Just takes one photo....

... to send me scurrying off into a totally new fashion direction. 


I'm talking a pencil skirt. 

Ok so admittedly that split it just not going to happen on any level in real life.  Flash of snatch on sitting down to have a coffee?  I think the elderly regulars at Waitrose (where we go to get our once free but now costs 30p coffee..... can't quite believe that a) it's come to virtually free coffee being a highlight of my day and b) I'm admitting it.  Rock and roll....) may have something to say about that, clutching their twinsets over their bosoms.

But it has made me think skirts......  I have a love/hate relationship with them and maybe this year is the year I will master the skirt.  So I do already have a couple of leather ones but fabric has always eluded me.

Why do I need one?  Well, clearly I don't (I'll say that very quickly and we'll gloss over it) but I have to say, having done some dress research this week, I have come to the conclusion that there aren't loads of different dresses that I can wear.  Which means therefore, that I pretty much end up wearing the same sort of dress.  

Now that's not necessarily a bad thing but it would be lovely if I could find something just to ring the changes.    And maybe..... just maybe, that might be a skirt?!

I'm loving the casual double denim look here... could that be an idea?  

Today though, we're all about the multi functional skirt (yes I work my wardrobe hard - no slacking on your laurels chez moi).  I'm hoping to be able to find a skirt that will work for during the day and for out to dinner dressed up.  Delusional?  Hell, let's not be so defeatist.....

However there is a length issue being tall.... I do think it needs to be just below the knee or a couple of inches above the knee and really - I'm going to stick with the former.  I've got shorts if I want to flash my knees and a bit of thigh to the world but at the moment, that seems such a long way away, something with a bit more coverage is what I'm looking for. 

I've tried a line skirts and I've succeeded on the leather front so tick tick there.  I've also tried full skirts and frankly there's a big fat fail in that arena.  No waist = an extra 20 lbs round the midriff - it's not a good look. 

So let's get stuck in with some research and I'm going to then order some to try them on. 

I am sticking to my pencil skirt guns.  I shall explore more later in the week but to stop this blog rivalling the length of War & Peace, today, I'm hunting down straight ones. 

This epitomises how I'd like to look (as well as the double denim job above). Adore, adore, adore. 

ASOS Pencil Skirt with scallop edge £22

Similar styling here. 

ASOS Pencil Skirt in texture £35

More plain and almost a twist on a denim skirt if you ask me.... from Autograph.  Clearly an area where M&S are bound to excel.  It's all about how you style them but I love the outfit they've put together here (yes you heard me right... adore it) 

Autograph cotton rich pencil skirt £35

Proving that they can look great with flats as well as heels. 

But let's talk about bright ones now - these are perfect for the Summer.  Ideal for during the day but also perfect for out in the evenings. 

ASOS Pencil Skirt in bright texture £38

I did see this one instore at M&S and it's a really gorgeous skirt. 

Scuba Floral Pencil Skirt £29.50

Another darker shade - both of these are much more Ted Baker than M&S, but at the latter's prices, what's not to love?

Floral Pencil Skirt £29.50 from M&S

Amazing floral option (this one I have featured before in a co-ords blog) at Oasis AND there is 20% off everything online before midnight tonight Monday.  Bank Holiday special - code is TREATME20.  I'm off to have a good look..... skirts and everything else.  All Oasis prices are pre discount.

Oriental Blossom Pencil Skirt £40

We can rely on Boden for an interesting print skirt and they are one of the only people to offer different lengths.  

Again, teaming it with a knit here, this is definitely a look I'm starting to seriously think about.... ooh and 20% off at Boden with the code 7G3C.  Also worth considering if you want to have a look at the shorts and embroidered tops from yesterday.

Modern Pencil skirt in red graphic geo print £59 pre discount (for what it's worth, this is the Easy Day Jumper that I cannot rave about enough)

Also love the Modern Pencil skirt in the leafy trellis print in navy and this is already on offer already at £44.25 as just a few sizes left.

There's also a stripe to consider and this from Per Una at M&S, I *promise* is amazing in the flesh.  The pic here does nothing for it, but it really is a great option.  Dare I say it bears a striking similarity to a DVF print from this season.  But at fraction of the cost.

Speziale Abstract Print Pencil Skirt £59


Now this one is slightly more A line but I still could think work.  Especially if you are slightly shorter and it's a midi length on you.  With heels...  just gorgeous.  Top is optional.... (suffice to say I think my bra is more substantial than the one she's wearing here and I'm an A cup...)

ASOS A line skirt with border print £38

Now how about this one.... oh hello.......

Bardot Lace Pencil Skirt in green £50  Absolutely LOVE this but it's sold out in my size.  I honestly think I would have bought this - adore the colour, I have shirts a plenty to go with it, ditto little jumpers.  Love love love.

