Can there be seriously anything left to buy?

At Mango that is.  As yes folks, there is another 30% off.  Why, I hear you cry, would you buy anything at full price.  To be honest, the same could be said at M&S and Gap (although as I type this I can't actually remember the last time I had a 30% off at Gap - I bought the boys jeans from M&S the other day - £14 starting price instead of the £20 plus at Gap - I know where I shall be buying my kids' clothes from now on.... with 20% off it's cheaper than the supermarkets)

But I digress, is there anything at Mango that is on my wishlist that I haven't already posted?  Well handily, Mango's stock is like a revolving door and no sooner do they fling out a code, there is a whole tranche of new stock to oogle over. 

I also need to try and remember what I ordered this week in my "I won't do an order as I don't need anything" order from their knitwear discount code. (camel jumper and grey hoodie by the way and no, I didn't really have to go and check my order record) 

Now I WILL say that pretty much everything I have ordered online from Mango I have sent back.  Hmmmmm.  I get carried away at 11.59 pm before the discount deadline ends, never bother to heed my own advice and order a ton of crap.  Can't begin to think why I don't keep it all.  I then seem to end up buying what I originally posted in the sale.  Which is the same price as it would have been (maybe more expensive actually) than it was with the 30% off.  After two glasses of wine, it is confirmed that I am a certifiable idiot when it comes to late night online shopping. 

But it's early evening, I'm fresh as a daisy (this early morning rising sans hangover clearly can't last forever, yet I am finding it curiously addictive...) and so there is no wine (ok not much) clouding my shopping vibes. 

Let's go girls.  30% off.  Code is 5WEEKEND.

My top tips. 

These I saw instore last week and had them on Instagram.  Love 'em.

Faux leather sneakers £44.99 (ok that's a scary amount for faux leather but I love them that much) 

Loads of people have commented how much they love my Hush pink and camel cardigan - it is ridiculously useful (will be wearing it tomorrow so long as it doesn't rain), the shape and the casual element of it are so useful in this not so cold weather.  Throw on a huge scarf and some layers for when it becomes chillier. 

Boucle Knit Cardigan £39.99

Staying with knitwear and I just love this whole look. I had the jumper on, on my Mango knitwear round up the other day but this time it's the scarf that's caught my eye.  

Bicolour Scarf £29.99

Moving onto print and there were two dresses I saw in store last week that I LOVED.  Alas at 5ft 10 these were snatch flashing on me so a huge no but on anyone shorter these would be simply gorgeous, especially with 30% off. 

Leopard chiffon dress £59.99

And this print which I simply adore 

Printed flowy dress £44.99

Another print that caught my eye and I love the very modern neoprene edge to this - a perfect little top for flinging on over jeans for the pub or dressing up over coated skinnies or a leather pencil skirt for a dressier evening out. 

Printed Neoprene-effect top £29.99

Now moving onto their new Premium range.  This does all look rather gorgeous - if I were a more cynical person I may point out that it appears to be the photography, the prices and the dry clean only which is the Premium.  But no, I would honestly be doing it a disservice as it is an absolutely beautiful collection.  Very simple, I think (well hope/assume...) that better attention has been paid to the cut and the fabrics.  

Premium Stand Collar Silk Blend Sweater £44.99

Absolutely adore these culottes - I'm not sure I could pull them off, I'd have to try them on to see but love this whole look. 

Premium - wool-blend culottes £69.99

I love it with the skater shoes - need to process it a bit more with the ankle boots... 

Speaking of the skater shoes - here they are.  Not cheap and not particularly practical for the Autumn but gorgeous. 

Premium - slip on sneakers £79.99 (OUCH - do remember the 30% off though... erm....)

There is clearly loads more online that I would love.  I will of course, end up ordering another bunch of random guff that I'll end up returning and kicking myself that I didn't buy any of the above.  Why do I do that.... 

