One Sunday afternoon...

.. one sofa, one laptop, one glass of red wine.  You can keep your London Fashion Week - keeping it real here with rugby in the rain followed by a dog walk.  All the glamour.... (and with three hours in the drizzle, wine well deserved).

The lovely husband has been to the supermarket and is cooking dinner for us (apparently he's much better at doing a roast than I am.  Which is handy as it's one of those meals, along with a fry, that I absolutely absolutely loathe cooking).

I have taken advantage of my spare hour, as getting dressed this morning I realised I am So Over getting trussed up like a turkey to leave the house.  Novelty of Winter has well and truly left the building - constant rain for two hours on the rugby touchline did not an awful lot to dispel this notion. 

Craving new season clothes.  Had a glimpse of a couple of absolute beauties when I was looking for cardigans on the Mango website yesterday and also managed a sneak peak instore when I was in London on Thursday.  Our local one at Bluewater has shut down as has the concession in Hoopers in Tunbridge Wells so our nearest one is on Regent St now.  Complete shame (although to be fair, they always had a big bunch of tat at the BW one but at least you could return from the website). 

That now means that online is really the best option and one thing I will say about Mango is that I love love love their online styling.  I admit that I find the quality hit and miss as it is with Zara (and a lot of the high street), ditto the sizing.  All over the shop, but as a tall person, I have found that their trousers and maxis are generally long long. 

So what better way to spend an hour that having a peruse online, putting together a wishlist - which I'm doing generally for S/S and will hopefully have a Plan coming shortly.. (basically a list that I'll write and ignore.   Please tell me I'm not the only one who does this...?)

Starting one new season collection at a time and today I'm all about the Mango (as they seem to have absolutely loads that I like.  Zero other reason).

Now I know I said I was all in favour of eschewing the coats but this is more of a jacket no?  Monochrome tastic, slightly Marant with its hint of boho but still streamlined enough to work its way nicely into a minimalistic look. 

Jacquard Cotton Jacket £69.99 (and it goes in the machine! Like I always say - rock and roll  all the way here...)

Cream again - really getting into the Spring mode... This with black leather culottes, or (and I'll give you this..) a pair of beat up jeans would be perfection for Spring.

Textured Cotton Blouse £35.99

Equally as pretty from the back.

Cream again in a longline gilet (there is mileage in these, I'm warning you now).  I say cream, they say nude (it really really is cream/off white).

Wool Long Gilet £39.99

This is me trying it on a couple of weeks ago when I went to London.  Same day as when I grabbed the rather disastrous black knitted dress.  They have far more new season in now.


They call this is a coat but I would say it definitely fills the criteria of coatigan.

Boiled Wool Coat £139.99

Trousers are long and wide.  I am going to road test to see how long is long. 

Cargo Palazzo Trousers £29.99 in khaki  Personally I wouldn't go all out boho with these and a belted jumper (dear god on me this would look so vile I can't tell you).  But with a white or black tee and black blazer, white sneakers - I'd prefer to give it a less boho vibe.  I LOVE these trousers (although I am already itching at the thought of ironing them.  Ugh).

Or in the black £29.99

Another pair of trousers which I saw in store and *looked* really long....  A funny (but good) fabric combo which isn't a cargo fabric or a denim but a cross between the two.  Clear as mud?  (AND LOOK AT MY CARDIGAN to the right, which I didn't even notice instore.... now of course I need it even more).


Flared Trousers in navy £39.99 So from the more boho look above to the cleaner cut look below.

And possibly my most favourite top EVER. 

Premium Wool Blend Top from Mango £49.99 For the Spring, I have to say I'd prefer cropped trousers or culottes with this.  But the mix of black and navy is still my number one combo of the minute.  This top would also look as good over joggers or jeans for the school run as it would be out for dinner with leather culottes and sandals (my blue and black sandals.. just saying...).  This shape would also work really well with a pencil skirt.

Styling wise - I have to say, I adore Mango for this look. 