What it has done though, is make me think - lace pencil skirt, that's IT. 

And lo and behold, at Whistles, they've even supplied me with a matching top....  All rather Self Portrait (or Valentino....) and if you think about those as alternatives, suddenly it doesn't seem too expensive.  I feel a plan coming on... (obviously I've just missed the pigging 20% off matching stuff.  GAH) 

Whistles Camilla Lace skirt in navy £130

A gorgeous lace skirt in black but to be honest, I'm not sure I want the black...... For the Summer, I think I'd like to ring the changes with a different colour and I'm very taken with the navy or the green (of course it would be the green....) 

Reiss Orta Lace Pencil Skirt was £135 now £90

There is another navy option in the sale at Coast but I think it's definitely the Whistles one which snags it in my book.  I'm not sure I could away with wearing this one during the day?  

Coast Mirette Skirt in navy was £85 now £49

You would think there would be loads of pencil lace skirts around surely?  Well you'd be wrong.  Like I was.  I even widened my search parameter to shops I don't normally spend much time in - so Banana Republic, JCrew, Long Tall Sally, 

I've resorted to things that look like lace..... 

Graphic Jacquard Pencil Skirt in navy from Oasis £45 (remember discount)

Leather look - haven't thought about these as perhaps not right for a super warm Summer's day but could be a winner in the evenings...

Continuing my love of all things khaki.... 

ASOS Pencil skirt in leather look £30

We have the real deal at Oasis at a bargain price of £85 and that's before the 20% off. 

Grace Leather Pencil Skirt £85

So I've managed to do an entire blog on not denim skirts, despite my inspiration having been... yup, denim pencil skirts.  I have also come across a whole host of them that totally float my boat and shall be a fully paid up member of the denim skirt club by the end of the week. 

However next week, the M&S suede skirt, yes THE skirt is going to drop... Clearly only A list bloggers (ie ones that aren't 42) have been privvy to a preview "harrumph" but the more I think about it, the more I think I might have to have it.  Although the chance of it being totally the wrong length and therefore frumperama is high.  Not sure whether I'm gutted or rather relieved at that..... But it is an itch I shall definitely need to scratch. 

Well yesterday, lots of shopping but diddly squat for me.   Trips to Matalan and Primark to get bits for the 10yr old who is off on her first ever school residential trip tomorrow and needs "old clothes".  Alas, she grows at the rate of knots so there's no such thing as "old clothes" - the next best thing has to be Primark.  (even though I was so so impressed with their thin sweatshirts and joggers which I'm so hoping she doesn't wreck as they'll be fab for slinging on at home when she gets back).  Bombed into Matalan when I was there as they do the best stuff for boys (shortie jamas are simply the best) and I love their home stuff.  It's just round the corner so always kill two birds with one stone. 

I did also have a tiny shufty at the swimwear - I know, I know, it's coming up to that time of year and I've broken the seal with the shorts, so thought I might as well just *look* at the cossies too.  Needless to say I didn't try any on as Lakeside and Thurrock on a Sunday are very close to the 10th circle of hell.  I'll go back midweek. 

It was then off to friends for a BBQ late afternoon and evening with the kids.  Great fun as always and I did get changed into the blue Boden Arianne top from yesterday.

But during the day I wore:-


Striped jumper - Hush
Turn up jeans - Zara
Combat jacket - Hush (arrived after having been on back order for ages and I LOVE it)
Stan Smiths in cracked leather - adidas
Harker hands free bag - Anya Hindmarch 

So tomorrow I feel that I may be back with more of the denim skirt variety.... Talk me through your skirts.  Pencil or full?  Lace or denim?  I have a couple of meetings in London this week and I think that maybe a skirt may be a good option.... (I'm liking the idea of my black leather skirt but what with....?)  

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30 comentarios:

  1. I find any type of skirt a challenge these days, don't have the legs for a mini, don't have the waste for A line. Thank god for boyfriend jeans

    1. They are a lot to think about, for sure, but I am determined to ring the changes for a night out. I rarely wear jeans on a night out anymore and have a plethora of shirts that would work so well with a pencil skirt, plus I also have the shoes already... seem a no brainer. And the green skirt would have been mine had they had it in my size!! But such a good idea for only having to expose a modicum of leg... I'm hanging out really for the suede M&S one...

  2. I love pencil skirts but I rarely wear them now due to being larger of rump these days!! I love the scuba M&S skirts & am seriously tempted to try them on even though I have zero need for anything like this.....but still........
    I really like the denim inspiration outfit though, gorgeous x

    1. I do think though for an outfit out at night - with a more casual skirt - just a lovely alternative to skinnies or a dress?

