Things you regret in life...

... right now, it's definitely the "not having done any exercise for an entire year and being 42".  This was an error (not the being 42 bit - the whole getting to 42 is a hell of a lot preferable to the alternative for sure... the being a lazy cow bit) as gravity is a bitch. 

I appreciate that I am not big in the slightest and I neither want nor need to lose a pound of weight.  But my stomach has begun to resemble a deflating bouncy castle and the texture of my thighs and above my knees is starting to take/has taken on a very unattractive cottage cheese dimply look.  Coupled with the fact that my legs have not seen an iota of sun and my default colour is blue (it normally takes me till July to turn white however I cave weeks before then and slap on the old fake tan), short skirts during the day are, at the moment, scaring me. 

Which... happens to be super handy when tomorrow is drop day for the M&S midi suede skirt. 

I'm going in.  I am not going to purchase any expensive sandals this season (gloss over that at a later date if I change my mind).  The thought of being able to have my knees covered whilst still having some leg on show is suddenly the most appealing thing ever.  

Well here's a novel thought then - midi skirt klaxon.  How did I not fawn over these earlier?  I need to master what I think might be, the miracle of skirts. 

Top of my list is obviously this M&S baby.  Need this in my life "prays to God of skirts that midi is truly midi on me and not disastrous knee length..." (I appreciate this is not looking good at my height) 

Drool.  And look how fabulous it would be going into the A/W as well....

Now do we think that when they say May 14th, they mean midnight tonight?  Obviously I'm going to have to wait up and see, I am then going to have to set my alarm for stoopid o'clock tomorrow morning (am also planning on doing an exercise DVD - don't all hold your breath on this one... it's an idea...) if not and also happen to be meeting a friend at Bluewater post school drop off... which is handy.....

In the meantime, there are others we can definitely consider and I have to say with a flat fronted waistband like this, I have high hopes for this one.  Love the look with the white sneakers.  All perfect. 

ASOS Premium Full Circle Midi Skirt £45 

Another example of for me, perfect styling and proving that full or midi doesn't have to be coupled with a crop top.

ASOS Pleated Midi skirt £30

Doesn't have to be plain though - staying with pleated but throwing in some animal print.  If I didn't know different, I would swear to you this was Whistles. 

Animal Print Pleated A-line skirt from M&S £35

Let my love of all things khaki continue....

Floral A line skirt in khaki from M&S £22.50

Stripe at Whistles - Hayley Stripe Wrap Skirt £140

ASOS Prom Skirt in Metallic Jacquard £75  This I love but I fear it just tips over into the "you'd be pushing it for the school run" category.....  However that's not to say it wouldn't be great for a wedding (so right at the other end of the scale) but also with a more casual tee tucked in, you could wear to the pub. 

Another jacquard version at ASOS - Dip Dye Skirt £65  (cropped top optional.  Disposable in my case) 

Whilst we're on the subject of dressier skirts - we can neatly move onto the heading of "skirts that probably should only be worn by preschoolers". 

But when they make them in your size..... I love the idea of this for a night out.  Teamed with either a slim fitting knit or a crisp shirt tucked in - this would be fab.  Be warned though, this one is elasticated (you can call it "stretch waistband" but to those of who know, it's elasticated which means if you try and cunningly place it on not the narrowest part of your body, over the course of a morning, it will work it's way up and you will end up looking like Simon Cowell.)

Now the obvious solution when you are tall and you do want a proper midi skirt would be to visit the Tall collections.  And I am kicking myself I didn't do this earlier as I would have bought this in a heartbeat.  Totally sold out in my size.  Bum.  

I did though find this option also in a Tall version at ASOS but I'm not sure if it has pockets.  I think on this more formal style, to make it more casual, pockets are a Must Have. 

There is always the leather option if suede isn't your thing and I have been so pleased with my Whistles A line midi skirt.  

And there's an amazing version at M&S which is now in the sale. 

Bardot PU Midi Skirt £56 a non leather that looks like leather option.

And as we've done black, we must do the Summer alternative of white - LOVE this denim one.

