You are my sunshine...

... oh yes yellow.  Yellow, yellow, yellow.  

You either love it or you hate it.  I love it.   Even with black.  Bring on the wasp and bee analogies, I don't care, I think it is the epitome of Spring cool. 

Admittedly I don't have any.  Well.  I do have one lovely Goat cardigan which gets dragged out every year but that's almost verging on mustard, which to be fair, for the purposes of this blog, counts.  Oh and I have a scarf - that is so so getting worn this week. 

Today we are all about the sunshine.  Severe lack of it at the moment and I am still in full on holiday looking forward mode (albeit Feb half term which isn't exactly renowned for its scorching temperatures, although saying that, I'm sure in the last couple of years my boys have done football and may have even come home with a touch of sunburn.. they can't have, can they?  Does seem familiar though....someone put me out of my misery please).  We even woke up to snow this morning.  This is not making me feel that sunny.

We need the sunshine to be forced upon us, so how about an injection of warmth with a jumper. 

I've been thinking about this for a while now, after I saw an article in Grazia the other week saying it is The colour of the season.  To be fair, everyone does seem to pick a different colour each week - I seem to recall a number of magazines touting pink as the shade to be seen in this Spring but to be honest, who cares.  I think we need to find an accent colour that works for us (that's the royal we by the way) and chances are, yellow is going to be some people's cup of tea whilst others will have a penchant for all things pink. 

Further inspo and a RIGHT I NEED THIS NOW push, came from this pic of Ms Beckham that I came across the other day.  I've been clocking her recently becoming more of a fan of the chunky knit and loose skirt or culottes.  I'm probably going to leave her to this look as whilst she can carry it off, I may well look a tad more Weeble.  I'm not sure the proportions of chunky atop of loose would work for me.  Although hell, I may well give it a go.  Watch this space. 

In the meantime this is the picture of her rocking yellow and black.  And to be fair, this is a fitted jumper not one of the thicker, oversized numbers she's been sporting.  Not a hint of an insect insight. 


I'm not saying we all go charging out and track down printed yellow pieces (but lord I love her skirt... and jumper.. and boots...) but a plain yellow injection of a knit, coat or pair of shoes (you can do trousers if you want.. personally I wasn't loving them with the research I did.  I'm sticking to more neutral colours around my nether regions.  Just slightly less Hi de Hi.) can make all the difference to a dull, dark outfit.  Yellow is perfect with all our classic wardrobe basics - black, khaki, navy or grey.  And even better, does a sterling job into the Summer with white. 

Starting with one that is the most like the jumper above that I could find.  Although probably a tenth, if not less, of the cost.  This with black leather anything would look amazing.  Like my pleather pleated skirt for example.

Ribbed Sweater from Whistles £95

Another great option would be the Tippi Sweater from JCrew.  This is a bargain in this colourway (alas limited sizes) 

Tippi Sweater from JCrew was £79.50 now £39

Cashmere crewneck in Mimosa Yellow at Boden £99 pre 20% off (remember the code M7X3)

I think that's the perfect shade above but there are two others yellows in the sale. 

Firstly the Citrine Cashmere which was £99 and is now £49.50

Or the Sulphur again £49.50.  Personally I would order all three and see which one is the best shade.  It is so hard to see from just a pic online. 

And then moving onto the paler, more sherbert lemon shades.  These I think work so incredibly well with pale grey.  Now I'm sure this is the same version that I had last year in grey but it does look slightly different (so clearly it's not the same at all...).  I had it on the other day and as my friend said - she thought it was ideal (and where had I got it from) as it was thicker than a tee but not as thick as a big jumper.  

Everyday Jumper from Boden in lemon sorbet £46.50

Slightly different style again in a cotton knit from Mango.

Ribbed Sweater from Mango £29.99

With the grey edge already added in the sale at Jigsaw.
Cotton Cashmere Trim Jumper from Jigsaw was £79 now £48

A looser shape, also at Jigsaw.  I'm not loving this styling but I think layered over a white shirt, leather leggings and either black flats or heels, this would look fantastic.  Throw over white skinnies in the Summer and this jumper could work for you all year round.

