Party time looms....

So let's start with dresses that aren't necessarily FULL on party.  As, I don't know about everyone else, but who does have a season crammed with the need for sequins?  Errr, I have one party.  Which I am immensely looking forward to.  Seriously can't wait for it as it's a fab evening every year.  But it's the only event that calls for full on sparkle. (and even then, there's nothing that a black dress and some fierce lippie can't fix)

All the other parties (and yes, that will be the whole of two at the moment!) definitely call for something a little less Dorian.  

In fact, they don't even call for a dress.  I am without a doubt earmarking leather leggings and a going out top of sorts for a couple of nights.  

And I had planned on saying I don't really need a new dress (sustain your shock).  However.. when a 30% off discount voucher falls into your inbox, well frankly, it would be RUDE not to have a just a little look.  Code is 6UHKD for future reference... (not saying that you'll need it but...)

Welcome back from the My Wardrobe ashes, Very Exclusive - but with the same offering that my old favourite used to offer.  Personally, I will stick my neck out and say that the brands aren't as unique as they used to be but they do have some great offerings, especially some big high street names, that we can now get with a better discount than anywhere else. 

And starting with a dress that I have had my eye on for a while now.  This is perfect for a night out with ankle boots, really great and relaxed but with some killer heels, it really does elevate it to a party piece.  I'm going to throw in my love of the looseness.... the perfect cheese snarfing dress.

All prices are pre 30% off (I'm leaving it up to you to do the maths).  Whilst we're here, if a discount wasn't enough, you can split the cost over three months.  If you wear the dress once a month for three months, that saves you buying three dresses.  This to me is the best justification for upping the budget if there's a perfect dress, if ever I heard one.

Whistles Polo Print Dress £110

Midi dress number 2.  Who can resist a smidge of leopard?  This would also be ideal during the day with a huge cardi, opaques or leggings and chunky boots, be them ankle or flat.  Or even a pair of brogues and a fitted wool coat.  For the evenings, heeled ankle boots and a biker jacket and you're done. 

By Malene Birger Isslania Leopard Print Tunic Dress £280

Printed dresses are popular this season and another great version from KL.  Which would happily take you into the Spring as well.  

Karl Lagerfeld Swirl Print Dress £265

I had a print dress last year from Sandro which I loved and will absolutely be dragging out again this season. 

But this would be a perfect version for this season. 

Sonia By Sonia Rykiel Rockstar dress in black £260 - moving into slightly dressier realms I appreciate.  

The other outfit that I drag out every season is the two piece I have from Isabel Marant (ok so the H&M version but I have to say you can't tell the difference) and this is very reminiscent of the shape.  Super flattering and again, the colours would be ideal to take you into the Spring.  I love dresses that you can wear all year round.

See by Chloe Landscape Print Dress in Navy/Multi £330  Absolutely love the contrast of the polka dot print cuff and hem.   On proof reading the article - this is by FAR my favourite.  A total grower.  Would happily wear with opaques and shoots.  Ideal with my tan ankle suede boots I have from Boden for a more casual dinner.  (I'd probably team them with nude tights for that - love me a bit of American tan).  Camel peep toe shoe boots for the Spring.  This one has legs.... (and I've just remembered my pin stud Zara ankle boots that I bought on a whim a couple of years ago which would be PERFECT with the little polka dot detailing.  Oh hello....)

Another perfect Christmas number - what can be more Christmassy than red and black?  But it could still be worn to the office with a black blazer over it.  

Whistles Phoebe Fern Print BodyCon Dress £150

But when it comes to versatile, is there anything that beats a classic black dress?  These are so much more difficult to come across than one would have thought and this one would work on so many different occasions. 

Karl Lagerfeld Seleste Leather Trim Dress in Black £245

Now this one is definitely more of an investment but if it's your perfect LBD then cost per wear over the years - this will owe you nothing in a very short amount of time.  I would just as happily wear this in the winter with either opaques or nude tights and shoe boots, ankle boots or stilettos as I would in the Spring or Summer with bare legs and strappy sandals.  Which you can't say about many dresses, believe me. 

Paul & Joe Malice Tuxedo Long Sleeve Dress in black £405

They also do this in a red version... Love the idea of this with leopard print ankle boots for a slightly different Christmas outfit.

