Take one classic shape...

...and add a stripe.  Hey presto - you have Go Faster trousers.  Just going to throw that out there before someone (looking at you, husband) says it.  

Or are we looking at retro trackie bums?  Who cares?  I am loving these. 

For me, they epitomise classic with a twist.  Perfectly elegant trouser shapes in a sober neutral colour, brought screeching into S/S16 with a side stripe. 

I will be wearing these with a fitted crew neck now and either an oversized coat or blazer.   A suit for the non suit wearer.  I also love the idea of them with a fitted polo neck and longline cardigan.  Throw on sneakers to keep it from being too worky.  The alternative would be to mix it up with a crew neck jumper, ballet flats and a biker jacket. 

Lots of exploring of outfits to still do but seeing as I've completely fallen out of love with jeans (she says wearing a pair today.. duh), I am on a trouser mission.  I'm not sure I'm ever going to fully love a skirt so a cropped wide leg trouser is perhaps the next best option (is it or isn't it a culotte?) and there are some great side striped versions of these around.

So Me+Em brought out a long wide leg version of these last year and I loved them but they didn't love me back.  Too short.  But I do have ridiculous legs and on more normal mammals these would be amazing.

Let's start with the bargain red pair.  I absolutely love these.  Black crew neck jumper, black blazer, white sneakers. 

Side Stripe Man Pant was £128 now £39 Complete bargain.  Please someone else buy them.

Another wide leg pair in this season's colours.  Just adore these.  I will concede these are slightly more wearable and versatile than the red ones.  

Side Stripe Trousers from Me+Em in navy/cream/orange £128  And I do think they need to be this long.  Not M&S stylee length.. swinging round the ankles somewhere.  Please no.

Another pair in the sale from Karen Millen - again wide legs. 

Side Stripe Wide Leg Trouser was £180 now £105  For me - I'm not sure I'd wear these in a smart guise but then I don't really have any occasion for super smart.  They would though make quite a cool change to a more generic office look.  I do also like, I will admit, a beefier looking stripe.  This is a bit "piping" for me.. BUT if want a more subtle look then these are perfect.  

Black/Ecru Sporty Side Stripe wide leg trousers from Next £28

So the styling above isn't exactly working for me, but these below from ASOS, epitomise how I'd want to want them.  They look amazing and if you're not convinced by the idea but want to try, perfect time with these prices. 

ASOS Tweedy Wide Leg trousers were £45 now £13.50 Ok - I will admit these do look slightly like something from Brookside back in the day... But I'm trusting that they're more "tweedy" (as in tweed fabric and not Cheryl) and less Tinhead.

Actually on closer inspection, they're definitely trousers. 

Or this pair. 

ASOS Wide Leg Trouser with side stripe was £40 now £20

Then we also have the tapered look.  These are perfect to wear now.  Perhaps they're more wearable to be honest, on an everyday basis.  White oversized shirt, biker jacket, big scarf and sneakers for now.  Tee and blazer and chelsea boots for when it gets a bit warmer (or now, maybe change tee for crewneck jumper).  The opportunities are numerous.  I'm also thinking white shirt, black skinny scarf, pumps and a blazer for daytime.  Sign me up now.

These from Karen Millen look fantastic.  And what a great great price.  They say dry clean only but they're cotton and elastane so I'm not sure why you couldn't hand wash them?

Side Stripe Trouser from Atelier at Karen Millen were £120 now £45

A similar pair but with a different sort of stripe from Me+Em.  This time in navy.  Do I want black or navy, black or navy.. I think I personally need black as I have very similar in navy (or last year's version from Me+Em but without the stripe.  Tis a tad too far to justify both...). 

Side Stripe Slim Crop Trousers in Navy £118  I will say, I definitely prefer the stripes on these.  Go large or go home.

