They're not going anywhere.

There are definitely some styles which work for you and which don't.  And unfortunately sometimes you have to suck it and see.  The case in point for me being the casual sneaker style shoe.  (dear lord, could I sound more matronly saying that?) 

This was a very new departure for me last year.  Ok, so I've worn converse for ever and have also been a fan of the Ash Virgins which I've had for about four years.  But anything more casual looking?  Err that was way too down with the kids for an old giffer like me.

And to be fair, first off, I got it very wrong.  In my head it was so going to work, in reality? Nah.  I was sucked in by the JCrew Jenna vibe of a smart outfit with "runners".  Well, frankly I looked like a dick.  Even a pair of navy New Balance I thought I loved - it was a mere crush that developed into nothing more.  Like that really good looking bloke, who in reality was a turd - I went off the New Balance trainers.  I KNEW something so practical looking was never going to be great.... 

However, it was not going to be once bitten twice shy, no way jose. I was determined to be able to find something else that worked.  

This could have gone horribly wrong but I struck gold next time round.  Comfy gold at that.  

Ironically I first started looking at these as I was all ready to hail them as the next big fashion item that I wasn't going to get involved in.  At the start of the blog post - barf - by the bottom of the blog post I had bought two pairs.   Oh and who said fashion isn't fabulously fickle?

I will be honest, I was rather nervous that these would be the shoe equivalent of that second good looking bloke.... but I was worried for nothing.  These ones are more that goodish looking bloke who has the best sense of humour ever and therefore is the one you introduce to your friends and family. 

A keeper.  Not even a one season wonder, no, it appears that my skater shoes are set to become a firm favourite (well till at least next season anyway...)  Yes, there is an interloper in the family with the introduction of the white tennis shoes (Stan Smith's to those who bought the branded versions - my plain, white as the driven snow ones from Zara that I prefer are still going strong) but that doesn't stop me still loving the two pairs of skater shoes that I have. 

And I think they work really well in the Autumn as well.  Will I be wearing them when we're knee deep in snow, well clearly not, but till then, unless it's raining cats and dogs, I shall be still donning the skaters.  

Mine are both ponyskin which I can highly recommend and so I've had a look what others are out there as these are a Season MUST HAVE for me.  Interestingly other people clearly think so too as there are loads of styles I've looked at that are out of stock (Boden and Clarks would you believe.....)

Some great ones at Warehouse which are even better with the 25% off (grazia25) 

Black Ponyhair leather slip on trainer £55 (pre discount)

They also do them in metallic which I love.  These would go with everything, a real neutral shade actually that would life any outfit.

Metallic Leather slip on trainer £55

Other metallic ones can be found at Boden - it's the leopard ones that are sold out.

Slip on trainer (apparently this is the modern term for them it seems, as opposed to "skater shoe...") in metallic £59 

Mine are actually leather and I got them from Next in the sale at the end of last A/W stock but they do have some more in. 

However these aren't leather but do still look good (I had to size up for mine, I'm not sure if this style is the same? Maybe someone knows?!)

Black Leather look high top £24 (their description not mine.. I can't see a high top in sight but what do I know?)  (actually these are also sold out in lots of sizes. meh)

There do seem to be more in the navy felt ones (hell I wish I had these as opposed to those blasted New Balance.  On the upside they'll be fine for the woeful amount of exercise I appear to never undertake.  Ok, so the tiny amount of exercise I aim to do one day.....) 

Borg Skaters in navy felt £24 from Next

More non leather ones at ASOS.

ASOS Dialog Plimsolls £25

ASOS Dexter in Oxblood £28

They also have these in a black £28

They also do a leather version called Daisy which are £40

Another great texture and this time in leather from ASOS - I LOVE the colour of these.  Perfect if you wear a lot of navy, grey or black for that colour injection.  Moc croc and ponyskin - bring it on. 

ASOS White Whiskey plimsolls £50

More leather at hush and one of the only leopard print ones I could find (I did find a fair few that were either heinously expensive or sold out.  These are very popular and I know why - they are so so wearable)  

Some more at Dune - can't work out if these are leather or not.. hmmm... they might be actually as the black version are (which I love) 

Dune Lutney Slip-on in leopard £60 (this is with a 20% off price match at John Lewis)

Oh and the Leopard print version also looks - oh exactly the same... again for £55.20 RIght - well surely you'd go for the Bertie's no?  The Lutney or the Putney which are identical..... Seriously??!  Dune and Bertie are now owned by the same people aren't they?  Do they think people only ever shop in ONE shop.  I find this sort of thing so so lazy and frankly takes the pee out of the consumer.  Buy the Bertie ones (or on the upside, we'll have two places in the sale to hawk for the same shoe.  Play them at their own game)

Enough of the confusion - back to something far more less controversial.  I had spied some in New Look last week - now they are canvas so they are really only for dry days but they're priced accordingly. 

Didn't see these in store and they're not going to last forever but for £12.99 - these are perfect for dry days. 

As a total aside, if you're worried about cold ankles (I am predicting some cold ankle comments...) then I saw these and thought they looked fab.   They look too great in fact.... Pretty much the perfect Winter Sneaker.  They should have their own blog.  Since finding these, I *might* have become obsessed and not able to stop thinking about them...