So before The X Factor starts and The Husband shoots off to get us a kebab (yes, we're all class here, a large chicken and shish mix thank you very much.) here is the outfit from today. 

Godson's Christening and party.  An absolutely fantastic family day, I am blessed to have such wonderful people in my life. 


Paola dress in putty - Baukjen
Leopard print coat - Fenn Wright Manson
Black Margot boots - Sam Edelman
Black clutch bag - Tory Burch

Hope everyone else has a fab evening.  I'm getting used to this Saturday night in with no hangover on Sunday.  Although I think this is the last one for a while so I should probably enjoy it whilst it lasts! 

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15 comentarios:

  1. Hi Kat, discovered you fairly recently on Instagram, now addicted to your blog. Love how you write as I think (snatch flashing :) ). Not so good for my bank balance though!!

    1. Oh what a lovely thing to read, thank you xxxx

  2. I have the premium culottes - they are gorgeous and have a button fly - I plan to wear mine with heeled knee highs as opposed to ankle boots - just don't think ankle boots work with culottes as they chop your legs up!

    1. OOOH that sounds lovely - I only have one pair of knee high boots though and they're a 70's style tan pair - not sure they'd go...hmmmmm. I quite like the idea with ankle boots - my legs are too stupidly long anyway, a bit of shopping up never hurt anyone!

  3. I didn't think it was actually possible to get discount fatigue, but I reckon I might have it with Mango. On the other hand, those trainers are lovely...

    Becky x

    1. I know exactly where you're coming from... but then...

  4. Mango. *sigh*. Such dodgy quality and wildly inconsistent sizing. And the Premium range looks good but I tried on a boiled wool dress which was gorgeous and Victoria Beckham like but unbearably itchy as it was unlined. Ditto those Premium culottes. £70 and no lining. Might be worth a punt with 30% off though.

    1. I know it's so irritating isn't it - some things are so pants but some are so great - it's such a lottery!

  5. I can't order any more from Mango - I'm daft enough to care if the DHL(Mango always delivers with them) man thinks I'm a shopping addict and would be too embarrassed to answer the door again to him for another month or two. I know, pathetic! Sometimes I answer the door and look "surprised" and say "oh a delivery? Why thank you." as if its a present. On a more sane note - you mentioned looking for coated jeans - Dunnes Stores in Ireland have straight coated jeans in black and brown which a tallish fashiony friend of mine raves about. She says they are sold out lots of stores. So, if you are in the auld sod - check them out, or is there Dunnes in the uk?

    1. Ha ha, I get that with our delivery-people (there are various companies here) but I always regard it as I'm providing them with work thus there is no reason to be embarrassed!

    2. I'm more worried about my husband being here when they deliver......

  6. Hi Kat! I just bought the real leather trousers from Mango! Hurray, I finely found them for a reasonalble price. Now I hope they are as nice in real live as in the pictures.....
    What would you wear with the culottes in autumn/winter? Very high boots like Poppystyle? I think they will look good on you with your height. I shan't join in with culottes - I'm too short.
    You inspired me to start writing a blog actually. It's about the period I'm in now, a bit of rest after serious illness and working out what to next workwise > what to wear during one's sabbatical? ( ) I'm afraid it's in Dutch so i''l probably won't be able to read it.
    Keep up the good work!

    1. I will definitely have a look at that, hopefully google translate will be able to help me out! Well done you xxxx

  7. Everything I've ever ordered from Mango has had to go back! Terrible quality, weird sizing. But....I had a winner in the last order and have kept one item. The check mohair blend cardigan, and I LOVE it. Although my OH did ask if it was meant to make me look massive haha. He doesn't get oversized. :D

    1. It's such a lottery isn't it - I have to say the knitwear I've actually tried on (the blog I did a while back) some of it was great - others not so good. Jeans have been good, linen shirt I bought in the summer good.... the shoes look good..... Hmmm Can't think what else I've bought. Knitwear though, definitely good for the price.