A sucker for advertising

Such a pushover here.  Actually that's not entirely true - I like to think I don't have the backbone of a mussel and that I am wiser (and older, darn it) than your average ad exec young whippersnapper of an ad exec and won't get suckered in by your *clever* side ads on Facebook and the like.  

That's why I don't have side ads on my blog - I don't think they work, I don't like them and I think we're all too smart to fall for such an obvious ploy. 

Although it appears that apparently I'm not.  Not at all.  It takes one hint of a leopard coat on a side add last night as I did a cheeky last minute check of something on FB and no sleep for an hour as I am suckered into perusing all things on...

... the Dotty P site.  Now I'll be honest, I always give it a little look if I'm on the hunt for something specific.  But it rarely comes up with anything I feel the need to rush out and buy. 

Maybe it was sleep deprivation, maybe it was because I didn't have my glasses on or maybe they are actually having a storming season.  I have to say, I don't tend to spend hours and hours at the lower end of the High Street (well I do actually as the bargains you can find that are good are REALLY good) but generally I do believe that as a rule, these days you get what you pay for and quality will stand the test of time.

But as I mentioned just now - every now and again you can come across a real find.  Something that you could easily have bought at the top end of the High Street for four or five times as much.  And you will have in your wardrobe for years and years.  I can think of a fair few things like this that I have.  A jumper and a belt from Primark, a pair of coated leggings and a pair of navy shoe boots from DP (the latter only last year for a tenner), a couple of bretons and a collarless dress coat from H&M. (and there are bound to be loads more too.)

Not to mention the joy of finding a gem at a bargain price, is so so much more satisfying than paying a lot more for a similar item somewhere else. 

Plus, sometimes the thrill of a new treat piece for your wardrobe that you might not want to last forever, can't be underestimated.  Lots of discounts online but if not on offer, you can 10% off if you sign up for their newsletter (when you go into their main site, it comes up in a banner along the bottom of the screen).

So starting with some good old coated beauties - I have jeggings but these are jeans.  They look fantastic for the money.  These I would have for every day throw ons.  Ideal with oversized knits or long shirts and a snugger merino jumper or blazer on the top.  These also come in three leg lengths.  And I'm sure I saw a Tall pair as well.

Black Coated Bailey Jeans £25

I have jeggings though and mine are the coated Edens which they no longer do.  However, I am rather taken with the Merlot pair (although not coated but still gorgeous).  These would look fantastic with grey, camel or navy.  The perfect shade to add into your Autumn wardrobe.  They're just that little bit more "decent" than leggings.  Not saying that leggings are indecent, but these just feel more substantial.  And at 42 I need substantial.

Tall Merlot Eden Ultra Soft Jeggings were £20 now £18

Also available in the regular length but alas at the full price of £20 (what a bargain though)  In fact these do come in Short, Regular and Long.

Actually I should probably have started with the pic that made me click onto the site in the first place.  Over the years I have had so many people ask me about my Fenn Wright Manson leopard print dress coat that I bought in the sale and don't keep for special - I fling it on with everything - a particular favourite being jeans and a jumper. 

And this looked so similar, which is why I couldn't resist clicking on it.  It's not going to work as your one Winter Coat as it's definitely a lighter weight jacket by the looks of things, but for Autumn and Spring it's perfect.  It's also ideal to wear out in the evening as a cover up when you don't need a coat coat. 

Animal Print Jacquard Coat was £59 now £41.30

Grey bonded collarless coat £65 - this to me is more Cos than DPs for sure.  This, with a black polo neck, black cigarette or wide leg crop pants and either sneakers or black brogues and loafers.  Winner.  I love the texture of this.

I seem to be on a bit of a coat roll but no way is this from DPs... Jaeger surely?  Love the look of this with chunky work boots and a huge roll neck underneath.  Or wear now with a loose linen tee, scarf, skinny jeans and sneakers.  However also perfect for work or for throwing a dress for a night out - et voila.....

Navy and Camel Waterfall Cape £69

I love the navy with the camel but if you prefer more print interest, I love the shades in the aztec version. 

Grey and Camel Waterfall Coat was £69 now £51.75

Slightly more out there now but if you are looking for a statement coat then this could be the one.  Randomly, because it's so bonkers, I think it looks more expensive - it is certainly very reminiscent of the Patchwork Faux Fur Gilet from Whistles.  This isn't going to be for everyone - I think over plain outfits, a set of winter whites or all black this could definitely work.

Grey Camo Collarless Faux Fur Coat was £59 now £53.10

There also look like there are some nice blouses but I can't vouch for the feeling of the fabric - I'm not sure it looks "quite" right to me, but I will definitely be having a look next time I'm passing a store.  I think with all sites like these, lots of the pieces in isolation and styled slightly differently from how they are on the website, can really be stand out and easily comparable to the likes of Jigsaw, Jaeger etc etc.  It's just a question of clever shopping... and clearly clicking on side ads.  (still not getting them though!)

