It pains me to talk about these....

.... clog sandals. 

Actually I'm not entirely what they're called - wooden soled heeled sandals is what I'm talking about.  Sometimes they have little studs at the side, sometimes they don't.  Sometimes they have a buckle and some have more straps than others. 

Some are D&G and are simply perfect and some get lost.  Hence it pains me hugely to even think about them...

Seriously - how on earth do you lose a WHOLE pair of shoes?   (as opposed to it being really easy to lose just one shoe....)  Apparently it's very easily done (yes yes I know I've done this before, but that time I did find them)  I'm assuming that they (yet again) got flung into the wrong bag when I was sorting out my wardrobe. 

I have (just about) come to terms with my loss (this being about three years ago) although every year it pains me hugely to see them back in fashion. 

Well I just need to get over it.  And find a new pair.  Hmm and whilst we're on the subject of replacing them, yes I did try that one year with a pair from NW3 at Hobbs.   The original D&G tan ones (weeps thinking about them) were high.  They were vertiginous in their heel height and did almost me tip me into tranny territory so I thought it would be a much better idea to get a pair that were lower. 

Except these are so low, they just turn me into frummy mummy.

This time I am going to get it right.  

So why do we all need a pair of these?  Well, for a start, I can confidently say that these are in fashion every year.  They are very 70's (should this have an apostrophe or not?!  I've googled till I'm blue in the face and my grammar itch needs a scratch) and have been around for seasons and seasons, even when the 70's weren't the in thing. 

Can't see the trend going anywhere for a couple of seasons more at least so you will be guaranteed wear out of these. 

They go with everything.   Marvellous with every single sort of jeans, look great with chinos (which is handy...), culottes, skirts, dresses.  They are the perfect footwear for those Summer occasions where you don't want to wear a strappy sandal for fear of looking slightly overdressed but do want to look dressed up (and for me - that has to be a heel.  I've tried, I really have with flat shoes but nope - it's a heel that I need) 

However heel height is, as per usual, the fly in the ointment.  We need the Goldilocks of heels.  Not too high and not too low. 

Starting with some of my faves - these from Dune fit the bill pretty perfectly and they have 20% off today Friday. 

Dune Jemm Reptile Clog sandals £63.20 with discount 

Alternatively they have them in the natural - love love love this although I think a brown or tan would probably be more useful (but if you mostly wear black, grey, light tan or cream and white... these could be the answer...)  Randomly I think they look more expensive in this colour.

However these from New Look which are also leather, also look like a great option. 

Tan Leather Cross Strap Block Heel Sandals £39.99

These are slightly left field and they're not the trendiest of brands, but honestly, I think they're great.  Ignore the Gabor label and imagine they're from Toast or Plumo.  They could be, couldn't they?

Gabor Anser Nubuck Heeled Sandals £69.99

The perfect heel height at ASOS. 

ASOS Hall leather heeled sandals £35

A white version - slightly reminiscent of the far more expensive Swedish Hasbeens.

Nancy Woven Sandals £45 from Topshop

Now I am not a Wallis fan at all, but I did happen to see these last year (they do have the odd gem, that's for sure - if you have the time and the patience to hunt them out....there was a shirt dress last year I'm still kicking myself for not buying) and they were fantastic.  Hopefully they'll be the same. 

Tan Buckle Detail Clog from Wallis was £38 now £30.40  Also available in white and black online.

I actually think I prefer these in the white....also £30.40 

Although if they have these in your size from Kurt Geiger at a super reduced price, it probably makes sense to buy these....

Kamp Tan mid heel sandal were £85 now £19

Or in the black again, only £19 - a whopping reduction from £85

A great leather option from Next - perfect if you're looking for a simple pair with no extra detailing to them. 

Tan Ultimate 70s platform sandals £38 (Next don't use an apostrophe... hmm I'm hoping their copywriters are slightly more au fait with their grammar rules than I am....The chances of them having covered it in class about 20 years more recently than me, is probably high)

Slightly higher at Topshop but I think these just about sneak under the wearable radar.  (although I fear it is the super chunky heel that just gives the illusion of them not being too high....) 