Cotton Slouchy Dip Hem Jumper was £59 now £29

Or of course you can go bright.  Acid, to be precise... This I love against black and charcoal.  And then of course it would come into its own in the Summer again with white.  Oh hello.  White and black and this would be purely amazing.  It's also the perfect shape to wear over looser bottoms as it's not too long but not too cropped.  It's the veritable Goldilocks of jumpers. (pleather or leather bottoms and this would be simply too cool)

Springtime Ribbed Jumper from FCUK was £50 now £25 in Acid Blonde

And then of course the shirt, dare I say blouse, option.  Love this for a hint of yellow underneath a navy or black jumper for now.  Under dungarees would also be wonderful.  The perfect piece to wear to work and also at the weekend.  Leather trews anyone?  Peg legs or over skinnies, tucked into a skirt - be it pencil or full - this would make up so many different outfits.

Y.A.S Aida Long Sleeved Shirt was £45 now £31.50  They also do a tall version which is only £29.00 now.

Another great option from Dorothy Perkins and a bargain at that.  Amazing over jeans (even blue ones. ha ha) or black bottoms. 

Ochre (although they spell it Ocre.. REALLY?) Sheered Panel Top was £25 now £18 (25% off everything at DPs at the mo...) 

Cheating now with the mix of colours already done for you but if you're not happy with full on yellow, great for layering under a black jumper but I love over leather leggings with a black longline blazer.

Reclaimed Vintage Oversized check shirt £30

Clearly my obsession with footwear shows no signs of abating and if you're not a fan of yellow clothing, how about letting your shoes do the talking? 

Asymmetric Stiletto Shoes in yellow from Mango £35.99   My favourite style of stiletto.  The same as my black pair that I've had for six years.

And a flat version (ish..).  Aiden D'Orsay Flats at Banana Republic £65  Channel your inner Audrey with a pair of black cropped jeans or trousers, fitted black top and these on your tootsies.

Again, these could make all the difference to an old outfit.  New daps.

ASOS Drew Lace Up Trainers £25

Now I haven't bought into the current Cortez craze but if I were to be persuaded - these would be the ones to turn my head.

Nike Maize Yellow Cortez Trainers £62

And finally onto the coats.  Just the two but two complete beauties.  I could happily happily wear either of these all year round.  They're not coats of the heavy variety and are ideal for Spring days.  If it happens to be a chilly day, layer with a scarf but a plain tee under either of these would work just as well. 

Pockets Wool Coat in yellow from Mango £99.99

And finishing with my favourite oversized coat shape, new this season from Boden. 

The Carrie Coat £199 (don't forget 20% off with the code above)   

So have I tempted you with my little corner of sunshine?  Anything you fancy to just add that hint of Spring to your wardrobe?  Or are you a member of the yellow over my dead body club?  Pink?  Baby blue?  What colour are you thinking is going to be your added extra this Spring. 

Well to be fair, there was no Spring chez moi today.  Absolutely.  Freezing.  Went super early doors for a dog walk and then round to my sister in laws this afternoon to hang out with the cousins.   Seeing as it was snowing this morning, I resorted to cracking out last year's favourite winter woollies and coat along with this year's coated jeans and bikers.


Navy cashmere Off Duty jumper - Boden
Coated jeans - New Look
Fur patchwork coat - Topshop
Edie biker boots - Seven Boot Lane

Day one of the holidays over.   I haven't resorted to the wine yet.  Which I therefore deem a success.. Day two - bring it on....

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20 comentarios:

  1. Sunshine...Oh I wish. Got to Love a splash of yellow. I had a gorgeous pair of yellow faith stilettos which my BF threw away recently!!! I could kill him. He only told me when I couldn't find them. Ive Recently bought a yellow bag which brightens up lots of my outfits. Think VB is amazing, love her style.My friend got a gorgeous yellow coat from La Redoute of all places recently. Looks amazing on x

    1. Oh god that's always the way. Yes a yellow bag would be genius. Saying that I used to have a Gucci style one I bought 10 years ago - a little leather clutch that I also gave away when I had a big clear out last year. WHY? I always forget about La Redoute - their quality always used to be so sketchy.... But I had some amazing kids things from Vertbaudet over the years. Must look again, thanks for the inspo!

