Investment dressing (an excuse to buy expensive things)

Because let's be frank - that's really what we mean when we say investment dressing.  Ok so I won't drag you all down with me but it's what I mean.  It's the phrasing I tend to mutter when I can be seen hovering around certain websites (that sounds dodgier than it is), one being My Wardrobe. 

And when there is a massive 15% off new A/W stock (automatically deducted online) AND and and and another discount of 20% on top (I think this works she says, praying..... I have tried and it does appear to work - small, nay massive skip - code is HELLO20 till the end of Oct) then it would be ridiculously rude not to just *see* what there is, what with Christmas round the corner and everything.  *moves from hovering to full on studying of website"

Starting with something that I know people either love or hate.  The dreaded/beloved Uggs.  I won't dwell on these for long as they do exactly what they say on the tin and no amount of my persuading is going to work on those who think they are the most mingarama pair of boots on the planet.  (ie The Husband) 

If you are in the market for a new pair (and can I just interject at this point and say they officially are The Warmest pair of boots you will ever have on your feet) then now is the best time to buy them as you won't get them any cheaper.  They're more expensive than this in the discount store at Bicester.

In Australia they wear them as slippers - over here, we wear our slippers out and about.  They also last for years, I do in fact need a new pair as after 7 years, mine have finally bitten the dust and my toe has come through the front. 

However at almost £200 (ouch), as much as I do love them, they were definitely not at the top of my wishlist.  Until I had an email yesterday from My Wardrobe with 25% off Uggs. And guess what works with it as well - oh yes, the 20% off code.  Which makes them about £119 or something bonkers - bonkers bad if you don't like them but bonkers crazy good if you're looking for a new pair and didn't want to buy them at full price. 

Sizewise, I know they say true to size but I've always sized down a half size, as they do stretch and you'll end up swimming in them.  Oh and apparently you're not supposed to wear socks - the sheepskin keeps your feet warm in the winter and cold in the summer.  And before you ask, no I never wear them in the summer anyway and no I've never had any odour issues. 

Classic Tall Chestnut UGG was £190 now £142 plus extra discount. 

I've always had tall ones but do like the idea of the short as well - especially in the grey or the black (I'm literally talking myself into a new pair of these as I type. Get.  A.  Life) 

Grey Classic Short UGG was £150 now £112 pre 20% off

I am actually gutted that these aren't in my size as these are the perfect rugby/snow/wet weather but I don't want to wear my wellies, boots.  GAH. 

UGG Australia Waterproof boot was £160 now £120 plus extra 20% off. (I don't even want to work out how cheap that makes them)

So apart from UGGs, where do we start?  Well.  If I think about the things that I have bought from My Wardrobe and love, top of the list is dresses.   I'm going to explore all of these in more detail as the party season is going to be on us before we know it (just started organising our New Year Party which is definitely another outfit selection needed.  Yee ha) 

First up (and I think I may have mentioned this one before but hey ho, it needs mentioning again) is this leopard dress from Ganni.  A similar print to my beloved Baukjen Felsted dress but a wrap style which works so well on so many people (apart from me. Duh.) 

Ankle or knee high (even over the knee?) boots or flats for the day - fling on some heels for the evening and this is a dress for every occasion. 

Ganni Leopard Wrap dress was £125 now £106 pre discount

Love them with the black Ash Jalouse (scroll down if you're in the market for a pair.....) 

In the summer one of my favourite dresses was from Sportmax Code and it deliciously went into the washing machine like a dream. 

This is as stunning but darn and drat, it's dry clean only. 

Sportmax Code Bali Flowerwas £195 now £165 pre extra 20% 

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania was £206 now £175 plus extra 20%.  Starting the hunt for the LBD early.  Elegance personified and this is hand wash by the way (just in case anyone is as sad as me....)

Another classic LBD and another hand wash number. 

By Malene Birger Cristiana sleeveless chiffon cross over was £215 now £182 pre extra discount 

Moving onto knitwear now which is a blog in the making of its own but today a couple of gems that at full price, I probably wouldn't consider.  Reduced however....

Slightly obsessed with classics at the moment and to be honest it is easier to justify something that will stand the test of time - maybe I wasn't so wrong about the investment dressing thing.

Ganni Striped Wool Sweater in cream and black was £100 now £85 plus further 20% off.

This is officially wrong on every level but I love it - navy, black and yellow, that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it. 

Ostwald Helgason was £150 now £127 plus 20% discount  Yes it's a banana.

Whilst we're on the subject of slightly bonkers (and yes, we may have swerved the investment aspect here - moving swiftly on...), I absolutely love this. 

Paul & Joe Sister Grandsignes Merino wool swan sweater was £168 now £142 with a futher 20% off. 

So in case I get told off by anyone - let's head straight back to another classic and one which I am constantly being asked "where can I get them cheaper?".  Well the answer is here and now.  Go forth and purchase your Ash Jalouse.

Midnight navy Brushed suede Ash was £145 now £123 with another 20% off.  Not entirely sure why these are £10 cheaper than the other colours.

Classic black was £155 now £131 plus another 20% 

And the same colour as mine - the taupe, same price as the black.  (they also do a dark minky grey colour online)

I could obviously go on forever as I love most of the site but I'm going to finish with a total luxury item that for me, really would be an investment item.  That is if I didn't lose them.... Actually I do have a Toast pair (not nearly as gorgeous as these) that I have had for 6 years now and I'd have to replace them in a heartbeat if they got lost.  To be honest, they are on their last legs and owe me nothing so these would be a perfect, if slightly/very decadent replacement.  Santa, are you reading?