Lauren Stitch Cross-strap clogs £48

And again - slightly higher (piste?  What piste...?) at 9cm but a khaki version to just be a bit different. 

Leather Buckle Detail Sandal in Khaki £50

RIght, now let's just talk about some that are super high.  More so I can drool over them as I'm not making the same mistake I buy every year by buying heels that are too high and never wearing them (famous last words.....)  I'm also tired of wearing heels like this and people asking "ooh what's the weather like up there?"  So.  Funny.

These are perfect.  But they're too high.  DARN.

ASOS Harlington heeled sandals £40

And in black - haven't seen too many in black I like, but I think these definitely work.  In fact, I actually think I prefer them in the black.  Leather, for £40?  These are a total bargain (and I think look like they should have cost a lot more - maybe because the black is so unusual?  What was it I was saying about them being too high?  Pardon?  Can't hear you??)

A very similar pair but this time in tan at New Look (oh lordy I adore these....) 

Tan leather ankle strap chunky heels £44.99

These also from Topshop are a) too high and b) sold out in my size.  (which doesn't really make me want them more at all...).

Smile Leather Wooden Platform £56

Other chunky heeled ones are also at ASOS - these are rather reminiscent of the Whistles ones from last year. 

ASOS Homewood heeled sandals £35

Alas I fear I may have to put these into the category of *too high* which I'm rather upset about as I love these. 

Dune Black Jaimie Buckle Strap Sandals in tan £88 with discount  

A more delicate pair which are a nod to the theme (albeit a very slight nod....) from Next.  Again, oh quelle surprise, they're high.  Although deceptively, they're not *that* high... 9cm.  I think they just look higher as they've not got a platform.

Laser Cut Detail Sandals £45

If you like more straps then these might work from M&S.  More of a gladiator feel to them.... These are growing on me.

Leather Clog Sandals from M&S £45

Covered straps at Topshop

Nelly Strappy Sandals £46

Strappy bargains from the Kurt Geiger stable at Shoeaholics. 

Klunk Tan high heel sandal was £119 now £19 (yes, less than £20..!) 

More straps again at New Look.

Tan Premium Leather Sandals from New Look £59.99 

And my current need for these?  Well last week to the comedy night, I had shoe issues and ended up wearing flats which didn't float my boat and I felt far too casual.  Today I have on my new khaki jumpsuit and I have 9 friends coming over for drinks and dinner tonight.  Yes it's going to be low key but I do still like dressing up a bit.  And I could have just flung these on with the jumpsuit and hey ho, all done. 

Not sure which ones I like the best.  Actually with hindsight, it's the Dune Jamie's.  Ridiculously high and not particularly on brief but awww I love 'em.

PS here are some that don't remotely fit the bill but they've got 20% off today so I can't not include them as they are sandals and are gorgeous.  

Whistles Thistle Block Heel Sandals with 20% off now £144

And these from Senso which I have ummed and ahhed about for eons.  I adore them.  Is it fate that there is only my size left.....??  (secretly praying that they'll be too wide... ish praying...) 

Senso Riley Leather Block heels in leopard pony skin £118 with the 20% off.....

Except that I can't really justify them when I have the leopard print ponyskin ones from last year.... which are also a lace up like these (even though I could write a thesis on their differences...) 

Outfit from yesterday.  Exceptionally pleased with my new, no longer looking like a mail order bride, hair courtesy of the guys at The Square in Sevenoaks.  Fixed!  


Navy striped tee - H&M
Off white dungarees - H&M
Navy waffle jersey blazer - Next
Navy and off white ballet pumps - The British Flat Shoe Company 
Camel bag - Prada 

So I now have to scoot off to find something else to wear (or find some other shoes... novel idea there.......)  Oh and cook for 11.  Should probably focus on that, shouldn't I?

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27 comentarios:

  1. Love these on other people, but they remind me of my mum from the 70's. How do people walk in these? I'm planning on getting tan leather wedge sandals this summer but yet to find them.

    1. Ha ha everyone else's mum used to wear them and I ALWAYS wanted mine to but she wore flat scholls... She swore they were comfy.... I am honestly having a nightmare with sandals this year.

  2. I feel it should be 70s without an apostrophe as the full word is seventies...

    1. you see that's what I thought but other people think differently.... GAH. Where are the grammar police when you need them?

