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It's that funny time of year again.  It's not warm, it's not cold. 

I discovered yesterday that wearing full on summery clothes (ok so I was hardly in a strappy dress and flipflops but still) just feels wrong diddly.  Admittedly yesterday was a case of dodging the rain showers.  When I say rain showers, that is obviously code for full on monsoon conditions.  

But it appears that in the next week, the rain takes a hiatus and we have a stretch of sunny, dry and warmish weather.  

Yet I want to crack out the woolies.  I want clothes that snuggle.  And one option that works really well for this time of year, is the fur gilet.  These are rather popular this year but I've chosen to look at the longer line ones.  The reason for this - even if you're on the more petite side, I think the shorter ones can add a tad too much bulk.   Plus, I'm very much on a longer line mission this year.  I like the lengthening of a silhouette - hence my current addiction to the longer line waistcoat and cardigan.  Let's throw another item onto the pile in the form of a fur gilet.  

Now the majority of the styling that I've seen for these does very much border on the edge of boho.  Which is nice, but not for me.  I would definitely go down the more simple route - plain knits, pared back look, keeping the colour palette very neutral, adding the interest with texture rather than colour, print or flounce.  Think buttery light tones or elegant dark shades with soft wool or cashmere and perhaps some leather or pleather bottoms for an up to date edge.

Top of the list without a shadow of a doubt is this one from The White Company.  A very welcome discount code in the form of AG574 for 20% off.

Knitted Sheepskin Gilet in biscuit £399  

But to be honest, it would be a toss up between that and the rather delicious black faux fur one that I saw the other day in French Connection.  Mentioned it briefly yesterday - surely it would be rude not to take advantage of the discount code?  Valid till Sunday night.
Chicago Faux Fur Gilet £120 pre discount - 20% off with the code AW20ST

This is also available from John Lewis (who are honouring the 20% off) in "Phantom" (navy to you and me).  It seems to be sold out online at FCUK. 

Chicago Faux Fur Gilet in Phantom was £120 now £96  

The similar mongolian style fur at ASOS from Glamourous.  This they have in both tall and petite (and I would assume normal size as well?) 

Glamourous tall Yeti gilet in cream faux fur from ASOS £54

Similar again at River Island - cream shaggy faux fur gilet £80.  This to me looks more like the biscuit shade of The White Company one.  Ok so it's not real sheepskin but it is a fraction of the cost. 

Looks to be the same shape but in a faded grey also at River Island. 

Grey faded longline faux-fur gilet £80

Other colours and a different sort of fur.  Now I'm not going to go down the "which animal is this most like" as, well I'm just not going to but this is definitely more furry and less mongolian furry.  Clear as mud? 

Longline Faux Fur Vest from Forever 21 £37 Who doesn't love a pocket.

Grey at DKNYPure - you'd have to love this one a lot at this price but there are certainly fewer grey ones out there. 

Grey Faux fur Gilet from Harvey Nichols £285

And a black version at Boohoo. 

Freya Longline Faur Fur Gilet £30

Upping the ante budget wise but this is in a more unusual navy and really is a super smart jacket.  This would be perfect if you could justify lots of use out of it - for me, I would have worn this to work, ideal for the tube when a coat in the Winter is simply too warm - this would have been perfect (ok so I wouldn't ever have worn it to work and would have foolishly kept it for "best" but I would have LOVED wearing it anyway and in my head I could easily have justified the purchase as I *could* have worn it to work if needs be)

Alberta Night Navy Faux Fur Gilet in night navy £325 from Reiss

And finishing with a rather unusual one from Oasis.  Now to be honest, this is cheating as it's only the front edge that's fur as opposed to the whole shooting match but less is more might be better for some people.

Shearling Drape Gilet in black £42

So are you in the market for a fur gilet?  If so, how do you plan on wearing yours and have you seen any that I have missed?  Or do you prefer your gilet with sleeves... ie a coat..?!

Pic from today - The Husband was due to take the day off but was called into work for some emergency and so I ended taking the pooch to the vet for a check up and then went on an hour long walk with my two boys straight after school in the park. 

Out for supper with the kids and then back to watch the GBBO final WHICH DIDN'T RECORD.  Swerving all social media till we can watch it on catch up.  You couldn't write it.  I don't know who was more upset - me or the kids!


Off white jumper - Kin by John Lewis
Porridge waxed jeans - Boden
Grey knit gilet - Primark
Grey cashmere scarf - hush
Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose
Black Harker hands free bag - Anya Hindmarch

So tomorrow, I'm off to Bicester.  The wonderful husband is doing the school run in the morning so we can get off super early.  Watch this space....will be reporting during the day on Instagram.  If you're not on it yet, then I can't recommend it highly enough (although be prepared to start taking photos of everything, it's truly addictive).  If you want to know what bargains I snag, I'm on @doesmybumlook40.  Clearly I *need* nothing - anyone fancy taking a bet as to what I come back with?!

