Go big or go home

Bags.  I love big bags and I cannot lie... 

I also love small bags - a tiny (well, not tiny tiny, but tiny for the purpose of today's discussion) cross body bag is a complete must have this Spring/Summer.  

But variety is the spice of life and there are simply those occasions (especially if you have children) when you need to cart around more crud. 

Be it things that belong to the children (that will be in half term then... muuuuuum can you carry this ipad/charger/book (yeah right)/scarf/basically just my ipad) or magazines for me (that clearly never make it out of my bag but the intention is there and one day..oh one day...) - a bag that you can cart around the kitchen sink in is necessitated.

As I've mentioned, I've recently been given a large tote bag by Village England which has proven to be more useful than I could have envisaged.  Partly because it's got a cross body strap and it lies flat to your body so even when you haven't got the world and his dog in it, it hangs really well.  You'll notice how much I've been/will be using it.  

These are the perfect plane bags too.  "One handbag" = a handbag big enough to fit a weekend's worth of clothing in.  Check.  

It was also last week that I saw a couple more in Topshop and River Island and thought - maybe the oversized tote is having its day (plus I'd just booked my holiday and was getting into the hols mode.  Bag for the plane.. sorting my priorities and all that).

One thing I would say is that if it's a hobo slouchy type bag, I would recommend getting some sort of pouch to go inside, otherwise they can turn into the black hole (I'm sure I'm not the only one who's tipped their entire handbag onto the floor of the carpark trying to find their car keys?  Muttering something not entirely holy?  And yes, it's always the tampax that the kind stranger who offers to help, manages to pick up first)

So here's the one that I saw in River Island and it's amazing. Starting with black as, whilst I was once the biggest fan of the tan bag, at the moment, it's the black bags that are floating my boat (apart from a small red Gucci number of course).

Black Large Suede leather slouchy handbag £65 from River Island.  A clever idea of both suede and leather.  Plus an inner bag as well so it doesn't become the proverbial black hole.

Fringing shows no signs of abating in popularity and this is the perfect way to add jazz hands (I know I know.....you try and think of a way of saying "on trend" without sounding like a tool.  Clearly I stopped trying) to an otherwise plain outfit.  The very reason I bought mine last year and it will be worn loads again this Spring/Summer.  Keep the rest of your outfit plain and just let your bag or your feet do the talking. 

Black Suede Fringed Slouchy handbag from River Island £58

Topshop leather bags are always worth a look.

Premium Leather Shopper from Topshop £70

Black leather and suede again from Topshop £40 (loving this jumper).

Mine now from Village England.  This is a truly great bag.  Pockets galore and because it's semi structured, it's really easy to find things inside. 

Of course you may prefer plain (personally I'm a lover of pockets but there are days when I do like the minimalist look) this is a great long term buy from Marni. 

A classic tote shape.

An unlined, much less structured version at ASOS. 

ASOS unlined leather tote bag £32

One of my favourites though has to be the large tote from Saint Laurent.  I've had them on the blog previously in the black version but here is the red.  You all know how much I rate a red bag...

Large Leather Tote from Saint Laurent in red £590

Also saw this instore at Topshop and it's gorgeous.  Really unusual.  Plus they have in a wider selection of colours online and instore as well.

Real Suede Luggage Bag from Topshop £80

Slightly smaller if you don't want to look like you're moving out.

Leather Whipstitch Shopper from Topshop in khaki £40

A blush version from ASOS - unlined shopper £32  I have to say out of all the colours, this is the one that I think would work best with a wardrobe of neutrals.

Back to fringing with a Coachelle vibe in the burnt orange.  But it just seems to perfectly lift a black and white outfit.

Dark Orange Suede Fringed Slouchy bag from River Island £58

Grey Leather Slouchy Handbag from River Island £55

Slightly different in the woven leather from Abro.  

Abro Tote bag in brown £300

And in the pale grey. 

So are you a fan of the smaller, medium or giant bag.  I definitely have occasions when I need all three, not to mention a clutch bag.  I also go through phases of loving a particular bag and will use that for weeks, then go back to another old favourite.  I know that my tan bags that are languishing in my wardrobe will get their day again but at the moment, it's a black and red story for me. 

Still ridiculously chilly so dragging out the winter clothes yet again.  Variation on the outfit today as walking with the children this morning in the park (and the dog obviously.  I'd much rather just walk with the dog as she's the only one out of the three of them who doesn't moan and whinge incessantly.  Should be grateful I only had the two boys today as the 11yr old swanned off to Bluewater with her friend).  Then quick change and met a friend for lunch.  The joys of grown up conversation.


Black longsleeved tee - Baukjen
Grey fairisle detail jumper - H&M
Black coated skinnies - New Look
Black slouch beanie - Black
Black buckle detail boots - Toga Pulla
Black oversized scarf - Mint Velvet
Grey wellies - Ilse Jacobsen
Black Hazlemere tote bag - Village England
Black sheepskin wrist warmers - Topshop

All things remaining equal, we're off to London tomorrow.  Doing a child swap with a friend who's taking my two boys and I get her 12yr old girl.  To say I'm getting off lightly here is an understatement... However it does mean I have to spend an hour in Lush and god forbid, they should want to go to Abercrombie as well... (rethinks cunning plan which suddenly doesn't seem so cunning...) 

