The hero of the season

It's got to be a jumper.  Actually I'm going to rephrase that, it's got to be knitwear.  I simply can't get enough of this at the moment.  I adore it so so much and seeing as I can't remotely get to grips with dresses this season (it's just not happening yet), I am all about the wool. 

And a wool that has really caught my eye this season is that of a mohair variety.  Now I know what you're all going to say.  One word - Itchy.  

Well.. yes. I've tried to think of a way to say maybe it's not that bad but some of it does itch, of that there is no denying.  Some people it won't affect at all, but others will literally come out in hives just at the mention of the name.  I have to say, I did used to itch really badly but I am now completely fine.  I just mainline Piriton all season.  I don't really, for some random reason, it doesn't itch me anymore. 

So therefore I am having a total love in with all things mohair.  And pleather.  And I SHALL be buying the outfit I featured the other day from Banana Republic on the big jumper blog.  I still can't feature it in black, alas, as it's not online.  It's also only on sale in the UK at Regent Street. I know this as I called every other store in London (so to be fair, it may be available in Bath or Manchester - neither of which are particularly/remotely convenient) to see if they sold it.  Why would I do this?  So that I could find which ones had it in stock so that The Husband could go and pick it up for me tomorrow.  Oh yes.  HOW lovely is he?! 

Will be checking in with the outfit this weekend but in the meantime, here is the cream version of the jumper which is genuinely gorgeous.

Banana Republic Monogram Ribbed Turtleneck Tunic £59.50

Now looking at other options out there (because of course, one isn't remotely enough)

Camel mohair in a roll neck at ASOS for a bargain £38

Other pale colours, another one I've featured a while back and still love - from Whistles. 

Whistles Mohair Blend Soft Funnel Neck Jumper £130

There is absolutely still a pale grey hole in my wardrobe and this one is a contender for sure.  Although I would like longer sleeves.. but then it would be great for layering a shirt or long sleeved tee under for some extra texture and warmth.

Textured sweater in light/pastel grey from Mango £39.99

A cream classic now in the sale.

Owatonna open knit mohair jumper from American Vintage at The Outnet was £150 now £82.50

Moving onto some darker shades now and a culmination of all my favourite things from recent posts - oversized knitwear, wine and now mohair.  Bring it on. 

Mohair Blend Jumper from Topshop £39

And in the light brown again £39

ASOS Jumper in Mohair in khaki £38  (admittedly to me this looks more light brown than the light brown one above)

Or there's always a navy one - if I didn't have the Boden Off Duty jumper - well this would be mine in a heartbeat. 

ASOS Jumper in Mohair £38  Great price.

I have of course already caved this season with my Acne Alan Cardigan which I got from Harvey Nichols at the end of the summer as I saw it in the khaki and didn't know how long it would hang around.  It was though a toss up between the khaki and the grey... I also paid a whopping £10 less at HNs.  Big fat whoop. (but better than a slap in the chops, for sure)

Acne Studios Alan Ribbed Cape in Grey £300

This is the one I have and absolutely love, in the khaki - again £300 (clearly I got a "bargain"....)

One from Topshop which has a very small mohair proportion but I love all the same.  Great for those who fear the itch.

Ribbed Swing Jumper £40

But I've saved my two favourites till last - yes I am hanging out for the sale for these as hopefully I'll be getting the Banana Republic one tomorrow.  

Why are these my favourites?  Well that's because I reckon you could actually wear these out.  Out out.  With a silky cami underneath, I think one of these would work easily for dinner/lunch/the pub (I don't know why I keep mentioning that as I never go to the pub - ever.  But were I to go to the pub, I would ear this jumper) - anything vaguely dressy.

And I absolutely love clothes that serve dual purposes in your wardrobe.  Ones that work for every occasion.  My faves. 

Sheer Mohair Sweater from Jigsaw £79

But the colour for me that I randomly love is the silvery grey one.   Dare I say it - this looks better on in the flesh.  I promise.  I have tried it and totally neglected to pap myself in it but I was with the 11yr old at the time and even she loved it (my harshest critic).

And today in knitwear - cashmere from last year at Boden.  It does definitely pay to invest, I lived in these last year and whilst I'm looking forward to new ones this year, these will definitely be worn day in day out. 


Navy Off Duty Jumper - Boden
Black (once coated) jeans - Cos (these are literally as old as son number 3 and get smaller every year. Nothing to do with my lack of exercise and my increased wine consumption)
Boots - Toga Pulla
Black Mario bag - Jerome Dreyfuss

Last school visit done today and obviously we are more confused than when we started.  One week to decide.  Tomorrow, looking forward to a day out with a lovely friend.  Before the round robin of after school activities begin....oh god and I need to make a birthday cake for the 7 and 9 yr olds party on Friday evening (clearly this is not high on my list of priorities but bless her, the 11 yr old is determined to "make" them a cake.)  If that wasn't enough, the two eldest have informed me this evening that they don't want to buy their Halloween costumes this year, they have plans to "make" them.  Lord help us and save us (me that is)

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14 comentarios:

  1. Love the longer, looser jumpers - they're a great 'go to' item to throw on when out with friends to the pub etc. I bought quite a few of them 'not mohair' from Phase Eight last year. And when whisked into the shop yesterday, they have some great longer jumpers. I will be treating myself.

    1. oooh I'll check them out,thank you xx Seeing as we live in these all A/W, I don't think you can actually have too many. x

  2. Love your blog! Discovering it has saved my 'nearly 40' behind in the keeping-myself-presentable stakes! Now, I have a good Q for u - what does one wear for tea at the House Of Lords?!!! Eeekkk

    1. Well thank you xxx And hmmmmm I think it would depend on what capacity I was going in? Clearly it's got to be smart but whether it needs to be corporate smart or you can go slightly more way out with a laid back edge would, I think, depend on why you were going? (now I need to know!!)

  3. I was dithering over this Cos jumper for absolutely ages, then recently came across this incredibly similar looking one in Next for less than half the price. No mohair in either of them, but the lambswool & cashmere in the Next one make it incredibly soft and no itchiness! I've defied my usual principle of 'Buy cheap, buy twice' - although that just makes me wonder if I should have just bought two of them while I was about it anyway!

    1. Thanks for link - have purchased the grey one from Next!

    2. LOVE both. Will explore both thank you x

  4. Caved and got the Hush leather trousers - you are right they are (dammit) lovely Did I read in one of your blogs that you can wash them.......?

    1. Well yes, you can. Apparently. I am ridiculously too chicken to try to.....

  5. Slightly unrelated to this post but just wanted to let you know Kat that I have finally purchased my first Stan Smiths and I LOVE them...a bit late to the table I know!!! I did purchase the Zara ones which you recommended last year and have ummmed and arrhhed over the Stan's for ages - I think I even asked you to compare them! They are different to the Zara ones (now confined to dog walking and other scruffy activities) and the Stans are so comfy and look great with just about everything!

    1. Oh I'm so pleased! Now you need to gear yourself up to get the Golden Goose.....!!!

  6. Just got a charcoal Boden off duty jumper from tk maxx online - 24.99! Love it but now I want all the other colours....

  7. Oh fantastic! I'm sure that isn't the last of the jumper blogs...!