It's dregs time

Now I say dregs but to be honest with you, over the years, some of my best bargains have come from scraping the barrel at the end of the sales with the bargain basement prices.  

It's also come this time that you can really get your head around what you're going to be wearing in the Spring (ish).  As oppose to the day after Christmas when you're still suffering from a sequin hangover and the thought of bare ankles sends you back into another chocolate coma. 

Come February though (yes it is actually February now.  Which always goes offensively quickly and we'll be into March before we know it), we can suddenly see the wood and no longer just Christmas trees. 

And it's the best time to take advantage of the more expensive sites that we might not usually look at.  Starting with my perennial favourite - and that is denim.   But we're not talking blue denim.  Oh no.  We are talking not blue denim.  Any other colour but blue. 

I'm sure at some point, I will have a blue denim revival but at the moment, it's just not on my radar and every time I wear it, I think ugh.  Maybe because I have lived in derivations of it for the past ten years and just need a change. 

We are going for ecru, white, black, grey, khaki - all of those I would happily welcome with open arms.  The reason I think I love these so much at the moment, is I'm very much loving my more muted colour palettes.  And buying into the versatility of trousers.  So jeans (err denim trousers?!) that can be worn during the day and then out to dinner in the evening with a change of shoes are what I think are the perfect base to a super versatile capsule wardrobe.

The tale end (ok so we are at the very very end) of the sales are often a great time to have a look at those jeans that you normally wouldn't contemplate at full price as they're frightening.  Or, it's a great time to sneak in an extra pair of more reasonably priced ones as a treat.  I found lurking on a shelf a pair of high waisted Boden black skinnies in almost a moleskin that I have lived in since discovering them.  It just takes one pair of new trousers to breathe life into last season's favourites that by now you might be tiring of - ever so slightly.  And if they're a bargain, then that's even better.  

Plus I reckon it's a fact that it's often the cheaper the things you buy, the more often you end up wearing them.  No?

Starting with the scariest of jeans, but simply the most useful jeans come the Spring.  There is nothing that lifts the mood like a pair of white trews.  What was that I said about lambs gambolling?  I can see them from here in these jeans...

Skinny jeans from McQ by Alexander McQueen were £165 now £99 pre extra 20% off.  An extra 20% off ALL sale prices at My Theresa (be prepared to lose hours of your life.  I will admit I may have got distracted earlier.  The 11yr old came in. "Mummy, do you know I can hear you muttering SHIT under your breath?".  Well everything I wanted was sold out in my size).  I am going back at it when I've finished this.  I may be on a sandal mission (don't ask).

I love the whole simplicity of this look.  I think very Helmut Lang.  I want to live head to foot in Helmut Lang when I grow up and win the lottery.  Although you can keep the sandals.

Now moving back to the more reasonable but staying with super skinny and this is my absolute favourite fit.  I promise you, it's magic.

High Rise Super Skinny Jeans from Boden in Silver were £69 now £41.40

In the navy waxed - £41.40 again down from £69  I honestly don't recall seeing these in a navy waxed earlier in the season.  I have the black pair and the porridge pair.  Which is the most awful description for the most sublime shade of oatmeal.  Perfect for the Spring.  As would be the navy.  

Of course there's always the blackest black super skinny jeans (which I have on today and LOVE)  Mine are last season but these do look to be the same.  Amazingly flattering.

Super Skinny Jeans in black £49.50 BUT 20% off with the code M7X3 

More grey skinny again at My Theresa so there's an extra 20% off these.  And no, I'm not getting on board with the pink sneakers...

Halle Mid Rise Super Skinny jeans from True Religions were £201 now £100

So you can't find any grey jeans and then they're like buses.  

These from Marc Jacobs. 