Another winner - grey and blue.  The ideal top to tie in all the grey and navy Winter items in your wardrobe.  I would have worn this to work over a white shirt.

Printed cotton sweatshirt £25.99

Love this style of jumper - I find it so useful in the Spring (all year round to be honest).  They're great with looser trousers (and you may have noticed I have developed a thang for joggers...) - they make the perfect silhouette.  Also ideal for layering under blazers as they're so fine.  Ditto under dungarees.  Great with skirts and culottes.  Available in a myriad of colours too but it's the nude which steals the show for me.  Or maybe the black.. or the china blue...

Ribbed edges Sweater £19.99

The china blue..

The black...

Onto dresses now and the one criticism I have of Mango is that their short dresses are short.  Enchanted forest flashing.   Which I've always found odd, seeing as their maxis are too tall normally for me at 5ft10.  However if you're more petite, then knock yourself out with the perfect length short dresses.  This colours in this dress are simply gorgeous. 

Pleated Dress £79.99

A perhaps dressier option although I fear it may be a frumpy "on the knee" length on me which is such a shame (for me - not those of you who are slightly shorter as it will be perfect at just below the knee).  There is a (not really but vaguely) similar green lace Gucci dress this season with a wide belt which is so far out of my budget (think the price of a small car) but this would be a fantastic alternative.  It's the belt for me that elevates it to a different dress level. 

Guipure Dress £69.99

And finally the shoes which I absolutely adore.  Call me Seve but I love these.   WHY didn't I try them on as they're sold out online in my size. 


Fringed leather sneakers £39.99 The fringe is removable so you're left with a super cool white sneaker. 

And whilst we're here.. look what I found hiding in the sales section.  Remember the Isabel Marant Leos from the other day?  These are remarkably similar...

So there's my round up of all that is fabulous at Mango at the minute.  To be fair, I shouldn't say "all", as there is a lot more that I know I've missed.  Didn't even look at the skirts or the blouses - saving those for another day.  Or the jeans... Anything there that you fancy?

Here I am with my "yay I've just stood for two hours in constant drizzle on the rugby touchlines and now have to go for a 60 min dog walk" smile/grimace.  This was earlier.  Obviously I feel much better for having done it...


Black jumper - Banana Republic
Black (muddy) coated jeggings - Dorothy Perkins
White fleece welly socks - Ilse Jacobsen
Grey wellies - Ilse Jacobsen
Black raincoat - Ilse Jacobsen
Black sheepskin wrist warmers - Topshop
Grey cable knit scarf - Aubin & WIlls
Black and grey slouch beanie - Black
Black fringed Mario bag - Jerome Dreyfuss

I have wine, we have roast beef imminently and the 11yr old and I are catching up on Dance Moms.  If you've never seen it and don't have hours of your life to piss away - DON'T GO THERE.  I can't believe I'm typing this but genuinely the most addictive thing on TV.  Do not blame me... 

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15 comentarios:

  1. Ha ha Kat, might follow your blog, but I draw the line at following your choice of tv programmes!! Loving some of your choices of the above, and black and navy is my "go to" colour way for any outfit I put together and know that it looks half decent! Enjoy your wine and your Sunday lunch - back to school for the youngsters too tomorrow - you hadn't forgotten now had you??? ;)

    1. You know you want to try Dance Moms....

      I am going to LIVE in navy, black and white this season I've decided. Throwing grey in every now and again.

  2. I love the Guipure dress (still thinking graduation outfit) and the wool top. The fine knits are also great outfit makers (under Blazers I'm thinking) I just have to be careful with fine knits as I can be quite clumsy and snag them. I'm sure there is a Mango in Brighton? There used to be but I'm no longer sure but I always use the online option although their delivery is soooo slow its depressing! Why so slow? Other companies manage next day or 48hours (for free) so it can't be hard. This does put me off using Mango regularly tbh

    1. Just checked and Mango in Brighton appears to be no more (my nearest one)
      Also looked at the dress on their website and it has an open back... Bra issues?

