Fantasy Time

So you had a warning yesterday.  

SANDALS KLAXON.  All hate me now.  But this is worth it.  Snow, schmo (apparently it might snow this week.  If it does, I'm telling you, I am not leaving the house and shall be carbing out on the remainder of the Christmas party food which is languishing somewhere at the back of the freezer and washing it down with leftover - unopened - booze from the party.  Sounds like a plan eh?  Who's in.  If we're into Lent, that means it's nearly Easter which means I don't do snow).

And.... I've just rebooked our holiday for later in the year - Florida here we come and so I am officially in Holiday Mode (for today at least).  Like I said we will also have Ireland before then, so "obviously" that necessitates a proper sandal mooch. 

Now before anyone starts, I know I know I know, I should be buying "practical" sandals for Disney.  Well I won't be.  Over my dead body (which may well have blistered, gnarled feet adorning the bottom of my legs but they will have GORGEOUS sandals on them).  In all seriousness, I've been on lots of holidays where I have done excessive walking - I've tramped the streets of Rome, Florence, Siena, Venice, Madrid, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, New York in searing temperatures and I've always got by just fine in normal shoes or sandals and not ones that look like I knit my own lentils.  We can agree to disagree on this.

Oh how I love a good sandal.  Oh how I find it really hard to nail the perfect one.  Thus there is even more sense (debatable I appreciate) in starting as early as possible. 

So firstly, I think it's always a good idea to start with the complete unaffordable.  This is a great place to fall in love with a pair and then spend the next six months scouring the high street for a less spenney version.  Hmm ok with hindsight, this isn't the best plan I've ever had as what *might* have happened in the past is that you fall in love with the super expensive pair and can never find another in the right price bracket that come close.  But hey ho, in for a penny, in for a pound, let's start with the big dreams.

Easing us in gently with a very classic, minimalist, not tooo eye wateringly expensive pair from See by Chloe.  I think I might be personally be up for something with a bit more chutzpah about them.  But these are a classic. 

Robin leather sandals from See by Chloe £195

Or these from Ancient Greek - adore the simplicity of these.  I love the nude although am vaguely terrified of them being too similar to my flesh and looking bleurgh.. although to be fair, since you can see me from space, I'm more likely to be the same colour as the white ons above.  Fake tan is my bestest friend ever come March. 

Agni Braided Leather sandals from Ancient Greek £185

There's me saying I like a bit more detail in my sandal but I am so so drawn to these. 

Balenciaga Leather Sandal £305 (ouch)

Or the Givenchy Chain Tong Sandals £485

Slightly more detail now at Saint Laurent and I'll be honest - these are lovely but nothing new from last year and there were a plethora of these at much more reasonable prices, so I have to say I'd purely take inspiration from these.

Embossed leather lace up sandals from Saint Laurent £470

Or do you prefer the Isabel Marant versions?  I love love love this colour. 

Alisa open-toe wraparound sandals £290

So now we've done the research with regards to brand new spanking beauties from S/S, it's time to (I promise this won't go on forever but trust me, it's worth it) trawl those sales remnants.

And starting with some completely amazing espadrilles which admittedly aren't sandals but are big big news for this season.  Why pay full price when you can get a designer bargain in February?

Leopard Pony Hair Platform Espadrilles from Manebi were £110 now £44

Red Leather Amazonia from Manebi were £110 now £44

And we're also going to be all over the flat mule.  I sit her smugly saying that with my Anthropologie ponyskin ones taking pride of place in my wardrobe.. from last year... *punches air pathetically*.  

These are a great cheeky sales buy from Whistles. 

Whistles Milla backless point toe flat mule sandal in nude was £140 now £73.50

These I am so so so regretting finding as I LOVE them.  Imagine the ease of packing - only take things which are black, grey or white and these.  Absolutely stunning in the evening as well with all black. 

Thakoon Addition Women's Taylor Two leather stripe sandals now £110 were £385 (a whopping 70% off)

A classic Greek style now - completely minimalist.. I have to say these would go with anything but personally the above ones are on the money for me. 

Ancient Greek Thalpori two part leather sandals now £55 were £110

Now these look comfy, don't they?  Perfect sport luxe gladiator sandals at a knock down price.  These will be everywhere again this season.

Paul Smith Shoes Poole white leather sandals Servo Luxe now £84 were £210

Bargain basement at New Look, not leather but still hugely on trend.  Studded ghillie.  Absolutely no one would ever know these weren't new season. 

New Look Studded Ghillie Gladiator Sandal were £24.99 now £12.99

Moving onto the slightly less practical for holidays but still, these would be perfect evening shoes and you'd get a load of wear out of them before you got there, for sure. 

By Malene Birger Avenno Mirrored Flat Black Sandals now £86 were £215

And I couldn't not fling these in as they are the most amazing bargain and I simply adore them.  Totally impractical for staggering around in but they're not *that* high so I think you could get more day wear out of them than you think.  Plus perfect perfect perfect for nights out.  

By Malene Birger Subki Eyelet Sandal was £295 now £118

However I have saved the best for last.  Well, if not the best, they're definitely the cheapest.  Leather for less than a bottle of wine.  Got to be worth a punt. 

New Look Leather Black Tie Up Gladiator Sandals were £22.50 now £6.50.  LESS THAN SEVEN SQUID.

So I am actually in sandal heaven and Must Stop Thinking about the Thakoon ones...

Couldn't be further removed from sandals today.  How cold has it gone?  


Black cashmere jumper - Cocoa Cashmere
Black high waisted jeans - Boden
Black Edie boots - Seven Boot Lane
Khaki Alan cardigan - Acne Studios
Back Hazlemere tote - Village England

So have you even started to think about sandals or have I completely lost the plot?  