Black Leather Hi-tops from Next £45

And as if by magic - here we have me in my old favourites (which I've worn so much, the ponyskin has actually worn away on one little point on the inside of the shoe!  Clearly I have an odd gait on one side)

Very very casual today - I need to not wear this outfit again, I've worn it too much and I'm bored of it.  Which is wrong as I love the individual items, just not the sum of the parts.  Must try harder....


Navy and white top - Whistles
Dark indigo straight legs turned up - Jigsaw
Green boiled wool coat  - Zara
Leopard print skater shoes - Next
Tan bag - Prada

I'm off to get changed as I'm out for drinks with the girls.  I haven't been out in a couple of weeks so I am very looking forward to this.  What to wear, what to wear..... 

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23 comentarios:

  1. I think you look great in the leopard print Next skater shoes, and the coat is such a lovely bright colour. I can't seem to get to grips with the white base on these shoes though, they are just too thick for me. Maybe I just haven't found the right pair yet!x

    1. Hmm I know what you mean but I'm loving them now.

  2. Out of all of them I can only see the high-tops being wearable (without me looking like my granny!)
    The white base is not good for those of us who are large of hoof :(

  3. I tried these but they just didn't work for me - every pair I tried was too wide (I must have narrow feet). So I'm sticking with my Cons and Nike Air Pegasus!

  4. That green is perfect with leopard. I got a pair a bit like the next high tops - in shoeaholics - they're leather and kurt geiger and great - a TAD more bulky around the ankle though - the next ones look neater.

  5. Love those black leather high tops from Next. They are seriously calling to me!

  6. Aaaargh, I don't know what it is, but skaters and I don't mix. The white pumps work, Ash Virgins work, but skaters just make me look like Whitney dressed as Britney. Which I suppose is good for the bank balance, but not for the yoof in me who really loves them, and has a tiny tantrum every time I try them in the hope that this time they will work. Still, this is probably the first time ever I've read one of your posts and not gone off buy something, so every cloud, eh?!

    Becky x

  7. I have the Next skaters as well, in black and leopard (purchased in the sale for pennies). I do wish I'd sized up though. Next shoes are so variable - I never know whether I'm a 5.5, a 6 or a 6.5.

  8. Late to the party, but I absolutely them! So impressed and very tempted with the high tops.

  9. Ive got these little beauties. look fab with everything!

  10. I ordered the next high tops as a comparison to the ash virgin boots. No comparison. The next ones feel really cheap and hard. The price makes that ok if just for one season I guess. I went for the ash ones which feel are extremely comfortable x

  11. I adore my H&M snakeskin style ones. Such a great buy! Fiona at Avenue 57 just featured a leopard print pair by Lexie at John Lewis, only £17 now, which I just ordered. Love the navy Next ones and the grey ones from ASOS, just gorgeous! For me, they're here to stay for a while! Fab post, Kat. Lynne xx

  12. Love the snakeskin gazelles. Not seen those before now. I had a pair of those in gold years ago and wore them to death!

  13. I love these and seriously need to find myself a pair! There are a few in the Next clearance online in snakeskin which are really nice - and cheap! They did have ponyskin leopard print ones for £20 but I can't see them now. I tried a snakeskin pair last week, but unfortunately they were a bit tight across the top of my foot. I'll keep searching though - and those Next high tops are lovely, but I musn't get side-tracked... ;-)

  14. But what to do of the cold ankle conundrum? Surely not pop-sox (kill me now)?????!!!

  15. Note to self - read whole post before commenting!! Still a dilemma tho - as don't want to be restricted to the hi-top variety….

  16. I love love love skater shoes, all thanks to you ! It started off with a fab pair of leopard print from Asos and now ....four pairs later on I am officially an addict pony skin, black leather, black sequin from Next are all fabulous, great value for money and go with jeans and leggings/dress/skirt combo perfectly for autumn. Speaking of which you must must try the rouched (sp!!) black skirt from Hush with leggings and skater shoes ... its the most perfect casual skirt when you are sick of jeans and still want to wear your jumpers/scarfs etc, its so comfy and looks great with Ash ankle boots too !!

  17. .........just to add into the leopard print skate shoes mix - another option is H&M, £29.99 and they are leather (well, suede) - quite a large scale leopard print, and, well, fabulous. Inexpensive and good availability in all sizes.

  18. I have been reading your blog for a couple of weeks now and loving your outfits on Instagram. However you are a very bad influence on my shopping habits, not that I need that much influencing.
    Love all of those skater shoes you mentioned. I have been trying to get the Next ones for a few weeks always sold out in my size. Looked again this morning after reading your blog and low and behold they have a full range of sizes. Have ordered the Black Croc Skaters and Snake Skin ones, looking forward to my delivery tomorrow so I can wear a pair on Saturday for my trip to visit my daughter at University. But while I was on Next these have caught my eye
    leopard print fur trimmed high top !!

  19. I ordered the Boden silver ones and they were a strange shade of silver- almost dirty looking. Sent back!!

  20. Really want to try skater shoes but hubby and son think they look like grandads slippers!!!!!!.... However, went to Matalan and decided to buy a 'cheap' pair to kinda get the feel and look without spending a fortune and not feeling quilty if they just ens up as gardening shoes etc, etc,etc......and low and behold I L.O.V.E them....they are a 'nude' pale pinkish faux snake print ...who would know they were a 'tenner' !!!!

  21. I bought the Next hi tops today - disagree with other comment about them being hard. I thought they were really supple and comfortable. Thanks for top tip :)