Idea number 789

For Summer footwear.  We surely must be about that option by now? 

I would like to say that I've all just given up as where on earth is the Summer?  I started writing this yesterday when it was pouring with rain and whilst today has been lovely, Saturday it looks like all the weather wheels are going to fall off again.  It's with mild hilarity therefore that I ponder the need for sandals.... 

However, one must be positive about this and surely.. surely the sun must come out soon.  

It will do (it must do....) and then we'll all be stuffed as there will be nothing in the shops bar boots. 

So let's make hay whilst the sun doesn't shine and look at yet another option that I may have already bought into.... Actually, mine aren't from this year.. *polish halo* and are a couple of years old from.... yup, good old Clarks! 

Ok so they're not strictly what I'm talking about today but they are definitely a variation on a theme and I have had so much wear out of them over the past two years with them still going strong this summer, that I think they could become a staple for all of us. 

Except this time, I'm thinking white. 

No we're not talking about a stiletto - which I will explore another day, but I'm looking for a shoe that is more versatile than that.  I am going to start by talking about a heel and I mean mules.  

Embracing the 70s (I know I said I wouldn't but I seem to be giving it a good old bash) and embracing the mule for all its versatility and comfort. 

Firstly, they (generally... always exceptions to the rule... let's not be pedantic) have a block heel which is much easier to walk on than a spindly number.  Secondly they are the perfect option for when you need a heel but you don't want the dressy edge that a strappy sandal seems to offer.  I will acknowledge that a wedge can serve the same purpose but that doesn't help me at all in my justification of a white mule so we're going to conveniently ignore that for the purpose of this blog. (editor's rights)

They work with all outfits (ok so I probably would swerve them with shorts unless you're Daisy Duke but to be fair, the same should possibly be said of all shorts and heels) - from a dress, to jeans, to dungarees, to skirts both midi and knee length, straight or full and, the yet to be explored, culottes. 

They are comfy to wear (so long as you have bare feet) and are perfect if you have minging, veiny feet like me, as they offer excellent foot coverage. 

I've proven that they work, even though mine are a slingback mule which yes, is a style that I've just made up, and can now therefore start the justification for a white pair. 

Why?  Well, merely because they rock.  They don't need to *match* anything as white goes with everything.  And they are the perfect nod to Summer in this torrential weather.  The instant hit of fake sunshine.  What's not to love? 

Plus there are some great options out there at some great prices, although they are all selling quickly (a fair few that I found are only available in doll sizes).  And I don't actually have a pair of white heels in my wardrobe.  

There were also a couple of other reasons that I know were excellent, but I'm struggling to think of them right now so we'll just go with the NEED THESE Reason.... Also adding in the fact that I am in shoe hell this year..... maybe it's just too many options and not enough outfits?

So without further ado and starting with the ones that I saw that made me think hmmmmmmmm.  Good old M&S.

Leather Block Heel Sandals £49.50 from M&S I *promise* these look better on.  Believe me, they genuinely genuinely do.

However I think I actually prefer the Clarks ones.....  They're slightly more cream than white.... 

Image Gallery £55 (that is actually their name.. obviously.....) 

More at New Look.

White premium leather mules £39.99 4 inch heel.   Note - old gimmer writing... hence yes, it has come to this - I am having to put the heel height when it's written, on the shoes.  I am quite grateful though that many of you have come out in geriatric solidarity at not being able to wear super high heels anymore.  Therefore from now on I will be giving a PSA of heel heights.  You're welcome. (I don't provide the reading glasses though which, if you're anything like me, you will also need to read this.....)  The Clarks ones are a 3.5 inch heel.  The M&S ones are 80mm.  Thanks to New Look, we can learn that 10mm is 4 inches.  I am now officially boring myself.  There may be a rethink on this heel height info thingy.....

Black is the other classic colour and - deep breath now - these are gorgeous but soooooooo high.

Aldo Cornelina Black Mule £80 - 11cm heel

Marginally lower at Faith Cannon at 10.5 cm  (although they say that's 4 inches.  Which differs from New Look's conversion.....  Hell, we're down to the tiniest of margins here and frankly anything above 8cm is properly High.  Can we agree on that and I can stop this not so successful plan of counting mm??  I told you it was going to be shortlived.) 

Faith Cannon Mules £59  These are in lots of the pencil skirt pictures from the other day at ASOS which is where again, I thought - mules rock. 

And in navy again at M&S £49.50

Other pale shades with a slight difference are out there.  My love for all things Kin continues with these beauties at John Lewis.

Kin by John Lewis Sixty Two Heeled Block heels £75 in pale blush.

Carvela Krow Leather blocked heel sandals £89 in a tan - a double strap here.

Mid heels at Whistles - with fringing too......  