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26 comentarios:

  1. LOVE a gilet, my two are both shorter (I'm a short ar**). The one I got from top shop a few years ago is like the white company one. I do find myself stroking it in a thoughtful way as though I have a hairy chest though - could be in the mood for a longer one - useful coverup. Agree with you - soooo over summer things, have put all my 'high summer' (holiday) stuff away today but can't crack out the snuggly jumpers yet.....

  2. Years ago I had an off white fake fur gillet which I wore to work. So did my colleague what sat opposite of me. We were called the sheep-ladies and it took weeks before we rid ourselves of that name! Very hard item to wear and stay looking cool at the same time.....

    1. Funnily enough saw a lot of random furry things today... we were singing Shaun the Sheep on more than one occasion.

  3. Is the French connection code valid in store or just online?

  4. I love fur gilets & I especially like the longer versions. The grey RI & Forever 21 ones are gorgeous. Can't wait to see what you bag at Bicester! X

    1. I did rather well... lots of Christmas shopping...!

  5. I bought this Pull and Bear one when I was in Barcelona a couple of weeks ago, I love it. http://www.pullandbear.com/gb/en/woman/boho-c1501001.html#/6037917/FUR%20GILET

  6. Joseph do lovely shearling gilets - very pricey though! I also have the longline gilet in black from Whistles which I got 2 years ago and they are still selling now. Wear it loads.

    oooo bicester, i love bicester!!! I love the Hearts on Fire jewellery shop and Marni. I once went when there was a Burberry sample sale on. I queued for 2 hours to get in but trenches were £150!!

    1. The Whistles one I toyed with again and again at the beginning of the season but it's sold out now... I was hoping to get 20% off - no hope!!

  7. I agree that longline means that you are less likely to have too much volume. I tried some on last year that were less than flattering and looked very huge (I'm not). Some sadly look very fake/cheap in real life, but you have chosen some lovely ones there. Of couse, I like the White Company and Harvey Nicholson ones best!

    I did buy a zara girls furry gilet for one of my daughters, yesterday, thanks for pointing towards zarafor kids as I hadn't looked at them for ages but they have some lovely not too "girly" stuff in at the moment, especially for older girls.

    Looking forward to seeing what you bring back from Bicester too!


    1. you're right, some of them are horrific - properly grim fabric but there are now lots of really good ones for really good prices. Zara is fab for girls - best place bar none I'd say although Gap does have some quite cool stuff in at the mo. And their jeggings are fab!

  8. I love the way faux fur gilets look on other people, haven't worked up the courage to buy one myself! But you are right, great in between warm and cold days piece to have! I really love the navy one by Chicago, also the Forever 21 (with pockets!), really cute bargain!

    1. Well they're not going to be for everyone for sure. I ummed and ahhed but have decided to go down the knitted gilet route, which I'm loving x

  9. Hello, I've just come across a great looking shop with some amazing over the knee boots, Ted and muffy, I haven't seen you mention them so I thought I'd let you know in case you're still looking for a pair. Sian

    1. THey're the old Duo brand aren't they? I'll have a look thank you x

  10. Love the gilets I have a real soft spot for faux fur. xx

  11. I don't really get on with gilets... I have a padded Columbia one that I wear over a jacket for a bit of extra warmth around the back, but I fear a furry one would make me look huge! It took quite a while to find a faux fur jacket with sleeves last year that wasn't too fluffy and so didn't make me look like a linebacker, but I managed it in the end (from Next, of all places!).

    1. Yes the exact same probs can happen with a fur coat - I found one last year which is a bit *out there* but I love it. Will be doing another fur coat blog shortly for sure as they are bang on trend again this year and the shops are full of them!

  12. Now I have poo poo'd the lowlands but am considering the highlands (which now come in leather) but then I spotted the All Legs - Kat, I need your help. Have you tried either of these on. I am thinking the leather is a better option in the highlands as they wouldnt scuff as much as suede does, but then the All Legs which are in a ultra stretch (dont know what that is but presume a stretchy material with leather lining) which are 70cm (highlands are 58cm). Arrrgghhh - help required.

    1. RIght - the All Legs are the heeled version of the Leggy Lady and as far as I can tell from the conversation I had in Selfridges (Before they were in stock but they said they were on the way), the only real difference that they thought was that they were a fair bit longer. And to me - even with long legs, they'd be too long.

      In R&B there were murmurings about it not being a suede outer (but I wasn't entirely sure she knew what she was talkign about as they don't sell them and she was obviously trying to sell me the Lowlands) - it certainly does look more sateeny on the pics....

      Not sure if that's any help at all??!

    2. Thanks Kat! I have rung nearly every R&B shop - the All Legs are suede and every assistant I spoke to said they are too long and they all prefer the Highlands. Again all the assistants said they didnt like the leather version of the Lowlands or the Highlands and all preferred the suede too. They say they looked more expensive than the leather - at that price tag they should do. I now know what you are going through re the Lowlands...........I just cant decide whether to buy them or not. I look at them, love them...............look at them and think nah I will hardly wear them.............then I think about them and look at them again! I always roughly know what I want, but these darned boots are a brain drain. So, I am going to order them and try them on with everything at home and then decide........... I think.

    3. Your words, my thoughts....! Except exchange high for low....!!