All hail a stripe

It may or may not have slipped your notice that I am rather stripe obsessed.  Admittedly at the moment, my love lies predominantly with all things breton but from a quick trip around the shops this week, I have to say I am coming round to a whole new world of stripes. 

Clearly I've managed to hunt out loads of navy but there are some other beauties that I've unearthed that have grown on me and I am now really thinking about adding into my wardrobe. 

Why?  Well, as I've always said, they are the perfect neutral.  In my book they go with everything.  Perfect with all shades and just as versatile to mix in with a print.  (The Husband is still coming round to this and I can actually see him vomit a tiny bit in his mouth when I subject him to stripes and print - especially leopard print.  That's his *favourite*.....) 

Best thing about a stripe is that I can guarantee it will fit perfectly in with your wardrobe.  It will go with so much that you already have but at the same time totally transform all your old outfits.

What started me off on this trail was this shirt that I saw in M&S.  I thought this would look fabulous with the suede skirt but at the same time - super versatile to wear on its own.  Love over white jeans and a black blazer..... little ballet pumps.  Or heels and black super skinnies for the evening.  

No Peep Longline Striped Shirt from M&S £29.50


And then I just couldn't stop seeing striped things.  I love these.  Work perfectly for throwing on for the school run but smart enough to wear for work with a blazer.

Sandstorm Striped Tapered Trousers £35.00 from M&S 

They also do them in a cinnamon version which I have to say, as much as I thought I preferred the navy straight off, these with lots of cream and taupe shades, are fast becoming my favourite. 

In the cinnamon

They also have co-ordinating sleeveless blouses which you could put together as an outfit or just as easily wear them separately. 

Striped Wrap Blouse £25

Striped Wrap Blouse £25

Other co-ords in stripes that are definitely worth looking at - still at M&S are this skirt. 

Striped A-line skirt £45  Would look fantastic with a little black jumper.  Or fitted black or white shirts..... or even a plain tee.

Or there is the matching top to make a dress - a top which you could also easily wear on its own. 

Cap Sleeved Striped Organza Top £35

A breton inspired blouse now - something a bit different.  Looks like a breton top but is silky, gathered at the bottom, making it the perfect top to balance out those flared jeans.  Also ideal with a skirt of any shape.  

Longsleeve Striped Blouse £35

We can also look at other colours - and a quick whizz into Warehouse meant I was in stripe heaven.

Stripe Vest £32 from Warehouse

And the dress version.  Now this I am giving serious serious thought to - I love the length of this and perfect for those not tanned enough legs.  I think this would also work well with chunky heels.  

Stripe Column Midi Dress £40

Can't believe I forgot about this one - another couple of kettlercise sessions and my arms should be short sleeved worthy..... I do fear it's very short though.....

Striped Shift Dress £50

More colour in a gorgeous sleeveless striped blouse from M&S £29.50

Another dress that is probably only for those who are of a more diminutive stature.  Alas.  As it's so perfect.

Double-breasted dress from Mango £59.99

This one looks a better length though and although it's not something that I would usually choose, I have to say it's growing on me....

Striped Knit Dress £49.99

Some more casual dresses now.

Striped Ascot Dress £95 from Hush.  Perfect for a warm day.

More casual at Phase Eight - Sally Striped Kaftan Dress on offer at £59.25

Striped Double Layer Fit & Flare Dress £29.50 from M&S again.  This is a more formal dress - perfect for a smarter occasion.  Can't believe I haven't seen this before.  To me, much more Reiss than M&S.

And finally there are the jacket options.  A couple of peaches at Mango. 

Striped Knit Coat £49.99 in navy.

A great structured jacket £79.99

And my favourite - a complete classic - I love this whole outfit.

Striped Jacket £59.99

I'm pondering wearing the suede skirt today.... am I ready to bare the legs yet?  To be honest I could have worn them yesterday - it was so warm!  Took the children swimming and wished I had had my legs out.


Embroidered top - Boden
Cut off jeans - Rock & Republic 
White sliders - River Island
Cognac cross body satchel - Campomaggi from Plumo

And finally.... here I am as Kevin from Dexy's Midnight Runners.  Not Vicki Michelle from Allo Allo as the photographer thought.  Which was nice.  Amazing amazing party.  Not feeling quite so amazing this morning...


I'm off out for lunch with the extended family feeling ever so slightly delicate.  Needless to say I shall be driving and there will be dark glasses.....

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15 comentarios:

  1. I like your M&S shirt but OMG I would have to rip that pocket off! The stripes don't match!! Once the pocket had gone or was lined up properly, order would be restored to the world!
    Love the Dexy's outfit!

    1. Ha ha ha - I love the fact it's diagonal!

  2. Kat, Whats the sizing of the M&S shirt you tried on?

    1. This was a 10 - they're v oversized. x

  3. Hey Kevin, you really do look like Vicki Michelle. I got the suede skirt today and boy do I love it! Can't wait to wear it and it's very flattering. Got some black heeled gladiators to wear with them but not sure they're right for it to be honest!! However, think it will also look good with flat, sliders and boots in the winter. X

  4. With you on the stripe thing this summer. I got a gorgeous black &white striped midi dress from Karen Millen last month which is really fluid and flattering. 3 occasions lined up for it to be worn - paying for itself. As for fancy dress, that was purely a blatant excuse to purchase denim dungarees and sneak them into your wardrobe......I see what you did there!!!!

    1. That sounds absolutely GORGEOUS. I'm going to do a Karen Millen try on I think - they really do have some gems (and some great sales!) and sssssssssh on the dungarees.....

  5. Am I alone in hating the whole saga around this skirt? : ) Everyone will know its M&S - so hardly exclusive - and its just not all that. Sorry just my opinion - I just don't get it! Helen x

    1. You see I don't think it's that distinctive at all. Jaeger have done an identical skirt - could just as easily be from there, or I think it looks like it could be a vintage one. Personally I couldn't give two hoots that it's from M&S - I just love the skirt - it's very me, I've been looking for a similar midi style one for ages and think that I will get a lot of wear from it. We can't all like the same things so it doesn't matter at all that you don't like it!

  6. So love the black and white dress from Mango but then to be honest I love nearly everything in black and white!! Lx

  7. Ugh, I just love stripes & I'm going to have to order the M&S shirt you're wearing. Did you size up or would you say it's oversized to begin with?
    You nailed the Dexys look, brilliant! 👌 x

    1. I'd say oversized to begin with. I've got a 10 on. I'd go with your usual size. I think I'm going to go and get it. All I can think of is outfits that I could wear it with!

  8. SSSh you too on the dungarees. To be fair, I have only paid £55 for all three pairs so I think I've probably got my money's worth already! And yes, that skirt is definitely a funny fit.... (which is lucky for me - definitely only for those who are straighter up and down)