I'm also going to sneak a visit to Me+Em in though, fingers crossed, as well as lunch at Hix in Selfridges (best gluten free Club sandwiches in London).  In my head this will work... will I be on the gin by midday?!  Hope everyone else is enjoying their holidays. 

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26 comentarios:

  1. Oh dear, I bought the black Asos tote the other day- was literally like a leather off cut. SO much smaller than the pics and 'unstructured' to the point of being thinner than a plastic bag. Much disappointment

    1. Oh that is CRUD. I hate it when that happens and alas, it's one of those things that can happen with ASOS. 50% of their things are FAB and 50% are things that Primark wouldn't sell. It's such a tricky thing but at least there's free delivery and free returns. I pay the £9.95 for year long next day delivery regardless of what you order. Tis the best tenner I spend in a year!

  2. I ❤️ Big bags. I know Paul's Boutique aren't really your thing (apart from the odd cheeky exception ) but my work bag is from them and it is a huge portable desk!! Added bonus - it's so heavy I have the most toned shoulders and arms in Britain!!

    Def going to look at the fringed RI bag - looks perfect for on the plane for my next holiday ☺️

    1. These are indeed the perfect plane bags and OMG I forgot about Paul's Boutique. They have completely changed and do also do leather bags - I will have a look at them thanks for the reminder. x

  3. I was eyeing up the burnt orange slouchy bag the other day. Gorgeous indeed. Then on another blog some was opining about the stuff you must rid from your wardrobe
    Such as slouchy hobo bags. So thank you for talking sense! I am searching for a Chloe Fay rip off at the moment. M&S are pretty close with a brown version but without the chain ��. I need to get out the pliers and improvise. There's a lovely slouch bag by Kew in TK Max in a dusty plum. £45 but the kids wd have to give up meat for a few days ��

    1. Awww everyone is different and I'll be honest, I'm not the best at dejunking my wardrobe entirely as I if it's something I love, I do then think OH I wish I hadn't thrown that away. I find it much better to park things in the loft and then make a decision the following year to see if I've missed it at all. But these bags are always always useful. Maybe not for use all the time but on those days out when you need to cart more stuff around... plane bags etc etc.

      (and my kids have been known to have beans as a *treat* for a day or two...)

  4. I got one from primark a tote shopper style for £8 in a grey suede style mic cric and have used it constantly . I think it looks a lot more expensive than it looks and it's really slouch and soft X

  5. I like big bags and I can not lie!

  6. You're so right with the 1 big bag on an aeroplane rule, Boy took his little backpack filled with toys and the essential fully charged iPad and I had a mahoosive tote filled with water bottles and spare pants and endless, endless snacks (food is the foolproof way to get either of my children through a 2 hour flight, it would seem, Lord help us if we ever venture further!) Also, wise words on the mini-bag for inside essentials...it took me more years than I'd like to admit to of tipping shit all over the doorstep in the rain looking for keys before this brainwave came to me, durrh!!

    1. We've all been there... I have to say, I'm really looking forward to longhaul more than I am a short flight as there's so much more for them to do and more space! It's not the flight that kills me.. it's the airport. It's almost not worth it for a 90 min flight to Shannon. Not enough time to get over the pain..!!

  7. I sewed a long ribbon with a small carabine into my work bag, so I find my Keys first time. I also have a pouch, as although there are pockets there is also one huge cavernous bit, which could easily turn into a black hole!

  8. Thanks for the lovable piece of post with big bag images as now-a-days, it has been becoming trending for the present world women to buy such big bags. Even in my home too, my wife and daughter are being asking myself continuously for big bags. But, as i have been busy in my research writing service works, i am unable to fulfill their needs. Even i had sent them money to buy whatever they needed. But, due to some situations, i am unable to go home for the past one week and so, in that anger, they didn't even bough the bags using the money i had sent to their account. So, now while i am going to home this week, i had decided to buy bags for my wife and my daughter. So, thanks for the wonderful piece of post once again.

  9. Enjoy London! We had such a lovely lovely day, just a shame it was so short. Will be doing it again very shortly. Was lovely and not remotely busy plus the sun shone. Gorgeous day (plus I came home armed with Me+Em goodies too - always a bonus..!) I've got a cross body bag blog coming up soon definitely. xxx

  10. I have the leather/suede RI bag in my basket as I type (secretly coveting the tan Abro) - another great (enabling) post

    1. Should I say you're welcome or sorry?!! xxx

  11. I love big bags too, all my family think it's funny! Just bought a Village England one from House of Fraser was a fab buy, could not resist...

  12. This is a great collection of bags! I'm a massive fan of a big bag but always struggle to find bags that can fit a laptop to be used for work but I can also tote it around on the weekend. It's one of the reasons I started seeking handbags from independent designers 😉. My favourite at the moment are big bags that can go over the shoulder but also cross body - hands free with the kids or a little bit more dressy when you need it!

    1. The Village England Hazlemere is absolutely perfect for this!

    2. I'm totally sold by all its pockets!

    3. On the outside, on the inside and it's structured so it's not a bottomless pit! Plus cross body (and it lies flat against your body which I love) and handles. It's honestly the most perfect "Big Bag"!