Helmut Lang Grey Lux cashmere fingerless gloves was £155 now £131 pre further discount

If nothing else, a good peruse through the site, is great inspiration as well - I love the outfit pics they have with each item - yes some are slightly on the "are you joking for the school run or the supermarket?" but others do really work.  Plus there are always those occasions when you're not on the school run or buying milk. 

I am going to sit on my credit card for this evening as we have to buy a new bed, not to mention bed linen, duvets and pillows.  I shall console myself with looking at covers, cushions and throws this evening with a curry and the X Factor. 

So outfits from yesterday.  

Jeans are from last season but everything else = old favourites.


Patch skinnies - Mango
Silk print tunic - Zara
Navy boucle jacket - Zara
Navy Newbury boots - Rag & Bone
Camel bag - Prada

And last night, well it's happening in the 'Burbs.  Off to the VIP opening for our new (really not that big) M&S.  Not remotely blog related, I am certainly not a VIP but have a friend who is and she got us all tickets.  Extensive amounts of alcohol which is never a bad thing, very bad sushi and quiche (?!) but the most amazing serrano ham cut fresh that I've tasted in years.  All in all a great evening actually, finished off by a meal at my favourite local restaurant with all our friends.  

As you can see from the photo which I had to take myself at 1 in the morning - it wasn't pretty by the end (could I be concentrating any more?)  Have felt better today to be honest. 


Black crepe tunic - Zara
Black tuxedo jacket - Topshop
Pleather trousers - Zara (belt loop broke before I'd even worn them) 
Leopard print ponyskin ankle boots - M&S
Tan De Manta clutch - Alexander McQueen
Gold Sienna necklace - Stella & Dot

Tomorrow I shall be back with something a little bit different.....  (you know I don't do it very often - guess what it is...)

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  1. Don't forget to go through Quidco for a further 6% back as cashback in a few weeks. Every little helps!

    1. I so keep meaning to sign up to this!

  2. Arghhhh! I went forth and purchased my Ash Jalouse boots 2 weeks ago with not a discount to be seen :( (still love them though).

    1. I think they're still worth it at full price to be honest - the perfect heel height - everything. Enjoy them xx

    2. Insomnia and your blog do not a good combination make! Now awaiting the arrival of my first ever UGGs ��

  3. Thanks Kat, I'd never heard of my wardrobe and I've just bagged a pair of Ash Jalouse I've been stalking! Happy happy! Great going out outfit and photo xx

    1. oh fabulous. And I apologise in advance for introducing you to My Wardrobe. Shopping Porn! x

  4. I just bought this Toppers dress to 'complete' my winter wardrobe and thought you might like it. I got up at silly o'clock to buy it but it hasn't sold out, think its not one of the most popular collaborations. Have received it now and love it! Got two sizes and I might be delusional but I think it comes up small. Will wear this for work with long sleeved T shirt under and cardi over.

    Loving the blog as usual!

    1. LOVE it. I worry it might be too short on me , I did toy with the idea... and I wasn't entirely convinced by the logo but on reflection I think it's fab and I'm umming and ahhing......

    2. I'm 5'2 and its knee length on me, its great quality, would size up....

  5. I bought a coat, and I'm on a coat ban, I have no willpower. I think I need to stop reading blogs for a while haha, they are such enablers. :D

    1. HA HA HA HA! which coat? But tbh a coat with that discount is fabulous no? Almost WORTH spending more as it's such a great deal (that makes sense in my head....)

  6. Hi Kat , thanks for the discount code I have just purchased my first pair of Uggs with a sneaky note in the package wishing me a happy Christmas from the husband, so that's his Christmas present for me sorted .xxx ps , they were £113.00

  7. Thanks to you and your wonderful blog I have purchased the Ash Jalouse boots in black for £104!! What a bargain!! X

  8. Ah-ha! This was the discount code I thought I'd seen when I tweeted you the other day. Thanks for sharing. The navy Ash boots are now mine for under a hundred quid :) xx

  9. Ha ha ha ha ha. I'm not sure they're meant to be - leather and pleather are such dodgy fabrics for stretching back and forth which is why they work better in a skirt or jacket I think. Coat sounds gorgeous - does it work over straight legs turned up, little jumper and sneakers? I love a classic coat with a more relaxed casual outfit underneath. x

  10. Yay for the insider Ugg information! My daughter wants a new pair and there was no way I would pay the £200 even for a Christmas present! Thank you :)

    1. You will be the best mum on the planet come Christmas Day! x

  11. Hi Kat,
    I also have the Big Brush dryer and it gives my hair a really nice bounce but ..... it takes me ages, especially if my hair is still wet. I have started to dry it with a normal hair dryer first then finish of with the Big Brush, is that what you do ?

    1. oh my lord yes - my hair is totally dry when I then style it with the Big Hair! Hope that helps xx

  12. Hi Kat, love your photos when you wear your outfits, but would LOVE it you put what sizes you were wearing i.e. jeans sizing, boots sizing - would be great to know if clothing/shoes by brands are true to size etc. Love your blog.