It's a classic with a twist.

From the graceful perspective, we're talking about gorgeous silky shirts. 

If we're thinking disgraceful.. then we're talking pyjama tops.  

Yes, the silk shirt this year has taken a slight departure from morning into night.  Your classic flowy gem has been transformed with a hint of jimjam. 

Welcome to the disgraceful side of fashion.  That, I think, we can actually embrace and welcome with open arms.  I think the trick is to think of them in terms of shirts.  And not wear the matching bottoms.  Of course, it's up to you but personally that's a step too far for me into the not so much disgraceful as the utterly ludicrous.

You have been warned.  

Pyjama Style Satin Shirt by Boutique at Topshop £80.  I have to say I think this would be a lot better tucked in.  The styling is doing nothing for me untucked.  To me - where it works is if you take the concept of a pyjama style top and adapt it for every day wear.  Not just wear it as you would to bed ie untucked and hanging out.... Maybe for the yoof but I fear at my age, it might just whiff of early onset Alzheimer's. 

But I absolutely love the colour of this and adore the pale ice blue with the black.  

Rag & Bone Piped Pyjama Shirt from FarFetch was £310 now £155.  Again.. what am I missing?  TUCK IT IN.

Boxier at Joseph which now happily works untucked.  This would get my vote out of the ones above...

Miles washed silk top from Joseph was £335 now £167.50 Would love this with a pair of battered boyfriend jeans and black stilettos.

Plain satin at Mango in red was £59.99 now £29.99  I think it might be satin that gives it that jama vibe.

Or there's print.. clearly I've looked at too many now as I actually love this one. 

And there's me saying I'm not entirely sure about a matching set.  Well I LOVE this.   Pretty confident in saying it wouldn't love me back so I shall appreciate from afar, like good art.

And for my bastardised versions.  A nod to the theme.  As in it's a shirt... But for the majority of us - oh hello comfort zone.  And hello super versatility.  Wear under a blazer for work, wear with jeans and a little boucle jacket or even a crew or v neck jumper for weekend dress down.   I'd also wear out in the evening over leather leggings and heels.  Obviously the obligatory blazer from yesterday.. these are what we're really going to be wearing aren't they? (me? yes.)

Love this styling so much.

Navy from Uniqlo. Now this isn't silk but it's the most amazing silk touch fabric and washes like a dream.  My daughter has the cream one and wears the sleeves rolled under a little crew neck jumper.  They're gorgeous. 

Chest pockets silk shirt from Mango £49.99 in nude  This with black.  Blush or baby blue with black is going to be big on my agenda for Spring.  I'm not remotely sure it's "on trend" at all.. I can't do head to toe pastel (which I know is on trend.  Brings me out in a rash thinking about it.  Only made worse by head to toe BRIGHT colour.  That purely kills me, dull biatch that I am).

Or the black again £49.99  And yes, check out the yellow.  We're ahead of the game there...

A printed blush version that proves black does really work well with the pale shade.

Oversized also at Jigsaw.  Speaking of pastels - yes I could do citrus (again with black.. although I will admit I do prefer a blush or an ice blue).

But I have to say - can I embrace the jama theme at the 11th hour.  Slightly off piste but this to me is more men's jamas style.  Which I don't think is the brief, but I have to say, I do prefer. 

Thoughts?  For me - the proper jama looking ones, personally I shan't be doing.  I will say, the main reason is that I think these look better tucked in and I'm not a great tucker inner.  Things come untucked and are uncomfortable and make me feel ugh.  But a generic silk shirt.. well that's something that I will certainly be giving some consideration to.  Still have to say though, it's the jersey shirt I'm mostly feeling the love for.  Will be looking at them another day. 

Finishing with outfit from today.


Grey cashmere jumper - Me+Em
Grey two tone flannel blazer - Me+Em
Berry leather leggings - hush
Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose

Need to say excuse the hair as I had an Olaplex treatment on which I had to leave on as I have straw where most people have hair.  Have just washed it - you'll see tomorrow how it turns out....

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13 comentarios:

  1. Love your outfit (or rigout as my Dad would say :-)) from yesterday and that Village England bag looks perfect, just what I'm after. Are they heavy? I have a DKNY one similar size that I use for every day and my god, the weight of it even when empty is unreal! Have a great day, hope the hair turns out well! Audrey x

    1. Audrey thanks! It's really not that heavy at all - the strap because it's part chain is probably the heaviest part to be honest. i'm going to see if I can get a striped canvas strap as well for it - the strap is detachable so you can use it as a clutch. It's not light light but then a good quality leather bag with decent hardware is never going to be super light I guess x

  2. I hate tucking in too. A real pita for bathroom stops!!!! I've bought this shirt in cinder rose and teal:

    Looks great with jeans and a blazer, and the texture is lovely. They also avoid the sheen that makes me think 'pyjamas'!

    1. I definitely think it's the shiny satin look that makes me a tad meh on the whole look. Not to mention the piping... A more matt silk for me is definitely preferable.

  3. I have just bought the Marsha shirt from plumo in their sale. It is a bit similar to the last Iris and Ink one, a boyfriend shirt with a hint of men's nightshirt about it! I am wearing it with a heattech poloneck underneath it now and will wear it looser as it gets warmer.

    Love your blazer and pleather trousers. Too cold here for a blazer, minus one!

    1. oh that sounds gorgeous! Great idea too x

  4. the rag and bone one is just too much like a night shirt, wouldnt go down well on the school run with the current debate on what parents should or shouldnt wear to drop their little darlings off in the morning. A nice silk shirt i could do with adding to my wardrobe though. Love your outfit especially the bag xx

    1. Ha ha ha! A silk shirt would be a great idea, wouldn't it?!

  5. Really interested to hear the results of the hair treatment! I need to make my hair more manageable and this sounds promising!xx

    1. Love it. Only first day so I'll let you know how it goes but it's definitely less frizzy. Also feels a lot thicker...

    2. That definitely sounds like something I need then! Thanks that would be great, I'll get it booked in if you give it your seal of approval!xx

  6. Just realised I wrote pleather for leather leggings! I will be interested to know how you find the olaplex treatment, as I am booked in for one soon.