And a 70s baby cord version - I do want to yank this down onto her hips though, it just sits better for me there than up around the boobs.

So tomorrow a skirt hunting I shall go.  Chances of me getting my hands on (let's not even discuss the liking aspect...) on the M&S skirt?  Place your bets now... 

Finishing with a plea for help for my fancy dress party on Saturday night - the theme is your hero or heroine from the 80s.

It will come as no surprise to anyone that I am determined to wear dungarees.  Well why not - seems churlish not to embrace my new love and get the maximum wear out of them, returning to the scene of the crime - the 80s. 

So first idea is Bananarama. 

I've ordered this from ASOS - long sleeved off the shoulder top £12  I'm not sure if I'll ever wear it again (not that this is a criteria for the purchase of an outfit but I detest waste so obviously I'd prefer something I can wear again - hence I'm not going as Desperately Seeking Susan.) but the plan is to wear it underneath white dungarees..... with espadrilles? 

And this wig.... which clearly I don't fancy getting the hugest amount of use of but it's great for errr giving to the kids?  Surely you can never have too many wigs anyway... 

Orrrr there is idea Number Two.  And I do think my heart lies with Dexy's Midnight Runners, so I bought these home today from H&M.  (the mecca of all things dungaree shaped, so it seems) 


Obligatory red bandana, leather belt round waist and black pumps (i was planning on flinging on my exceptionally well worn black ponyskin skater shoes from Next last year) 

With this wig and beret.....


And my black blazer.  Spot the difference. 

So which one would you go for?  I am veering for the trying not to look remotely attractive as opposed to the trying to polish a turd with the fancy dress theme and look shexy...... Kevin here we come?

Finishing with outfit from today - and yes, I was way too warm.


Grey Too Much Love Will Kill You tee - Zoe Karssen 
Turned up jeans - Zara
Black blazer - Topshop
Grey Dakota skater shoes - Seven Boot Lane 
Carker Hands free bag - Anya Hindmarch 

So Come on Eileen or Cruel Summer?  Bananarama or Dexy's?

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18 comentarios:

  1. Fingers crossed you will get " the skirt". Your fancy dress outfit will look fab and you can use the dungarees after Kat . Love those brogues you had on yesterday btw x

  2. Oh hope you find (& love) the skirt. So with you on the midi love... desperately trying to find a denim one in this length - or even maxi a la Chloe for an iota of the price! That white frayed one is cute but think too much material in it for me. Your dress up outfit sounds killer!

    Nic x

  3. Definitely Bananarama - that outfit is fab !

  4. Love dexys. Go for that!

  5. Bananarama, definitely - that wig is by far the most fun of all of them!

  6. Another vote for Bananarama! The wig is great.

  7. Wow, I remember my mum and her friends wearing pleated skirts in the 80s...

  8. Well I just had a look at M&S app and the skirt is available in all sizes with plenty of stock it seems. I am not going to buy as 1. I'm on a shopping ban 2. I'm broke and 3. I dont want to be a sheep 🐏😊 Hope you get it as I do think it will be perfect on your frame. Oh and Dexys gets my vote 😉

  9. Bananarama. With blue eyeshadow and darker lip liner, hundreds of bracelets, roll up your dungarees and wear black socks too.

  10. Beloved zara has this which you might just wear again

  11. Correct link: bananarama t shirt

  12. Bananarama , with a big stupid floppy bow in your hair of course..... Or how about those other style icons from the 80s , The Joboxers!

  13. Some lovely skirts there, and you have nailed the Kevin from Dexeys look!

  14. Loving the first 2 Asos skirts. I have a couple this sort of length and love wearing them either with sandals in summer or my boots and scrunched up socks in winter. Lx

  15. Hush have a fantastic draped midi skirt in blue grey at the moment.. Grecian-looking and unusual.

  16. The ASOS prom skirt is divine. Big skirts like that one and the ballet-esque one below always remind me of Carrie when she was dating the rooskie. I take it you bought the M&S one? Can't wait to see how you wear it out and about xx