When you find something in your wardrobe that you love...

.....but had sort of forgotten about.  Me.  Today.  

Firstly can I get the moan out of the way - clearly I'm going to start chuntering on about the weather.  Dear climate, it's May.  The odd shower is permissible.  Pouring rain, sideways winds and single digit temperatures are not.  They are totally unacceptable. 

However on the upside, it did give me thought to think about what on earth I was going to wear today.  We are on puppy countdown so I had a day of trying to get my head around a puppy and what on earth it needs (clearly I have absolutely nothing....) and a trip to see the  Orthoptic Consultant at the hospital for my 10yr old (who has been discharged after five hard, long years of patching.  Go her!) 

What did I find to wear - well, happy days, my print cigarette trousers from a couple of seasons ago.  And there in lies the beauty - I have had these for ages now and have worn them both during the day and out at night.  They are the perfect things to have in your wardrobe to dress up and down and are just that little bit different.  You don't wear them often but they come in infinitely handy when you just can't face putting jeans on again.  They've also saved my bacon on a number of occasions when the fake tan just isn't happening but again, you don't want to go out in just bog standard trews.  These gems have come to my rescue on more than one occasion.

I also had spied some great ones last week in M&S (starting with the stripe ones I had on the blog yesterday) but also some great tile print numbers - and not forgetting the obligatory animal print of course.  These were all of a looser nature than the ones I have - tapered at the bottom but a comfortable, easy to wear, every day trouser which would work with a casual tee and sandals or sneakers.  Or a collar and jumper, I often wear a blouse, with heels or ballet flats for a smarter edge.  

But starting with very similar though, these more expensive ones at Whistles.  Now on no analysis do I recommend wearing these with a cropped top - for reasons which I feel are entirely self explanatory. 

Personally though, I'm thinking the M&S ones are easily easily as good for a fraction of the price. 

The picture here doesn't do these justice at all - they are way better than here, they really are.  They have a contrast strip down the side of the leg which is just so unM&S - really rather cool, I promise.

Ditto, these ones.  Totally Baum und Pferdgarten and not M&S in the slightest.  These would be top choice. 

Floral 7/8 Cropped Trousers £39.50 These are a floaty fabric as opposed to a structured fit - also at M&S.

Also some at ASOS and I love these from Only (I also love the matching top....) 

And whilst we're on the subject of matching tops - this set from Oasis would be all sorts of useful.  (the more I look at these, the more I love them...)

Clearly I have been looking at too many prints now as I am rather taken with these..... again, I would swerve like Ayrton Senna that crop top but with a white tee and a denim jacket?  Oh I love. 

Moving onto cigarette pants now and these are my favourite sort of look.  I love the versatility of these - easy to wear on all occasions exactly like the looser tapered versions above.  

Dorothy Perkins have some great floral options.  These are also a great price if you're not sure you'll get loads of wear out of them, or want to just try them out.  

For summer - some fantastic paler shades.  They all have 24% off for a limited time.

Another Summery pair.  I would say both these and the yellow ones above are easily smart enough to wear for a special occasion - a great alternative to a dress. 

Topshop also had a great selection.  I remember them doing an amazing lime floral print pair of joggers the other year that I still kick myself for not getting.  This year though, their paisley trousers are probably most similar to my ancient Zara ones. 

Paisley Print Cigarette trousers from Topshop £39  I think you can also see how they can be worn all year round with the addition of a roll neck.  Substitute for a tee in the Summer or a white shirt and you're off. 

However my pick of the bunch is from... yet again, M&S.  They really do have some absolute gems if you look hard enough.  These are amazing.  Absolutely amazing.  The fact that the print is virtually identical to a DVF print from last year is neither here nor there of course....

Bold Floral Tapered Leg £29.50 also available in three leg lengths.

So are you a print trouser fan?  I have to say, I have tried on so so many and it's a very personal thing.  I will say that some work and some don't.  But I love the ones I have - in fact I had forgotten how much.  Here I am in them today.


Print cigarette trousers - Zara
White collar - Cos
Navy merino wool jumper - Uniqlo
Navy dress coat - H&M
Camel bag - Prada
Cracked leather Stan Smiths - adidas

And my outfit from yesterday - trip to the sister in law's for lunch with the whole family (there are a fair few of us..!) 


Khaki jumpsuit - Topshop
Camel knitted blazer - Whistles
Ponyskin mules - Anthropologie
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang

Tomorrow, I have more doggy duties to undertake but as I have two long hours to kill at football, I'm sure I can come up with something to bring you.  Not that I don't love watching my small boys play footie and hawk them nonstop for 120 minutes........

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21 comentarios:

  1. I've just bought a pair yesterday but I need to try them outside of the horror of shop changing rooms!! X

    1. oh yes you definitely need to make sure you have the right shoes to go with them! And tops.....!

  2. I have a lovely pair of patterned cigarette pants from Next from about 3 years ago but they are quite dark (on my blog last Thursday). Not sure I'm brave enough for a more obvious coloured print . Lx

    1. I have to say I do like the safety of the navy in mine but I think if you stick with a neutral background shade, you'll be fine! Having said that, I am officially in LOVE with those M&S ones and the paler DP ones I think would be gorgeous with all things white. x

  3. Ooh, I love the M&S animal print ones. They do look quite cool. I bought a blue & white tile print pair from H&M recently, they were £7! And 100% cotton. I love 'em. Look great with a navy top. I agree it's a nice change from jeans. You look lovely in yours.

    The weather is really cap, isn't it. I was in full raingear and short wellies yesterday. It rained. all. day. Sigh.

    1. They are the perfect geometric addition to your wardrobe. Honestly, no one would ever know they were from M&S!

  4. The weather is really crap. That should read. Auto-correct!

  5. I have the Whistles wisteria ones from a few years ago and love them. They work whatever your mood and people always comment on them.

    1. Oh I remember them - they were gorgeous. You're exactly right, they really are a real mood lifter!

  6. I love patterned trousers - yours look lovely

  7. Kat, we must speak in all seriousness now. Everytime I think I have my wardrobe filled& full too perfection you come up with an other blogpost. With great items, that I neeeeeeeeed! Now I have found out that I need a geometric addition. Sigh.

  8. Re your puppy, may i suggest that you buy a crate, one that will fit the puppy when grown up as well. Use it as a safe place to go, and to play and to learn to be on their own. My dog loves her crate still, and she is eleven now. To house train her I put newspapers down near the crate for her to wee on, and then kept moving them further and further away from the crate.
    What kind of pup are you getting?

    1. Thank you my love - we do have a crate! She's an angel and already goes on a puppy pad for her wees and also does when we take her outside - she's honestly being so good at the mooment! (probably honeymoon period...!) She's an Australian Labradoodle xx

  9. You look fab Kat. The clothes are amazing. Lorraine x

  10. Definitely a print trouser fan as well - Zara does them soooo well. I love the options with more lengths available as - surprise - legs of different lengths also needs the crop to end just right. Thanks for including those. And oh how I love the last photo of you in khaki, your hair is lush! I would love if you would join in my hair link-up blog party on Monday, there is a teaser for it today on my blog. Your hair is amazing in a bun as well :-).

    1. Thank you and so sorry I missed your link up blog party! Timing is not my strongest point xxxx