My favourite picks..

...from good old River Island.  Just like with Whistles, you can rely on Grazia once a season to bring you a pretty decent River Island discount code and this Autumn is no exception. 

25% off until next Tuesday.  And so as I sit here on a very rainy Friday morning, armed with a cup of coffee I thought it would be rude not to have a quick look to see what I would recommend (and a round up of things I've already picked out earlier in the season - with 25% off they are just that little bit more attractive)  Code is GRAZIAOCT15 (I appreciate it's Friday evening now, it does take me all day and then some to do these!)

One thing I will say about River Island is that instore is often quite disappointing.  I'm not going to lie - there is a lot in there that doesn't really do it for me.  Not sure I can ever quite forgive them for their Rihanna range, although someone clearly loved it as there are more than a couple of pieces (a lot more) that could happily sit under the Rihanna umbrella (*fist bump*) and don't perhaps work for someone of my "tender" years.

But that's not to say that there aren't some complete gems you can pick up which don't look they belong in a slightly more refined version of Ann Summers. 

Starting with something I can't get enough of - ok so I only have one but I do keep trying others and they're not quite right... yes, capes (and no, the Mango ones wasn't "quite" right...)

Rust Brown fine knitted cape £35

However for me, I prefer the beige version.   This is a very "me" outfit... (apart from the chances of me wearing these shoes one second after the clocks have gone back are totally non existent.  These are summer shoes.  And there in lies the difference between me at 42 and the River Island target market.  This outfit is nothing that good pair of heeled ankle boots couldn't fix, though)

 I will admit I am very much happier it seems, with sleeves. 

And this sort of cape that has built in sleeves, works for me.  Leopard with a difference here  - for me a two tone palette is a more subtle way of wearing the print.  And again with a less scary hairy fur - a mere hint of a plush. 

Brown leopard print cape jacket £70

Moving onto coat mode.  The outfit does nothing for me but I adore the coat. 

Cream textured wool-blend collarless coat £120

Or even sleeveless... this over a chunky jumper would be simply gorgeous.  

Grey patchwork sleeveless waterfall cape £35

Clearly I'm not remotely done when it comes to jumpers yet and this is a sneak peak of a knitwear blog in the pipeline.  Oh how I adore this. 

Grey Knitted Luxe Intarsia Roll Neck jumper £30

And whilst we're on the subject of tops - may I present the best pussy bow blouse I have seen in years.  That little detailing on the shoulders is pure perfection.  Super flattering for a silhouette whilst being that bit different and belying the price tag - something I think can be said for lots of River Island products. 

Black pussybow neck blouse £30

Speaking of "that little bit different", this top I know is going to be super popular.  Ironically this shape doesn't really work for me as I'm pigeon chested and have a very bony breast bone as it is (with no breasts to make up for it) and so tend to look hideously skeletal in these. 

But for the majority they are the most flattering tops known to man.  Mostly I've seen this style in a silkier blouse style but the thin knit and the asymmetric hem just makes it that bit more unusual.

Perfect out out top for those black skinnies.  Will cover a multitude of midriff sins (should you have any.. and if you don't have any, wear a cropped top and know that I hate you)

Dark Blue knitted wrap £30

Accessories - they also come into their own.  I know a fair few people have admired my Jerome Dreyfuss bag that I use constantly - to be honest, I have surprised myself with how much I have used it.  It just seems to add that modern edge to any outfit it goes with. 

Ditto with my brown suede Coccinelle bag.  Far more versatile than I ever thought it would be.  This looks like a great option, covering the best of both worlds. 

Dark Brown Leather Fringe Handbag £45

And a hint of a blog to come with these knee high suede boots in grey that I tried on a couple of weeks ago.  Can I please just say that these look a TON better in the flesh... They are much more of an elephant grey as opposed to a charcoal.  