But there is always the wide leg option.  Now I don't have a wide crop pair in navy and I honestly think in the Spring, we will be living in these (well, I will anyway).  The perfect trousers for when it gets that little bit warmer but you're not quite ready to bare your legs to the world.

Side Stripe Wide Crop Trousers from ME+Em in navy and cream £118

Another pair at Next, this time with a loose cuff at the bottom. 

Side Stripe tapered joggers from Next £22

Tapered again at Issa.  I'm not going to lie.  The top they've teamed this with, scares me. 

Ola Crepe Trousers from Issa at Matches were £450 now £180

Another off white pair for a pretty darn good price and they go in the machine.  Right - these need a black sweater, black jacket and black flats for the day.  Throw on a black shirt, black stilettos and you're off for the evening.  Or a black silky tee for a more dressed down Spring look.

Sportmax Code Side Striped Tailored Trousers were £130 now £65 

So come one - are we in or are we out?  I am going to be on it like a rocket - the perfect not too suity daytime alternative to jeans that aren't a khaki.  It's just which colour and which shape.. The other reason I love these is that they really are the ideal trousers to take you from day to night. 

Moving onto outfits from yesterday and today.
One could be forgiven for thinking I wear a wig, looking at these two photos.  My true hair colour is somewhere between the two of these (not my "real" hair colour.  That's naturally very very dark brown with grey pubes as an unwanted addition.  Yes, on my head....I'd love to say they're just grey hair but they're not.  For want of a better hideous noun, they are purely grey pubes of epic proportions.  A scary but true prospect.  Hence the dye.  Thank the lord for dye).

The Air Force ones are still going down like a bag of sick.  Bothered.  They are so comfortable, it's like wearing slippers.  A collection here of my A/W favourites that I would normally save for "best" but it was a Thursday and I for coffee with friends and to the supermarket.  Zero glamour but I loved my outfit all day.


Cream cashmere jumper - hush
Leather leggings - hush
Grey double faced coat - Whistles
Grey Air Force Ones - Nike
Black Harker Hands Free bag - Anya Hindmarch

Today, my new bag arrived, thanks to Village England.  Will do a post on it shortly but couldn't wait to use it.  Swimming with the kids after school and it's the perfect laptop bag.


Navy Jumper - Autograph at Marks and Spencer 
Baxter jeans - Topshop
Knitted oversized cardigan - Zara
Cracked leather Stan Smiths - adidas

So I am up to my arms in cooking food for the party tomorrow night.  I had great plans of getting most of it done today... errr I've done one salad which looks great and is in the fridge.  The other (which took ages) looks as if it will feed about 4.  As a side dish.  Not 60....  But I'm throwing the towel in tonight, wine's open, feet are up and I'll get up at 6 tomorrow to crack on... (she says ambitiously... ) 

At least the outfit's sorted though.

Will Go Faster trousers be making your Spring wish list?  Snort.  I think most people are going to pretty much hate these (you'll all be wearing them next year though....!)  Hope everyone has a fab Friday night. xx

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34 comentarios:

  1. Oh my goodness, that bag is perfect - exactly what I need, crossbody but large - love the pockets on the front. Feel vindicated by this post as was in Next last week and saw those cuffed stripe trees and thought mmmmmm - maybe. So going back to try on! Good luck for tomorrow's party is it for your B'day? Happy Birthday and hope you're wearing that gorgeous Preen blue dress - you looked amazing in it - waist miniscule!

    1. The bag is amazing amazing amazing! Definitely join the stripy gang! xx

  2. I can take or leave the go faster stripe trouser, but the "More tweedy (as in tweed fabric and not Cheryl) and less Tinhead" has to be the funniest thing I've read all day! Xx

  3. I have been lusting after the Me & Em cropped slim trousers since they appeared on their website. Am waiting for a discount code!! Have a great party.

    1. Just showed the trousers I like to the husband. Guess what he said? "Ermmm not sure about them! Go faster stripes and look like trackies!"