  3. 70s shouldn't have an apostrophe - it's a plural s. Apostrophes signify either possession ("Kat's lovely shoes") or a missing letter ("don't let me buy any more shoes"). Full disclosure - I'm an editor! Love the look of these, but I'm not good in heels and need soles that are comfy (horrid word). The Gabor ones took my eye, too, when I was researching online, but not sure I can get over the label!

    1. YES AT LAST! Thank the lord, I was right *punches air* I had Gabor boots years ago (seriously! they were in Vogue and I tracked them down.. knee high black patent moc croc - bloody loved them!!) They were excellent quality

  4. I have the Asos Halls. They are indeed the perfect height. Shame the weather is pants and I can't wear them yet...

    1. This weather is becoming quite tedious, isn't it......!

  5. I love all of them. ALL OF THEM. My Mum had some in the 70's (I'm sticking with an apostrophe 'cos that's how I roll) and I wish she'd kept them!!

    1. So true! Although I have to say I'm never quite convinced that vintage things are quite as good as the newer versions that have a certain twist to them.... But that's sacrilege I appreciate! Oh and I've had it on good authority it's 70s.....

  6. You are very bad, leading me to the Shoeaholic's website! Not sure if I actually like these or just the price!

    1. They're an amazing price aren't they?!

  7. I've tried the Wallis shoes on, and they're not leather and feel kind of cheap. BUT they also felt super comfortable and looked great (especially with red toenails which I had at the time). I'm hoping they come down in price a little more and I will be very tempted to get them.

    1. That sounds like an excellent plan x

  8. Oh I love clog sandals/shoes & have my eye on a leopard print pair of Hasbeens-a-like from Topshop. Oh and it's definitely no apostrophe!! X

    1. Sarah have you seen those in the flesh? I loved them, but when I went to have a look the straps are really plasticky-looking with the leopard just printed onto them. I suppose you get what you pay for, and £28 is dirt cheap, but I was really disappointed :-( xx

    2. Oh what a shame! I do think TS shoes are quite overpriced.......

  9. Search for Lotta from Stockholm, they sell shoes identical to Swedish Hasbeens for half the price. I love my Hasbeens though, 6 years on and they are as good as new. Jo

    1. You see, the heel on a Hasbeen has never been quite right for me. Never got round to buying any although I did have a pair of Sanita clog boots from TK Maxx and they were THE most uncomfortable things to walk in ever!!

  10. I really really want some of these, but I worry about the lack of flexibility in the sole, and whether they are actualy comfortable to walk around in all day. Remember Dr Scholl, and all the mums clip-clopping round in those when we were kids? I remember trying those on and thinking that they were the most uncomfortable shoes ever, and I worry that these will be the same. But they would be perfect with my flares in the summer to prevent them dragging on the ground and fraying. Gah. Looks as though I'll just have to suck it up! xx

    1. I remember that so well! I used to wear my Aunties - she had TINY feet. Theres a Swedish site called Timarco who sell original style clogs (low, closed toe, totally wearable with a little practice). They have the Swedish flag in the inside which means they are made for actual feet with arch-ey bits etc. If you want to go lower, I'd recommend them.

    2. Yup, I'm still not sure they're that comfy for tramping around in all day......

  11. I second the "Lotta from Stockholm" comment! Classic well known Swedish brands of clogs that are comfy and made to be kind to your feet. I love mine (Highwood). Not too tall as I need to be able to run after my little boy, very flattering style. Bought them last year and they get so many compliments whenever I wear them. Considering getting a pair in "natural" or "aubergine" this year.

    1. Maybe I should give them a second go....! (but then I do have the NW3 Hobbs ones which I never wear as they're the wrong ie low.. heel height. DUH!)

  12. Now the trouble with your posts (which I love by the way), is that at the beginning I'm thinking 'Nah, not me, couldn't wear those' and by the end I'm thinking 'love the silver ones'. Luckily I have a bad back so I won't be going there....

    1. Oh I love this comment. Imagine what it's like writing the darn thing. Every. Time.....

  13. They definitely need trying on. I'm not sure if they're every day wear or just more for occasional wear....