Grey suede knee high boots £110

So there we have my pick of the crop from River Island.  With 25% off, not to be sniffed at.  I will probably go and have a further peruse later as I am home alone, having had an utterly horrific super early morning with the 9yr old Aspie (melt down city) before he went on an all day party to Kidzania.  I will admit I was terrified about him going on his own but had total faith in my lovely friend who was taking him with her son and his friends (his birthday party).  I was supposed to be going out tonight but they were delayed coming back and I have felt totally wretched with worry all day (it's the first time he's ever done anything like this without one of us) so had to cancel.

He's just got back though and it all went well so there is a large glass of wine now with my name on it, movie in bed (as The Husband has still gone out!  He has much more faith in him than I he also hasn't done 4 days of half term solo.) and then an early night. 

Busy week as well with Chessington on Tuesday with the three of them.  But on the upside, I did get to wear my new M&S jumper.  Which is now online... Cowl Neck Boxy Ribbed Jumper £45.  And the eagle eyed amongst you will notice that I bought the mint as well (got it on Monday in London when I dived into an M&S)

I absolutely love them and can't recommend them highly enough.  I have only sized up one size (and not even then really as I'm quite often a 12 in tops).   They don't look anything like the model in real life but personally I will say I prefer them slightly large.  If you don't, then I'd say, size down.


Navy jumper - M&S
Straight leg jeans with turn ups - Zara
Stan Smiths - adidas
Cognac satchel - Campomaggi

And on Wednesday for an afternoon out with friends.


Mint jumper - M&S
Suedette skinnies - Zara
Caitlyn biker boots - Seven Boot Lane
Black Mario bag - Jerome Dreyfuss

Up and at 'em early doors in the morning for a quick Bluey trip just with the 11yr old for brekkie which I am so looking forward to and then we're hosting a Halloween party tomorrow night.  And no I am NOT dressing up.  Surely my bat sweatshirt from Zoe Karssen constitutes a nod to the theme no?!

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  1. Good selection - love the draped blue top but I also have a bony cleavage - maybe a boob tube or thin camisole would work under it? I too am hosting a H party tomorrow night and have done nada so far so will spend tomorrow cleaning, decorating and food shopping - so annoyed as just received invite to go wedding dress shopping tomorrow with SIL in Hale and Knutsford but had to say no!! Regretting this party already! Have fun x

    1. Yes, you could do but I prefer to wear another sort of top! Otherwise could look a tad mumsy?! And god I know what you mean about the prep for a party.. luckily these are our closest group of friends so it's so easy having them x

  2. Loving the drapey top and the Grazia code, thanks Kat. Top duly ordered ;-)

    1. You're welcome! I knew it would go down well x

  3. Loving that pussy bow black blouse, thanks for the code!

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  5. Oh gosh you must be so looking forward to it! And yes, my husband ran out of patience after about 10 mins - but manages to have an opinion at the 11th hour. Always..... grrrrrrr. I have to say I am trying hard to embrace halloween but I find the whole shebang for ONE day is just a massive waste of money. And so so so so stressful with an ASD child who literally resorts to a toddler with giddiness. He just can't cope! But this year, hopefully he's that little bit older & it will be that little bit less painful..... here's hoping!

    Now the cape... meh. It was ok and I'm sure I'll wear it but..... well, once maybe??

  6. New to you and really enjoyng your blog. I'm in my mid 50s and have a very similar style to you. Tempted to start a blog called 'Mutton?'. Like that you're not all about expensive labels. I tend to spend money on coats and bags (Outnet and Maje big favourites) and throw in Cos/Whistles/Zara. Love how you you often model what you reccommend. Just ordered M&S fringed sweater and mint funnel neck. - thanks for the tip off Check out M&S fringed high heel ankle boots - although selling like the proverbial hot cakse. Cos have also come come up with a gorgeous pointy shoe-boot with a claw heel -very Givenchy/Maison Margiela. Anyway, look forward to your next entry.

    1. Yes, I've seen the M&S boots, they're great. I am super happy with my mega fringed (albeit mega heel alas) ones from Zara. But I'm definitely going to check out the Cos ones, thank you. And thank you for posting - lovely to read new comments!) xxx

  7. Given myself a name!

  8. When does the code expire? Thanks for Posting Kat

    1. HAven't got my Grazia to hand but i'm pretty sure it's on tuesday xx