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So yesterday I have a good old mooch around the French Connection website, today - as promised, I go and try the tops on from yesterday (well, the ones that were in stock anyway) and later on this afternoon - what pings into my inbox?  Only a 20% off voucher from FCUK. 

I was going to report back on my trying on session and am kicking myself that I only looked at tops.  Well this is the perfect opportunity to see what else there is worth looking at and trying on.  

Starting with the tops from yesterday.  Not the best start as they didn't have the Railroad striped sequin top which was a bit of a bummer as I really had wanted to try that - will just have to order with the 20% off.  Code is AW20ST and runs until midnight on Sunday.

They did though have the Sparkle Nights Textured top at £60 which I had really wanted to love and... meh.  I'm too tall. 

I tried it on in the XL as otherwise I don't think it would have covered my navel.  It's very short on super tall people.  On normal people it would be the perfect length I reckon but even in the XL on me - if I were to reach up, I would flash my muffin to all in sundry.  Boak. 

Gutted as it's a gorgeous knit.  I tend to wear everything on my hips, bar high waisted flares which, to be totally honest, I wouldn't really wear this with.   It's *sort of* ok in the XL but it's just a bit too big everywhere else if I'm honest. 


Then on to the Lou Lou Satin Sweater in the Nocturnal £55 

This is an absolutely stunning shade of midnight blue but again, for me looking to team it with super skinnies and leather leggings - alas, again it's too short for me.   But that is, I'm sure, due to my height and on your more normal bod, it would be perfect.  Just the right amount of blouson going on to balance out the slim silhouette at the bottom.  For me, it would be ideal over boyfriend jeans but I'm not really looking looking for a top for that purpose.   I'm trying on the 12 here - huge apologies for the blurred photo, I was desperate for the loo.


But I did strike gold with the Arrow Crepe Tunic £65 which I tried on in all three colours.  This is totally not what I expected.  I suppose one could call it crepe but it's much thicker than I had anticipated.   Also it interestingly says online that it's Dry Clean only (bog off) but on the garment label it says hand wash (back in the room).

I tried on both the 10 and the 12 and I'll be honest, the 10 is rather tight on the arms - on the lower arms.  But again, that's probably because the proportions are slightly off on my daddy long legs appendages.  The 12 was much more comfortable and that's the size I think I'd go for. 

I have to say I'm tempted to get it in both the white and the black.  I really think they would be super versatile and with 20% off, they really are not a bad price at all.  I tried on a couple of things not dissimilar in Zara today - one was £17.99 (a thin rib v neck style long sleeve silky tee essentially - unfinished at the hem.. eek) and another that was £29.99.   The quality of both was abysmal.  Seriously I would be concerned at either of them surviving three machine washes.  So for the minimal extra, I would definitely recommend investing in the better quality FCUK ones.  They can be worn with jeans, with leather trousers, for lunch, the school run, dinner or dressed up for Christmas Day.  I am sold.

So I'm trying both here in the 10.... 

Untitled Untitled

But this is the blue in the 12.  I have a blouse which is almost an identical shade so can't justify this as well.  It is, however a gorgeous shade that would be perfect with navy or black. 


Now on to looking at other things that have caught my eye - first up - the perfect grey jumper. 

This, with my leather skirt, with my pleather joggers and with my pleather peg leg trousers..... Love it.   Super versatile, I would so wear this to a dinner party.  You know when you didn't really realise you needed something and then you can't envisage your wardrobe without it?  Voila. 

I've pretty much decided that I'm going to make do with my dresses that I already have this season so this would be the perfect addition for nights out, as well as being able to wear it during the day.  For a fraction of the cost of so many dresses.  Are you loving my justification?

Taylor Faux Leather Jumper £70 

The 20% off email was all the more welcome after my disaster of an All Saints order and then, them having sold out of the right sizes instore when I tried to exchange them today.  