Whilst we're on the slightly more unusual outfit, it's not often you see a green dress...  At first, I swooshed over this and then thought - oh hang on, that could really work.  Surely it's the perfect Christmas alternative to red when you think about it....Ivy and all that? 

Whistles Olga Lace Shift Dress £150

And finishing with the most perfect Summer dress for me.  Yes, lots of you will no doubt love to wear this over the Winter, but personally the amount of fake tan needed = Sod. That.  

But for next Summer?... yes I do have one more First Holy Communion coming up... (and yes, it is the last one!  Then I only have two years before the Confirmations start.  Dear.  God.  Literally)

So I had planned on including some other dresses from elsewhere too, however the excitement at the amount on Very Exclusive with the 30% off, took over.  Not to mention me getting rather carried away looking at what else there was on the site that suddenly is ridiculously attractive with the discount... (my procrastination at anything, including writing, knows no bounds)

For sure I will be back another day with some which are slightly more affordable but for today I'm done as I have an appointment with the sofa, the children and the first Harry Potter movie.  This will NOT go the way of The X Factor yesterday... (she says optimistically...)

Outfit from yesterday - back in my happy place of black and white. 


Black and white vest - Edun
Black cashmere Essential roll neck - Cocoa Cashmere
Washed black triple zip jeans - Mint Velvet
Boucle long cardigan - Zara
Black Mario bag - Jerome Dreyfuss
Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose

Off to London tomorrow.  This seems like a good idea tonight - little do the kids know they have to do a long dog walk early doors... *braces herself for much whining and whinging*

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17 comentarios:

  1. I have a couple of items in my very exclusive basket which are tempting me with the 30% offer.
    Hope the HP movie viewing goes well. I really dont know why i attempt tv viewing with my little darlings, as much as i love them to bits, watching a film or programme with them drives me mad and has me heading for something stronger than a coffee. it can take a couple of hours to watch a one hour tv show, with the 9 year old asking questions about whatever we are viewing and then the 17 year old choosing this time to discuss her social calender (much better than mine) or to start showing me funny clips she has seen on one of many social networking sites, or showing me items that she eithers wants or needs, and if i actually manage to get them to be quiet, my eldest will decide this is the ideal time to phone me for a chat!! my finger seems to be constantly on the pause button, and the planner just seems to stay full as we rarely finish anything.

    1. We watched the whole movie! Ok so i fell asleep but one down, 7 of them to go?!!

  2. Oh I love both KL dresses & the green Whistles one is GORGEOUS! X

  3. Thanks for the code heads up! Absolutely cannot justify another dress but have used it on a Bella Freud perfume I've been wanting for a while. Don't forget you were hoping for a VE discount code when you liked this Samsoe & Samsoe jumper last month :-)

    1. Well spooky you should mention the Bella Freud as that's top of my Christmas list - a jumper instead of a bulkier one!

  4. I've heard the "cost per wear" argument many times (and used it lots as justification to myself) but your comment about paying interest-free over 3 months and counting that as 3 new dresses over 3 months is just genius! I'm sold - but not sure my husband would see it the same way!

  5. Kat I've been trying to use the code but it won't work. Is it only for existing customers do you know? Gutted!!! Had several Whistles items in my basket! Including the cashmere jumper you have! X

    1. Sorry sorry sorry - have amended it - it is 6UHKD - stupid bloody code anyway!

  6. The code is 6UHKD. I've also ordered the cashmere from Whistles, I was just thinking on Saturday when I saw it in store that I should have bought it with the last discount and then Kat's 30% discount pops ups - obviously meant to be!

    1. Thank you so much Rebecca - hope you love the jumper dress!

  7. Have you seen the Sainsburys black with white hearts shirt dress? It's so very Burberry, great length, lots of detail and only £20.............seriously, have a look.

    1. I will do! Thank you xxx NEed to go this week for halloween goodies x

  8. Loving the blog! Sorry completely off subject but any advice on culling wardrobes at all?

    1. Hmmm no I don't as I do try to look at it from the other end and not buy things that need to be culled! My advice though would be two fold. Things you haven't worn for at least two years (I don't believe in the one year rule and could eek it out to three...) and you definitely don't want to wear this season - bin/charity shop/sell. Anything else that you look at and think maybe... but definitely don't want to wear this year, put in the loft. It's a start...


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