Whistles Black Acca Heeled Fringe Mule Sandal £160  These I absolutely love but (can't believe I'm saying this...) I think for a night out, I'd like slightly higher.  However I should probably at least try them before they're totally discounted.

Another option at Mango which I did try on today, but I actually prefer the two tone with the tan and the black.  Plus these were too big... though I did love the fringing. 

Fringed applique sandal £69.99


Others at Mango that they didn't have in my size but that I absolutely loved... the heel suede mule at £69.99

And coming in at left field - I LOVE LOVE LOVE these.  The heel, the black, the everything.... 

Leather heel mules at Mango £79.99 (I love these so much even though they aren't remotely what I set out to look for - but that's sometimes how the cookie crumbles.  One more glass of wine and I may be ordering these....) 

So what do I have?  Well as I'm mentioned before, I have the Sarina Betty's from Clarks which are three years old this year.  They don't make them anymore - mine have a wooden heel with a black leather body of the shoe and a tan slingback. 

These are this year's version.  I won't lie, I think I do prefer mine as I like the addition of the tan but they are so super comfy, that I will say.  Although maybe the quirkier heel is better...

Sarina Billy (see what they did there?) Clarks £65

And in the oyster £65 - again, I think I like a whiter oyster - so basically white.

So are you a mule fan?  I have to say, I did start this blog by thinking I Needed a pair of white ones... however I have ended it totally needing those Mango black mules with the leather heel.  

Having said that, these go very well with my existing dresses but I am still very much in need of another couple (of dresses) to bolster my Summer stash.  Dresses - coming up...... 

Finishing with outfits from last night and today. 

Last night - out for dinner and drinks with the girls.  Lovely lovely night. 


Black jumper - Tommy Hilfiger
Black military jacket - Zara
Leather A line skirt - Whistles
Black gladiator sandals - Burberry
Black stud clutch - Coccinelle
Black stud cuff - Coccinelle

However not going to lie - the head was slightly dodgy this morning.  And it was up to London for the Boden Press Day for A/W15.  I cannot wait to bring you the pics and all the details as there are some absolutely amazing pieces.  Particularly their new Limited Edition British Icons collections.  You will not believe your eyes.  My wishlist is massive. 


Black jumpsuit - Kin by John Lewis
Black blazer - Topshop
Black quilted leather bag - Zara
Ponyskin mules - Anthropologie

Back up to London tomorrow to meet one of my favourite companies that I've featured numerous times and have two well worn pieces from - haven't met them before so I am exceptionally excited.  Will report back.

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16 comentarios:

  1. Ooh, so looking forward to your next blog about Boden press day AW/15 - having seen the Instagram of those totally gorge leopard print shoes! I need those Shoes! :)

    1. Honestly it is absolutely amazing. Such gorgeous new products. Amazing leather pieces too.....!

    2. When is are these products going to be available Kat? Gorgeous.
      I have the whistles fringe sandals in the flat, white version. So comfy and really lovely, especially for hols. Look great with a jumpsuit.

    3. OOOH I haven't seen them in white. I'll find out when the preview goes live but the first lot should drop in July/Aug with the rest in September. Not too long (scarily...!!!!)

  2. oh nooooooooooo. I have to say it is THE best purchase. Probably my fave so far this year. And it washes like a dream, comes out almost dry & with no need to iron at all. They should make everything in this fabric! Keep watching though, they may come back in. If I go to Bluewater next week and see one do you want me to get it for you?

  3. I can't get with this style of shoe AT ALL. I wore pretty much the exact same in 1994 to my Graduation Party after my Leaving Cert!! Can't do Mules, Block Heels etc. as I feel like an chubby 18 year old again in them LOL :-) If I had to pick though the Faith ones get my vote! Happy Friday, Audrey x

    1. Oh that's too funny! I know what you mean but I think I've got my head around them again - I just can't get to grips with a mid heel - they're not just not rocking my world like I want them to.

  4. I'm liking the mayo one and can see it would be good for night time. Day-time, I'm still a flip flop girl when the weather is hot. Just not sure when that will be !!!!!!! Lx

    1. Which one is the Mayo one? I'm being dense.. But no, you're right, it's definitely a flat shoe for me I fear in the majority of the SUmmer - but I can't get to grips with that for the Summer. And yes, deffo deffo WHERE is the sun??

    2. Sorry - I meant Mango!! Was typing from my phone and the predictive text caught me out again! L

  5. JL no longer stock Kin in my local branch, not a good omen.

    1. NOOOOOOO! Oh that's such a shame, I LOVE it.

  6. Don't like this look at all, the heels are too blocky a d high in comparison with the soles, plus they look really uncomfortable.

    1. Fair enough - horses for course! I love the juxtaposition of the heel with the sole - a classic mule in my opinion. Randomly I don't find them uncomfortable at all!

  7. They didn't have one love - I am so so sorry. But do keep an eye on the website...