  2. I really love a splash of yellow but it has to be the right shade - for me it's mustard or ochre. Love the outfit VB is wearing here. X

    1. It definitely does depend on the shade if you wear it close to your face and I also thinks it depends in what sort of garment, what fabric and what other shades you team it with. Basically I think you have to judge on each item. It's a hard one for sure but I think when you get it right, you can have it in your wardrobe for years.

  3. Oh how could I forget Uniqlo. Brilliant idea. Still holding strong on the wine.. got to make it through to Friday....

  4. LOVE yellow! I bought a jacket and bag last spring. Now I can't stop staring at that Mango coat. Shade is key though as if I wear bright yellow too near my face it drains me. Shoes also great!

    1. It just never seem to go out of fashion, does it? Adds such a lift to an outfit in the ghastly cold weather. Although of course, sod's law that it's super sunny today...

  5. Love that mustardy yellow, have a cropped cashmere Boden cardi in that shade and you reminded me to crack it out! Can't wear the sunny yolk yellow or sherbet though, tried that hush jumper on last year and had to send it back

    1. Glad to be of help! And I KNEW I forgot to order something from hush - that yellow jumper, oh that was lush. I didn't get it because I have the scarf but I think it was the same colour. Darn it. That would be perfect now! (will just have to make use fo the scarf though.. cracking that out today for sure).

  6. I've been wearing yellow shoes for years. Does this make me on trend finally? They add a pop to any outfit and always cheer me up!

    1. I think it might be me just catching up! I think that's the key. Anything you wear that cheers you up, can only be a good thing, can't it?

  7. Ooh yellow trainers, I never even thought of them but all of a sudden YES that's what I want!! You are such a bad influence!! Is it you that has a great yellow scarf that comes out every so often? I keep meaning to invest in one of those for a pop of colour too.
    In other news, am still lusting over last summer's Dakotas from Seven Boot you think the Florida ones are the new style? How did they fit, am thinking of ordering but am a 6.5/7...??

    1. It is indeed me who has the yellow scarf. And I'm going to crack it out today. Right, now the Floridas don't look to be exactly the same as the Dakotas - the latter are a tiny bit pointier from looks but they're very very similar. I'm exactly the same size as you and I wear a 40 xxx

    2. Excellent, thank you for the quick reply, shall do it now x

  8. Oooh sorry but loathe. All those yellow are too cold in tone and give you that jaundiced look - only works with dark hair and lovely tanned skin. Has to be a much warmer yellow to work. The ribbed one from Whistles works as it is more of an orange yellow.

    1. That's how I feel about purple. Except that I pretty much hate it regardless of a tan or anything.. oops. Just completely loathe it. Have to say I had a yellow scarf on today and whilst I normally wear a touch of fake tan on my face (Corpse chic doesn't work for me...), I'm still not tanned tanned and I think it looks ok!

  9. I'm in the hate camp, as far as yellow goes! I blame the yellow dress I was forced to wear aged about four!
    That being said I don't dislike it on other people, or in the home. I do have the odd item with a tiny bit of yellow, but then we're talking about something really special I really couldn't live without.

    1. Oh I know what you mean - I feel like that about lots of colours. Mostly green. Don't mind it on other people but I rarely wear it. I reserve my full loathing, as I said above, for purple.... In fact, as much as I dislike it in clothes - I can see the appeal for people but in the home? Oh I can't stand it. Lilac walls make me feel ill. I remember looking at a house years ago and the owners being so proud that they'd just redecorated their master suite (bedroom AND bathroom) in..... LILAC. I did an about turn in about 2 seconds and thought the husband was going to bust a lung at trying not to laugh.

  10. Oh, so with you on purple. Don't understand the appeal at.all.

    Feeling very smug as I had a yellow moment a couple of years ago when we were going to Portugal on holiday (although we do not speak of this any more - worst holiday ever). I am the proud owner of a J Crew tissue-thin cotton yellow V-neck sweater (lush) a yellow tote bag (slightly less lush) and a yellow silk Equipment shirt (lushest of all). I also have the Hush yellow scarf, but this has become such a staple (especially with a striped sweater/Breton) that I barely think about it in terms of its colour. Smugface.

    Love the D'Orsay BR pumps, but would struggle to justify the purchase of any more shoes as they will soon need their own house. Resistance though, as I have discovered, is futile.