  3. Love a pencil skirt. Unfortunately rocking up to the school gate in anything other than skinny jeans and ankle boots is a lifetime away from pencil skirts!

    1. I reckon with flats though... it could work? I no longer have titchy kids so not lots of bending over any more!

  4. I love a skirt too, and have several (some unworn) in my wardrobe. Wore my M&S denim a-line onot Saturday even though it was a bit nippy up North! I have a Jaeger black lace one which I need to try with tees for the Summer. I'm watching out for the M&S suede skirt too but not sure I'm keen enough to spend £200 on a skirt that could so easily get ruined! I've started a collection of culottes this year too and now have 4 pairs - denim, lace, black and leather -oops😄can't get enough of them...

    1. Ah, now you see I can't get on with culottes - they're the wrong length. I would have bought the M&S ones had they had pockets.... I am SO tempted by the M&S one...... (I am IGNORING you on the ruined front bit...!)

    2. I'm tempted too.. may have to give them a try!

  5. You could totally rock a skirt like the demin one in your first pic! As long as the split doesn't come too high at worst you'll flash a little bit of thigh when sat down, no more than in those boden shorts you were showing us the other day. I had two of those skirts back in the day and I loved them (and I never flashed my snatch - or at least, not as far as I can remember!) so am definitely on the hunt for a similar one x

    1. This is very true - I fear it's just the angle of crotch showing...!! I am on it like a rocket today. x

  6. I'm loving a pencil skirt and have bought a nice navy and white one from Jigsaw this season. I do wear mine at the school gates because I hate a relentless sartorial 'diet' of skinny jeans (much as I love skinnies I get bored of them) and know that the pencil shape suits me. Also it's nice to feel slightly smarter sometimes. Personally prefer mine with a heel mostly, though in hot weather a flat sandal would work for me. I also had a lace one fairly recently from Vertbaudet I think, not sure whether current though. Elizabeth x

    1. Oh yay! Someone else who does wear them for the school run. I think it's more than acceptable, especially if you're off out after dropping the kids off. Yes, definitely nice to feel smarter occasionally and just a bit more "dressed up"? If that makes sense... (she says sat slobbing in a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt with boots on staring at the pouring rain....!)

  7. I am not a fashion blogger at all but have had the M&S suede skirt for a month. *smug* (you just had to register online). It's really, really nice.

    1. Aha - I sort of missed that one... I was on my anti 70s roll, now I may be back pedalling.... OBviously I just love a challenge "rolls up sleeves to do battle next week"....

  8. Images are so powerful aren't they? I am like you and see a pic of somebody wearing something and become like a woman possessed until I have it! It's crazy. I like skirts - all shapes and Lengths. Love the selection you have given here. You've given me new things to obsess about. Lx

  9. Ps is the right midi length on me at 5'8 and fits true to size.

    1. Aha, that's interesting. I'm just hoping my extra two inches doesn't throw it up to frumparella length...

    2. It should be Ok - I am high waisted with relatively long legs.

  10. A skirt is definitely my favourite going out outfit these days - bit bored of my (p)leather ones now and want a shorter (NOT mini) bright one.

    1. You see I can't do shorter skirts. Dresses yes, skirts, noooooo not for me. I'm definitely going to give the pencil one a go xxx

  11. Ok I like the pencil skirt (the figure hugging bright ones)
    However! 10lb babies have left me with a requirement for some seriously clever underwear to be worn, what would you suggest?

    1. You could easily wear a body smoother (I rave about the one from Sainsburys - it's like a figure hugging slip but it goes under your bra) Or try Magic pants aka Spanx? You can get them from loads of places - even Primark sell them now!

  12. Well I will let you know about the suede skirt if I manage to get my hands on it! Wishbone skirt sounds gorgeous. Alas I think they had their funding pulled. A shame as they did have some really lovely stuff x

  13. I got the loveliest denim pencil skirt in March from Sainsburys TU, £16 with 25% off - total bargain! Great for nights out but I love it most with my stan smiths and t-shirt or denim shirt.

    1. Oh wow that sounds amazing! I may have to go and check it out this weekend. My denim jacket is from Tu!!

  14. I've been mulling over pencil skirts forever - never seem to be able to find any in stores for some reason and while I've looked at plenty of them online, I never quite got up the nerve to buy without trying. Well, after reading your post today, I ended up getting THREE pencil skirts from Boden! Just hit the send button and still feeling a bit nervous, but it's done. got a great deal on them at least - 25% off!! Yay!!

  15. I love a pencil skirt, but being large of thigh I look great until I turn around. You know the classic chef's hat shape with the bulge at the top? That's my rear view right there!! For me it has to be the 70s style a-line and above the knee skirt, which fortunately seems to be around in plentiful supply this year. Must get out and try some on...xx