Not ready for boots just yet?

Ankles a go go.

And I can't stop thinking about androgyny.  Now the bestie and I were talking about something fashion related the other day and she was bemoaning the fact that it all tends to be rather manly.  Lots of takes on tailoring, colours are all very work like, no frippery, very few frills.  Not her bag.  I am in heaven.

So whilst I have been living in my sneakers recently (I don't think anyone can say I haven't had my money's worth from my Golden Goose) and am very much looking forward to cracking out the winter boots, it looks like we have a couple of weeks (at least) of good weather where we can still bare the ankles.  

To be honest, I find - unless it's howling rain or we're knee deep in snow, in this country, so long as you're warm, toasty and wrapped up well on your top half, honestly the ankles don't get that chilly. 

We can be wearing these well into the Winter and they're also perfect Spring wear too.  I'm talking a more formal shoe.  All hail the loafer or the brogue or even a hybrid version of the two.  I mean a more manly take on a shoe.  

These look amazing with either smart trousers (I have these coming up soon...just fabulous teamed with sleek knitwear and cardigan or coat) or simply jeans, knit or shirt and a blazer.  Chuck on a big scarf and I promise, your precious ankles won't get cold.

They also look great with opaques and a short leather skirt.  Ditto the knitwear on top and this time, throw on a cape.  They really are possibly more versatile than you think.  I also love the fact they can give a completely different look to an outfit that you'd normally wear with sneakers or boots.

Starting with some new in from Seven Boot Lane.   Love with white jeans - I'd put a black knitted polo neck and long chunky cardigan and you're off.  Perfect for school run, for lunch, for any occasion.  Although these are masculine, the ponyskin does soften the look somewhat.

Elena Black leather from Seven Boot Lane £130

Estelle in polished leather Seven Boot Lane £130  Unashamedly masculine this time. 

Again a style that we're used to - a classic brogue but this time, instead of paring it back, FCUK have pimped their shoe with studs.  And still with the 20% off till this evening = AW20ST (which reminds me - I must go and order the grey jumper with leather shoulders)

Marissa Embellished Leather Brogue £110

Another variation again at FCUK - prices are pre discount.

Maeko Metal Brogues £110

Taking chunkier into the next zone of clumpy.   I have a feeling this is the way footwear may be going in the next year or two.  These remind me of my school shoes in the late 80s.  Boy did I love them.  We are one step of Bros.

Anniston Fudge from Clarks £75

Anniston Vale from Clarks £75

Lace ups this time and these are going to be completely marmite.  I absolutely love them.  Even more so than the ones above.  A slightly brothel creeper edge to them?  The new style of flatform.

Glick Darby in black leather £60

They also have them in the champagne leather, £60

Or do I prefer these from ASOS.. I think maybe I do.

ASOS Matched leather brogues £45 - great price

And again at Finery  -Seville Leather Lace up shoes £99  Chunky definitely does seem to be the way forward.

The other option if you're looking for a pair that are slightly left of ordinary is a change of colour.  These are much more the style of what we're used to but the colour is much more out there.  Absolutely gorgeous and super versatile.

Leather Colour Block Lace up loafers from Best of British at M&S £165

And whilst we're here - to show just how great they can look with a skirt or dress, mixing up the more feminine with an androgynous edge. 

And in the navy mix

Sticking with what we're used to - the safe, reliable but still perfect options.

Taylor Spring black combi leather from Clarks £50

More classic styles at French Connection - again, remember the discount.

Lonnis Ponyskin and leather loafers £99

If you're not sure about this style and do just want to give it a try - then a pair of non leather ones for much less money might be a good idea.  And ASOS have also started doing Wide Fit which I know lots of people will find very useful.  (if you don't have wide feet then I find if you size down a size/half a size it pans out the same) 

ASOS Moscow Wide fit brogues £35 (it has been pointed out to me that these are in fact leather!  For £35...amazing) - love the colour of these.  Actually I haven't come across that many oxblood shoes this season when normally there is a plethora of them.  These have reminded me how much I like them.

A glossy forest green shade - ASOS Magic Touch Pointed Loafer £25

So are you a fan of the androgynous shoe?  I am going to be wearing my old suede Oxford brogues tomorrow - totally inspired to ring the changes.

Outfit from Friday night - dinner party with friends.  And the new Sandro top which I snaffled from Bicester which was a total bargain at £28 and means I don't need to get the FCUK one now.  Result! (still getting the grey jumper though which I can wear during the day and for nights out, hopefully....)


Black satin and linen top - Sandro
Black leather leggings - hush
Black fringe boots - Zara
Gold stud clutch bag - Coccinelle
Matching gold stud leather cuff - Coccinelle

And today for a long walk in the park, hence sneakers were needed and then straight out for a late lunch (no time to change) at the "cowboy restaurant" (Smith & Western - a local version of TGI's) as The Husband wanted to get back in time for the rugby...


Grey l/s tee - M&S
Khaki logo thin sweat - Zara
Paint splattered khakis - Zara
White cracked leather Stan Smiths - adidas
Tan leather belt - Primark
Brown suede bag - Coccinelle
Brown scarf - Gucci

I know I'm supposed to be doing something important tomorrow.  I have absolutely no recollection of what it is.  Obviously I didn't bother to write it in my diary as I would easily remember it... here's hoping I manage to remember what it is before the morning. 