Ella Cropped Jeans from Marc by Marc Jacobs were £180 now £108 (with an extra 20% off)

Other super skinny options which are a great deal are these from MiH jeans.  These are a velvet (it looks more like a moleskin) texture to them.  I love these with a clean cut white shirt, black blazer and killer heels.  The perfect pair of black flats for during the day.  Keeping it simply and acutely elegant.  I LOVE these. 

MiH Bonn skinny jeans in Stone were £185 now £92

In an ideal world, I think I'm going to want looser for the Spring/Summer.  I adored my bargain pairs from All Saints (bargain from Kildare Village - all of £20) and ASOS (I think these one might have been £12... what was that I was saying about wearing the things you pay peanuts for, the most?  So true with both these pairs of jeans).

Love these with a pair of sneakers, flats or sandals. 

And these from Stella McCartney look perfect.  Zip at the bottom means you can wear them more tapered or undo the zip for a straighter leg look.  Admittedly not quite as good a bargain as I snagged but still a great price for a pair of jeans you will get loads of wear out of.

Solange low slung Boyfriend jeans were £275 now £110   If it's any help, I size up one size in these.  So usually I would always be a 27 in jeans (28 in Topshop) but in Stella jeans, I'm always a 28.

How cool are they undone?

Or could these be the perfect white boyfriend pair? 

I can't wait to flash the ankles again full time.. but in the meantime I have been completely living (over the weekend) my trusty Boden high waisted super skinnies in black from last season.  Like I say, I think the ones above are the same and I cannot recommend them highly enough.  

Loving them right now, but know that I will be all over the looser legs imminently (and I'm off to scout the tinternet for more grey jeans.  Or trousers.  I have a whopping grey hole in my wardrobe... Anyone else?)


Charcoal Adele jumper - hush
Black super skinny high waisted jeans - Boden
Red Edie pumps - Jemima Vine


Grey cashmere and silk jumper - Needle Knits
Black super skinny high waisted jeans - Boden
Grey cardigan - Zara
Red Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose
Black Harker hands free bag - Anya Hindmarch

And then today - yes a bargain Zoe Karssen jumper which I picked up from TKMaxx yesterday for an unbelievable £24.99.  Just as I took all the tees that I bought back (bar one navy one) and found this instead.  Complete result. 


French Kissing in the USA Jumper - Zoe Karssen
Black Super skinny high waisted jeans - Boden
Pleather jacket - ASOS Tall
Cobalt jersey scarf - & Other Stories
Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose
Red Soho Disco bag - Gucci

Today couldn't go very far as I was on Ginny watch.. was waiting to hear from the vets when we could go and pick her up after her operation.  A large stone was the culprit (seriously it's the size of her paw - clearly brains don't run in the family..) but she appears to be on the mend and will basically be asleep on and off for the next couple of days.  I've someone coming in to sit with her tomorrow whilst I'm hopefully off to London. 

Plus I *think* we've managed to rearrange our holiday for later in the year (that we've had to change from Easter due to the husband's job).  Which has obviously sent me spiralling into sandal mode.  Must. Stop... (but the sales the sales, the dregs.....).  We also have Ireland to look forward to.... I can hear you all laughing but I always always take sandals with me and always get to wear them.  I've so jinxed that for this year, haven't I?

Are you still flying the blue denim flag or are you all about the alternative coloured denim?  And if so, what style jeans tribe are you a member of?  (I'm a jeans whore - I love all of them).  Or is it denim that you've decided to swerve and have you moved into trousers (I won't call them slacks or pants, fear not) territory?  All change where you are or happy to stick with the tried and tested?

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24 comentarios:

  1. It's all about the cropped kick flare for me. I don't actually wear jeans that much but I snagged a pair of kick flares in the H&M sale for £7. I also got some black, cropped denim wide legged jeans from H&M which I am looking forward to wearing as soon as I get over the damned flu. Haven't left the house or my bed really since Sat! Too sick even for Internet shopping!!!

