night with girlfriends - honestly can't remember the last time I went without the children.  Novelty or what!  Will I find an outfit I love as much as I loved today's?  Now there's a challenge. 

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22 comentarios:

  1. If you use the code HELLO20 on my-wardrobe you get an extra 20% off until beg November. And it works with the 15% currently being offered.

    1. oh WOW that's great. Is that just for first orders from My Wardrobe do you know? (maybe reading too much into the Hello aspect!)

      But thank you very much - that's great. x

    2. It works!
      Thank you Jan, it made the Vicky Beckham flares within budget, just!

    3. It came with the new hello fashion magazine so think it will work with each order Kat. X

    4. Oh duh! that would make sense then - WOW that's an amazing deal - I may have to do a post dedicated to them as that's great. Thank you x

    5. Thanks for that code! Made it less ouchy to get UGG slippers as present for fashion concious niece

  2. Hello Kat, delicious post as usual but here is a poser for you when we get to white shirts please.... what the bobbins is good to wear under them if they are sheer (much like the Top Shop one pictured here which I adore in store)?
    Vest, if so what colour? Nude bra? White bra? Help! I always steer clear of white shirts precisely for this reason and would love an opinion pur-lease!

    1. NUDE! Not as in wear nothing but a nude bra and if it's a proper sheer shirt then a nude vest. I'm doing white shirts shortly, so will mention the vests. x

    2. Fab! Thanks muchly x

  3. It's all super mannish, isn't it. Love it. I definitely think the Hush one looks the best by a country mile. And yes, I will be blogging about my Uniqlo jumper as I finally caved. I got navy and black, men's, crew neck, Small. The women's is a less generous cut (surprise surprise) and not as high a round neck. I think if you're going round neck, go high but that's my personal opinion. Different shades in both as well. xxx

  4. As I said the other day, I adore masculine tailoring & that Therapy jacket looks perfect! X

    1. Totally agree with you Sarah - completely adore

  5. Love the American Vintage one, one of my fave brands. Must be good, must be good! X

  6. Thoroughly enjoyed this post Kat (as usual!) this is such a good look and every piece so versatile! Inspired now to go and dig through my wardrobe to find a black tux/ jacket!!


    1. It's so so so versatile, isn't it? Hope you managed to find something in your wardrobe!

  7. Boring question, but do you wear any kind of inner sock with your Zara pumps? I bought a pair ages ago, but I struggle to wear them for long before they start rubbing. I've got some of those things that just cover your toes and heel, but they really don't help, and trainer socks are not a good look! I wondered if you knew of some kind of miracle sock that might help?!

    Becky x

    1. AHA yes, I do , I wear those footises, which it appears you've tried but they don't help... In that case my tip would be boys trainer socks which are less generously cut than women's. I think in white, they'd look fine.

    2. H&M cheap trainer footsies have brilliant elastic and are the best I have tried with skater shoes too, Becky -Hx

    3. Thanks both, will hunt some down!

  8. I have the Helmut Lang one...I remember thinking I was so stylish for having it first when you posted about it! I love it, starting to wear it a lot now the weather has cooled....but you have picked out some good alternatives here and one can never have too many black blazers.

    1. They are simply the most useful thing aren't they? Up their with navy blazers and camel coats. all must haves! (and so jealous of you having the Lang blazer. Fab purchase)