    2. That's weird - Mango seem to be shutting loads and loads of stores.... the ones in London really aren't that great even then. I do think it's worth ordering. To be fair to them, I"ve only ordered in the sales but OMG OMG the delivery was a JOKE. OVer two weeks I think? I'm going to try now though (as I have to have that navy cardigan from yesterday which I SO hope hasn't sold out)

      And yes.. that green lace dress is backless... You'd have to do a backless one that goes round your waist I think? I have ZERO boobs so I'd go without. The. Shame.

  3. Yes, me me, I write a list then ignore it! I get carried away with what I love and not what I actually need. That dress is gorgeous and being short it would probably come to the right length on me. Love those ballerinas too and a great price. I don't have a Mango near me and never spend a lot of time on their website for some reason. I need to give it a bit more time I think as you've found some great pieces x

    1. All the best intentions.. and then I can't wear any of the outfits I'd planned as instead of buying the neutral navy top that would tie everything together, I bought the red logo jumper instead.. DOH!

  4. Well my husband has threatened divorce if he even hears the music of Take Me Out! But we are fully paid up members of either the Ninja Warrior (alas finished) or (and even better) Saturday Takeaway. LOVE it. I haven't told him about Dance Moms... I have a hunch it wouldn't be his thing.... but the 11 yr old and I are completely and utterly addicted!

    Definitely going to be doing a Me+Em post - I took lots of photos of them. And yes, I got the longline jacket in the sale. WHOOOOP!! As they're not doing any black blazers this season. SOB. In fact, I'm doing a blazer blog tomorrow. Are you psychic?

  5. How come you show such lovely things from Mango and yet the store nearest me (New Change... shouldn't be totally pants surely?) only appears to have rubbish and certainly none of these nice things

    1. The husband used to work opposite there. And yes, that is a rubbish store. The only vaguely decent one is on Regent St... I'm going to order online and pray that it's got quicker.

  6. Mango seems to have closed most of their stores in Canada. As has French Connection (love their prints). Sadly, online shopping is the only option for those two now. Which, for me, is not the same. I love touching the fabrics and seeing stuff in real life. Now, according to your selection, we seem to go towards more flowy silhouettes and away from more tailored trousers and skinny jeans. Do you think they are on their way out? I hope not!!!

    1. That is so strange as our French Connection has also shut.. Hmmm I wonder what's going on? I have to say I prefer online shopping as being able to try it on in your own home is invaluable.

      Right - silhouettes. No I think this is just one direction you could go in. Tailored trousers are definitely definitely still in - I'm going to stick my neck out and say skinnies perhaps aren't AS on trend as they once were but they're a staple of our wardrobes and, in the Winter especially for wearing big jumpers over, I don't think they're going anywhere. But a more tailored leg is definitely more "fashionable". To be honest, it's all a crock of shit. Basically, I think skinnies have seen around so long and fashion is a transient thing and NEEDS to move that we had to head in a different direction from skinnies as they've been the mainstay for too long and a change was in order. Does that makes sense? (I just wear what I like "she says staring down at legs encased in skinnies"!)

  7. I was surprised by how thick a fabric it is - almost like a coat as opposed to a blazer? GUTTED I only just saw it (but super perfect that it was in the sale with one size left in my sale!)

  8. Our Mango has shut too, as has Warehouse. There might be a concession in House of Fraser. Some lovely things, just when I think I don't need any new clothes for spring...

    I think skinnies are great for winter as you can tuck them into warm boots, and looser trousers are cold. Not so good in the rain, either.

    1. Definitely no Mango in our HofF... (I don't think so anyway..) Although can you order through John Lewis still I wonder? Warehouse definitely hasn't shut (although it is THE oldest and most tired Warehouse in the country, I'm sure). What is happening to our High Street?

      Skinnies are great for winter and yes, it's much more difficult to get the right footwear with looser trews (although I'm all for campaigning for the return of the chelsea boot..!) Having said that, come SPring, my heart will be long to the loose and slightly tapered. Or just loose.