I had to cancel my trip to London today as I had to stay with my poor puppy.  What was I thinking that I could go?  Honestly, it's worse than having a baby (clearly I don't remember as that was a Long Time Ago).   Couldn't leave her with anyone today so we snuggled on the sofa all day and I got the sum total of diddly squat accomplished bar looking at flights to Ireland.  And sorting out hoodies for a rugby tour I seem to have agreed to go on.  Desperately trying to find out from the husband how much the deposit was and if we (ie I...) can swerve it.  Forks, eyes, spring to mind...  The things we do for our children.  Personally I feel I'm crossing a line here but there you go... Please tell me anyone who's been on a rugby tour, it's not that bad?  (lie if you have to).  I have tried to persuade them that I have no need whatsoever for a branded Tour Hoodie and have lots of other sweatshirts that will do the job just as well (dare I say infinitely better?).   Deaf ears.  Deaf deaf ears.  Sob.

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25 comentarios:

  1. You must have read my mind! I've got a warm-weather vacation coming up in a few weeks, and I was just thinking a new pair of sandals would be nice... I've got some new crop flare jeans that are proving troublesome to pair shoes with, but a squint at pinterest seems to show that mules are the answer! But it's so early in the season, all the sandals are still only online, and I hate buying shoes online. Just have to get stuck in though I guess!

    1. High mules or low mules? Mine are slightly too short (Albeit £12 from River island and fit like a dream at the top so would have been rude not to buy them..) and I think something that ties round the ankle to lessen the gap between foot and trouser bottom might work... Just like the Marants for example... Which would be handy....!! So pleased I'm not the only one who has started thinking about it!

  2. I'm looking for sandals already ! I've just bought the hush jumpsuit in burgundy and also the Whistles Lola dress in dark navy and I've decided that I NEED some gold sandals to go with both. It's bound to take me 4 months to find the perfect ones so I'm starting now!

    1. Exactly. However it's sod's law that you'll see ones you love, buy them and then see 10 pairs you love more. ARRGGH. OR you'll see a pair, not buy them as obviously the perfect ones are round the corner and then never see a pair you like as much. It's the Law of Sod.

  3. No rugby for me but cheer and i have never met a more passive aggressive bunch of people - swerve if you can! As for the sandals you can't beat a pair of ancient greeks - well worth it. And Florida - give us a call - we'll meet ya:)

  4. We had a lovely vacation at disneyworld last summer with our entire (17 people) family. There is no reason sandals can't be both gorgeous and comfy, my favorites were my gladiators. The one piece of advice I would give is bring several pairs, each pair of shoes no matter how comfortable wears a little differently and it gives your feet a break. Have a wonderful time I think the planning is half the fun

  5. Oh, I love those thakoon gladiators! Really lovely. I think the advice of lots of different sandals is a really good idea, as someone who walks loads. I have been thinking about sandals too, I need some more for this summer, never too early to look ;).

    1. NEver ever too early, is it? Especially if you can snag a bargain in the sales x

  6. Love rugby but rugby tours?........I leave that to my husband who doesn t mind roughing it!

  7. If you have to do the rugby tour, probably best to just embrace it. It can be a lot of fun if you get into the right mindset. And at least you're a drinker, so you should fit right in. I'd stick to your guns about the hoodie, though. That would be a bit of a Rubicon moment for me.

    1. Exactly. I have to give it my all, hoodie and all. Must resist the temptation to pack the Karssens!! I fear I have to go in, hoodie and all, as everyone wears them and I'll look like a right stuck up cow otherwise!

  8. Living in the desert heat of Saudi Arabia, sandals are always on my mind and on my feet!! I have managed to grab the New Look beauties in my size (a small miracle - not my feet; that I managed to get a bargain!). I tend to buy cheap and often for shoes here as the dust ruins anything too pretty! Also a lover of the sale dregs. I found a wonderful gold dress in M&S years ago for £2.50 that no-one wanted and have worn it ever since to high praise - I have never let on where it is from or how much.

    1. Fantastic! Girl after my own heart (and how interesting, living in Saudi, no?!)

  9. Given I had to wear boots to work today so I could wear warm socks I am so not in the mood for sandals today (but have you seen the Ancient Greek ones with wings -v tempting for the moments that I remember they're really not what I need for tramping around the beach and boats)

    1. They are SO what you need for tramping...!

  10. Whoop whoop just ordered the £7 pair. Only downside is I put a self portrait dress in the cart to get free postage!! Oh dear!!

  11. Those New Look sandals are very similar to ASOS' Fuerta. The ASOS ones are not as peep toe. They run $42-ish on the US site; I can't seem to pull up the UK site....

    Katherine C

    1. I will have a look at them, thank you! xx

  12. I've started my hunt for new sandals so I was pleased when I saw the first pair of Chloe ones as I like the Clarks equivalent (Romantic Moon??). I've been thinking about a pair of gladiators but I find if I get hot & sweaty, they really rub my bloody ankles, meh! Fab for evening though......
    I'm soooo envious you're off to Disney, I just love it & am desperate to go back (actually, for the Harry Potter world more than te Disney parks this time!)

    1. I have to say we are most excited at the Harry Potter world and all the Universal gubbins. I honestly think I'm more excited than the kids! I have to say, I had leather glads last year from Forever 21 and they were genuinely the most comfortable sandals ever! I am on a mission for more this year xx

  13. Hi Kat, just got these in the black in a size 9 which is a UK 7, they are absolutely gorgeous on. I highly recommend checking them out