    2. Ta dah! What else would they say..!

  4. I would wear the stripe trousers but in a slim tapered leg as I just can't wear any kind of wide leg trousers as they make me look squat as I'm 5'4'. I just can't get them to look right. Neither can I do wide full skirts though I love that fifties look on others. Pencil skirts and slim trousers look better on me. Might be tempted to try those Next joggers. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday. Elaine.

    1. Thank you! Hope you find some you like xx

  5. Great post again - love the stripes. Super cool with a more simple style of cropped tapered trouser. I would so wear these!
    - Salamander

  6. Yay! Finally managed to publish a comment...!

  7. Love the stripes, agree that they have to be BIG!

  8. Hope the party goes well :)
    Love pants with a stripe. Mine are navy with a black stripe and tapered leg. I've got my eye on a pair from Boden, but I'm not sure about the colour.

    1. OOh are the Boden ones the pink ones? I KNEW I'd seen a great pair somewhere else. Yes, agree they look great as well but they're probably not the most versatile in that colour.

  9. I like the tapered stripe ones best, but I bet if I see them enough I will like the wide-legged ones ;). Haha about your hair, I think mine is very similar.

  10. If I were to look like Uma Thurman's character in Kill Bill I would certainly be tempted but alas, I fear I would end up looking (and feeling) like a cross between The Starsky and Hutch car and Kevin Patterson! So it's a definite and resounding no from me although yes, by next year I will probably succumb to the brainwashing of celebs, magazines, Pinterest etc. etc. and be embracing them wholeheartedly....and in every colour!! Enjoy your party (why no caterers?!). X

    1. Ha ha ha! I love love cooking so don't see the point of caterers! We're lucky that we've got enough fridge and storage space so it really isn't an issue. It's just time consuming but then I love to entertain! Had a couple of girls to help with drinks and tidying up which is a real help x

  11. For now I'd say that this is one that isn't for me - however all the young mums on our local estate are suddenly going to be bang on trend (trackies with a stripe down the side, white trainers, usually teamed with a scraped back ponytail, a slightly too short vest top & different coloured bra, it is a strong and enduring look round here!).

    Still, we can't all like the same thing, sometimes it is good to read one of your lovely posts that doesn't send me scurrying off to overuse my groaning credit card and who knows, fickle as I am I'll probably be jumping on the bandwagon at some stage...

  12. I really love them when styled with trainers but they look so very wrong when teamed with stilettos & blouses...or blue cardigans a la Next!! How perfect is your new bag though? I love it! X

    1. I actually like the tapered ones with heels but not so much the wide leg ones. Got to be trainers. The new bag is perfect, isn't it?!

  13. I love these especially the 'Brookie' ones but I probably won't wear them down my local high street as will only receive wth stares plus I did them 20 years ago in the leggings version, however I might try them in a evening version with heels & a shirt as I really love them

    1. Shirt and heels in the evening works so so so well. Like a modern day tuxedo!

  14. Hi Kate
    Love your blog and can usually understand all the English/Irish vernacular but this one got me stumped. Brookside back in the day... But I'm trusting that they're more "tweedy" (as in tweed fabric and not Cheryl) and less Tinhead.

    Only talking about Brookside (never broadcasted in Australia) with some English friends last night as the only Liverpool set show we could think of except the Liver Birds. Googled Cheryl Tweedy - know her as Cheryl Cole. Cannot figure out what a Tinhead is and how it ties together. Apologies for sounding such a blockhead but can someone explain to an intrigued Aussie. Yvonne

    1. HA!! Right - Tinhead was a character in Brookside! Who always wore a tracksuit. And yes, Cheryl Cole way back when was originally Cheryl Tweedy. Showing my age here..!

  15. Have ordered both sale pairs from asos. Love the me+em red pair but don't think could pull them off. This style all over the press for this year. Your right soon everyone will be wearing them. Cheryl

  16. Hope you had a great party. x


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