This is probably a better option actually, even though I was looking for a dark grey or black, I'm going to give serious consideration as to whether the lighter grey might also work.  I would size up in this - she's wearing a Small here - I would want it longer on me.... With the 20% off, this makes it a great price for an oversized cashmere jumper. 

Claudie Cashmere £135 - pre discount 

Also love it in the Utility Blue 

And for going over the pale grey one above... a little knitted cape number?  Love this.  Saw it instore today but didn't look at the price - it looked like it would be a lot more than £85 however.   This for me hits all the right notes - it's on trend, it's functional but it's just that little bit different and you're not going to see everyone walking about in it.   

Cara Knit Cape £85

Whilst we're on the subject of outerwear, this looks even more gorgeous in the flesh than it does here.  Again, it looks like it should cost a lot more than £160 - and that's at full price. 

Idol Belted Trench Coat £169

Anything else that catches your fancy? (there might be a faux fur gilet on there that I'm saving for a blog in the next day or so.... but if you fancied a sneaky peak.. it's a good un)

Here am I today in a ridiculously summer outfit, dodging the rain showers.  It was randomly warm during the middle of the day.  However, I am all of a sudden not feeling the love for anything vaguely summery, so this is the last of the tees that I shall be wearing for now.  Bring on the woolies.  (although I do still plan on having the ankles out... see cape pic above - how to do interim weather perfectly in my opinion) 


Lady Like logo tee - Captain Tortue
Grey Baxter jeans - Topshop
Black blazer - hush
Diego bag - Alexander Wang
Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose
I am putting my FCUK wishlist together although I may play chicken and save ordering till Thursday evening as I've got a cheeky Bicester trip planned for during the day..... although having said that, I stupidly waited just a couple of hours after posting the All Saints blog to order the Benton Cape and it was all sold out in the M/L size.  SOB.  Clearly this will be on my list of "things that got away" for years to come.  The XS/S is just too snug on the shoulders for a goliath like me.  You live and learn. 

*does FCUK order and can always send it back*.

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16 comentarios:

  1. I've got the zip cape, it's quite itchy!! I do love French Connections A/W stuff, but not a fan of their summer stuff at all.

    1. I fall in and out of love with them. And to be honest, I can take or leave lots of it but the bits that are great are really really great. I think their prices are better than in recent years too. I didn't notice that cape being itchy but I guess it's not going to be next to my skin so I can live with it! I have a black one that isn't dissimilar from Reiss that I've had for 7 years and it gets dragged out every year - so at least I know I wear them! (that was a lot more 7 years ago as well!)

  2. Love the crepe tunic, it looks gorgeous. X

  3. The white tunic looks amazing on you

  4. Love the crepe top Kat, thanks for posting. On a different note I would like to ask you about toga pulla boots, I love the ankle buckle boots that you have, my heart is saying so with the suede as it looks slightly more dressy, however my head is saying that suede is more difficult to care for and leather may be better. Please can you help me decide, your comments are most welcome at this time.

    1. AHA! RIght, I have the suede and the leather combo and I wouldn't have gone for anything different. I can wear these in the pelting rain and they're absolutely fine but they're still not as harsh as all leather ones. Hope that helps!

    2. Thanks Kat. Are these ones still selling? Also with the suede and leather ones does it have black snake print on the front? Thanks again

    3. Hmmm, no mine don't have that... it seems like they've stopped doing them....mine are the same as the ones on Matches but a portion of the top half of mine is suede.

    4. Thank you Kat, very helpful. Do it know where I could buy the style you have?

  5. Oh my Lord ... that crepe tunic in white ... LOVE!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I just love the Idol Trench coat. itching to buy it.

    1. It is gorgeous. It's faux leather so that obviously accounts for the price, but it's such a lovely, heavy quality coat.

  7. Ooh yes, really love the Leather Jumper and the cashmere Claudie one. Have my eye on some Seven Boot Lane boots this month though...but then if there's a discount code I am essentially SAVING money...hmm?!