    1. This is true... Although I think many people will give up on these v swiftly as it's so so so hard to get the length right... And I'm not entirely sure that everyone will love them. I also think it's perhaps one of those trends that will grow in the next year or two? With a look that makes such a different silhouette, it does often take some getting used to.

      And you poor poor person with the flu. I'm housebound today with the puppy - I'm too scared to leave her! I am not however, too sick for internet shopping..!

  2. I love grey jeans and already have 2 pairs. I have an old pair of gap real straight black jeans that are now a lovely washed out black too. I can't really make white jeans work for me, though. I have some lighter blue jeans in boyfriend and flared styles that will be coming out in the warmer weather. I think I have a navy/indigo hole in my wardrobe too...

    1. Randomly I seem to be finding grey jeans harder to master than white ones! The old Gap real straight are AMAZING - a proper just perfect boyfriend style. The newer ones are less straight and more spray on in my opinion. Flared.. hmm I have a fair few of them actually that I really really should wear more!

  3. I didn't *think* I had any gaps in my wardrobe for skinny jeans (or any pants for that matter!) but along came your post and next thing I know, I'm pressing buy on the Boden coated skinnies. I ordered two - navy and oatmeal (not a color I would have thought I'd want!) and in petite as I've been loving the above ankle look (anyway, I'm only 5'4"). Now just hoping they'll look as good on me as you. Xx

    1. Honestly I can say they are some of the most amazingly comfortable jeans I own. The oatmeal (we can't call it porridge, cant we?!!) will be PERFECT for the Spring. Slightly irritated that I wore mine in the winter and have an unattractive mud mark on one of them that is refusing to come off - I can't even blame the dog, it was me being super cretinous just getting out of the car. Moron.

  4. Oooohh grey jeans, THAT'S what I'm missing, thank you!

  5. Just bought high waisted grey skinnies from Zara, a mere £17.99, very comfy and a lovely grey.

    1. aha now that's a tip. I got a Zara voucher (amongst others!) for my birthday!

  6. I'm after a pair of slouchy grey trousers. I have the perfect navy, fine knit jumper to go with them but can I find the right pair? Nope. Driving me mad.

    1. oh god do you know what? I'm SO with you. Tried on the perfect pair in Topshop and for some reason only known to my MORONIC self, I though - nah, I'll be good. FOOKIN CRETIN. They were amazing and about £19. I trawled about three Topshops and their hideous masses of sales rails but couldn't find them again. I'm on it...

  7. Nooooooooooo I'm not supposed to be spending in Lent and those Boden skinnies are just what my wardrobe needs - BOTHER!

    1. Your wardrobe will thank you, I promise. Personally I've (allegedly) given up swearing and (definitely) given up social smoking. .... give up somethign else and reward yourself in advance with new jeans??

  8. I love grey jeans - I've got a pair from Hush. Only problem is they slip down a bit by the end of the day :(
    I also just wanted to say thank you so much for highlighting the LK Bennett Tamia sandals - they are soooo gorgeous & sooooo comfortable - I danced all night in them & not a blister in sight! Fabulous! x

  9. What size to you wear in the Boden jeans? I am also 27 in most brands think I will try them...

  10. My best grey jeans are from H&M bargainously enough Kat! Wear with Nessa Hush cardi & grey tee or a not too pinky pink (makes sense to me anyway) jumper. Also seen a couple of shades of grey - not 50 - in Topshop's big denim push at the mo...
    Just saying....

  11. I haven't been a fan of TS denim the last couple of years but I'm going to have another look, thank you! Do you not find H&M jeans grow a size during the day??!

  12. I do! And they have done precisely that today but given it therefore makes me feel like am 'too thin' for them they really ARE the gift that keeps on giving! Twisted logic I know....
    I tried the very TS denim I recommended yesterday when my delivery arrived. They are the most perfect colours. But the fit! I look like a sausage-legged Weeble. Am hoping your, er, length will pull it off a lot better... that sounds rude, I meant your tall-ness. Not even a word. Where's the wine?!

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