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25 comentarios:

  1. The ankles might not get cold but oh my lord my feet do! I love these and the idea of loafers etc but can't face the cold foot factor. What's the alternative? Those "natural" (ie. American tan) ankle-height tights that are like cut-off socks? I always think they look dreadful. Boots for me then, I guess! Jo

    1. Do you mean a pop sock?? Oh I love a pop sock me!! But I have to say - chunky socks and shoes are seemingly ok to wear again... I'm planning on wearing them with boots but I think you can also wear them with a manly shoe.... Other than that, it's not spending too much time outdoors (but I am a pop sock fan...... I know I know shoot me now but I have warm feet!!!)

    2. I did indeed mean a popsock!

  2. I've been dithering over these Clarks Glick Avalees for weeks ( but I just don't know how I'd wear them!! I keep trying them on but am still undecided...... X

    1. LOVE them. I like the idea of cigarette pants and an oversized shirt with merino jumper and long cardi or coatigan and huge scarf.....

  3. You are psychic! I just got the Finery London Seville lace ups! Haven't worn them outside yet but can confirm that they are super stylish. The sole is chunky and the leather is a bit stiff on first wearing but it's got a nice thick sole so very comfortable once on.

    I have a Finery Code to share too! PAYPAL20 for 20% off entire purchase (valid till Nov sometime I think but can only use once though).

    1. oh that is fantastic thank you so much. I will do a post and include the code if you don't mind? Happy shoe wearing!

  4. Those French Connection leopard ones are a bit special...

    1. Gorgeous, aren't they? Which reminds me I've got black ones with leopard pony skin that are a million years old from Zara....

  5. My ankles don't get cold either but it does mean I need to keep on top of the fake tan situation - blue ankles are not attractive at any time of the year. Lorraine x

    1. Yes there is this.. to stop me looking like I'm wearing white tights!

  6. Ooooh you totally read my mind! I think these are a natural progression from the skater flats which updated my entire wardrobe this summer. ..
    I have lots of tailored corporat-y dresses from a previous life which I've stopped wearing because they look dated with all my current footwear. Then I'm browsing Mango online and they have exactly those styles worn with Oxfords and brogues and looking awesome. Sadly my fave pair of slightly pointed oxfords with two tone soles went out of stock before I hit buy, aaaagh!
    But those ASOS Moscows are lovely and according to the site they are leather (errr whaat, £35?! ) so I think they will be on their way to me soon!

    1. Thank you so much for pointing that out - I could have sworn it said leather look, or maybe I just assumed for £35 they'd be pleather! Have made change to post, thank you xxxx

  7. I've got a pair of red patent loafers which are a bit outside my comfort zone but i love them. they add just enough of a pop of colour to my dull but favourite black,grey and navy colour choices. x

    1. They sound fabulous. And I bet you've had them for years and bring them out every year?!

    2. yes about 4 years now, weren't cheap at orginal price but got them half price in the sale and wear them often yet still look as good as new. Love a classic, even if they are red!

    3. I think red is definitely a classic! Great buy x

  8. And I'm almost the opposite. I adore this look on other people but somehow it doesn't feel completely completely right. Not as wrong as the New Balance experience, but I will say I am happier in my white sneaker comfort zone - and even skater shoes. But I have loved my flatform skater shoes and I also love my suede camel Oxford brogues so I shall be trying to fall more in love with the rest... those chunky ones I do ADORE! Bloody rugby....

    OOH and right - the countertop you see in the pics is oak but that's on a standalone dresser in the kitchen so doesn't get any use if you see what I mean. We had wood in our old kitchen around the sink and meh... it did go black. BUT It was already black when we moved in. We had beech work tops everywhere else in the kitchen and they were amazing. One idea though - if you look at the Ikea belfast sinks (they are fabulous - we have one in our utility - it has a lip that goes over the top of the work surface and a large lip at the back from where the taps come out so they don't come straight out of the wood... have a look. They are cheap as chips and AMAZING. That I think would work round wood (we have wood in there and it's fine but it's rarely rarely used as a sink. Any other questions just yell x

  9. I do like the asos green loafers but I am unsure what they would be like and how comfortable. Like the look though x

    1. I think they are one of those things you just have to try unfortunately! Some pleather can be very malleable just as some leathr can be very stiff. Shoe shopping is a veritable mine field!

  10. Aha... we have corian as we wanted something more modern looking - even though we have a very detailed edge to it... it was also all we could get big enough in one piece for the island. I have to say really pleased with it - we have an exceptionally traditional flagstone floor, a modern colour to a Georgian style kitchen which is a modern layout. Didn't take much planning At All....!!

  11. LOVE that evening outfit on you Kat... the boots & cuff are amazing!

    Nic x


  12. Not that I'm now slightly obsessed with these, but I tried on the Glick Derbys at Clarks in Westfield and oh my god were they ever comfortable! And cuter in the flesh than the picture. So now trying to decide whether to gamble on the Asos ones at half the price or spring for the Darbys...

    1. OOOH decisions... I'd probably order the ASOS ones to see what they're like as you can send them back with free delivery..