Thoughts on Dorothy Perkins?  Anyone have a different theory from me?  Where shall I head next....??!

So outfit from Saturday actually - this is me after standing up for FIVE hours on the side of a rugby pitch in London watching small ones running around loonies whilst we drank rank instant coffee and underestimated how chilly it actually was.  


White layering shirt - Me+Em
Grey Lucky sweatshirt - hush
Black pleather leggings - Zara
Caitlyn biker boots - Seven Boot Lane
Grey knitted waistcoat - Primark
Black hands free Harker bag - Anya Hindmarch

And today - threw this outfit on last minute as I had had a blazer and loose knit on and was freezing.  Much more pleased with this than I thought I would be.  Definitely a repeater.


Off white jumper - Kin by John Lewis
Off white boyfriend jeans - All Saints
Taupe suede Oxford Brogues - Seven Boot Lane
Camel coat - Zara
Chocolate suede bag - Coccinelle

Today I did an exercise session for the first time in as long as I can remember (bar one 30 Day Shred which lasted precisely 1 Day chez moi).  It must be 16 months since I left the gym and gravity has been slowly taking its toll.  So today I cracked out the kettle bell and did a 22 min express workout. 

I WILL be getting up tomorrow morning to do it again as the chances are, by Wednesday I won't be able to function properly for a week.  The first time I ever did a kettle bell class years ago, after four days, the pain was so bad and walking up stairs so unbelievably excruciating, I actually slept on the sofa.  As you can see exercise is not my strong point and it will be a while yet before we have a gym wear blog (if ever..!)

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15 comentarios:

  1. I've just bought my first pair of black Eden jeggings & LOVE them! I also ordered them in charcoal but these seemed 2 sizes smaller for some reason......
    I absolutely love the leopard coat though x

    1. They're fabulous for the money aren't they? The coat is amazing - if I didn't have mine I'd order it in a heartbeat.

  2. DP is one that can be hit or miss for me. saw an advert for a lovely burgandy pleather skirt but never found it in the shop or on their website. have you seen the under the weather domes, must admit you sprang to mind when i saw them knowing how you are often watching your childrens sports events, had visions of you all sat in them on wet and cold days. hopefully the link will work, all very tongue in cheek on my part, must admit though i could be tempted as standing in the rain on the outskirts of a pla ying field isnt the best. x http://www.anthem-sports.com/UTWTents

    1. I totally agree - definitely hit and miss - mostly miss but when it's a hit, it's a BIG hit for bargain money! Yes, I have seen them... I think the husband might divorce me.!

  3. Love your hair straight, it's really cool. Lorraine x

  4. Love the camel and navy waterfall coat - does not look like it's from Dotty Ps!! I just ordered one of their blouses and sent it back, fabric and colour a bit iffy and the fit wasn't great - think you have to see them in the shop and try before you buy. Love your blog, it's my go to for instant wardrobe updates! Meant to comment under your skincare post but as I'm here... Emma Hardie balm is amazing, I can't be without it and same with the Glow Tonic (just reordered with the discount code, thanks for the heads up) fabuloso - since I've been following La Hirons skincare regime my skins has been so much better. Any thoughts on leopard print ankle boots? I'm toying with a pair - think they'd look fab with denim, black, grey, navy etc - my wardrobe staples! xx

    1. Oh thank you xxx and yes, good old Caroline has been responsible for many of my purchases. Although some I think are a miss, others I've loved!

      Oh and SO SO yes to leopard ankle boots!

  5. I do agree to a certain extent about DP - have some gems from there, but also a few things that looked awesome on the website but a bit cheap looking in the flesh. Loving the grey collarless & faux fur number though! *goes off to waste next hour on DP site*

  6. Ooh yes, love that first cape! I always forget about Dotty P's, must remember to have a look for some cheapy updates!

  7. Great outfit - not many can rock shades of beige and brown. Dorothy Perkins quality just puts me off. I saw another blog with items from there and they looked awful. Do they look and feel cheap do you reckon, or are some pieces ok?

    1. It is completely a question of sucking it and see . I have the Eden jeggings which are fantastic and have lasted for years (although they are a one wear and wash otherwise they stretch but for every day casual throw on, they're fine) And the satin shoots in navy are fantastic for a lot more than a tenner which is what I paid for them! I have tried coats in the past which have been great but I tend to avoid shirts and knitwear for the reasons you've mentioned. But I'd never say never!

  8. Yes polished nickel - these are what I have http://www.broughtons.com/store/product/86336/38mm-Plain-Cupboard-Door-Knob-Polished-Nickel/ and honestly they don't look any different at all really to the polished chrome taps. But they're not right up next to them if you see what I mean? I LOVE the crackled glaze tiles - love love love. Plain is a much more modern look. but to be honest, unless you look very close you can't see that these aren't plain - the difference is basically that they don't have a bevelled edge. Anything else, holler!