And there's more...but this time with sleeves...

Yes I am on on the Summer holiday shopping roll.  I say Summer holiday - I do in fact mean, every day at the moment (three whole days in a row.  It's like Christmas.  In the Summer.  Sort of.  And moving swiftly on).

Summer has finally decided to show up and I am definitely making the most of it. 

So I've let you into two of my Summer secrets - just one left.  And that's the tunic dress.  This is the fashion equivalent of a sack.  Really selling it you aren't I?  But honestly, a tunic dress can take you from the school run to out in the evening and will be in your wardrobe, year after year after year.  

The ones I favour are what I like to call buffet dresses - in that you can chow down to your heart's content without any fear of anything being stretched (bar your tummy).  But I know lots of people do prefer waisted dresses so I've found some of these too. 

All of these have sleeves.  I do tend to wear them on warm and not on super scorchio days but since we only have about 5 of those a year, it's not a problem.  They're ideal for only having to tan your legs.  Even I, with my Les Dawson knees, am happy to get them out on warmer days.  Whilst I'm not Linda Evangelista, even I know that I don't want to look back in twenty years time and think - for the love of god woman, why didn't you get your knees out?  As by then, they'll look like the two old men from the last scenes of the original Muppets who make Les Dawson look like Brad Pitt.

I've also managed to snag some of mine from the dregs of the designer sales.  They have easily paid for themselves over the years, but there are still some gems to be found elsewhere on the High Street. 

Starting with one of my favourite dress brands for this sort of style - good old MaxMara.

Weekend MaxMara Polder Dress was £160 now £96

Weekend MaxMara Siro Dress was £195 now £90

Embroidered at Paul & Joe was £230 now £92  This is pretty enough to wear for a myriad of occasions.  The perfect little Summer dress.

Plain style now at Warehouse. 

Woven Mix Panel Dress £35

And in the black again only £35

The Floral Ponte Dress from Boden. With.. drum roll... a 20% off code.  Doesn't get better than this, with free delivery and free returns.  Love love love - was £89.50 now £71.60

Code is A3G8. 

And in the blue...

And then we have the super casual throw ons from Boden.  

Slub T-shirt dress from Boden was £44.50 now £35.60

In the coral, grey and plum, again now £35.60

Or the Grey Marl and Camellia again £35.60 with the 20% off.

So staying with the loose shape but now looking at v necks as like I've said, I know lots of people don't like high necks so hopefully these will work for some.  I have a mix of both.

Madewell Printed Washed Silk Mini Dress was £160 now £96

Velvet by Graham Spencer Ladey Sangria print cotton dress was £138 now £55

V Neck at Boden with their Linen Tunics.  

Casual Linen Tunic in the Red Dotty Tile was £69.50 now £55.60

And the Ivory Mono Tropical Leaf also now £55.60

Neutral again back at faithful old Warehouse.  These are so super useful.  Wear into the A/W with tights and ankle boots (I love an American tan tight me...).  I'm assuming you can undo the top buttons....

Casual Shirt Dress in Raspberry £35

And in the khaki again £35

And in good old navy - yes the buttons do undo!

There are also waisted versions as I know some people prefer this.  For me, when it's warm, I do prefer the sack versions as I find them cooler.  But I have boots like pancakes so they're not hard for me to wear. 

For those who prefer a defined shape, there are options. 

Madewell Floral print silk crepe de chine mini dress was £170 now £102

Perfect for Summer days and evenings - would love this teamed with leopard print. 

See by Chloe Cotton gauze was £310 now £124

Similar shape but one that could easily be worn to a wedding and then on the school run.  My favourite sort of dresses.  It's an investment dress but it would stand you in good stead for years.  And it says dry clean but I would handwash this no problem. 

Plus an extra 20% off at My Theresa today - off all sale prices.  You're welcome...!

Cay Batwing dress by Alice & Olivia was £275 now £137 pre exra 20% off

Dress up or down again at Boden.  This would look as great with white sneakers as it would with strappy heels or court shoes.  Denim jacket or dress coat.  Either would work perfectly.

Alisa Dress was £79.50 now £63.60 in navy bubbles

Or in the pink bubbles...

I have to say though, my favourite waisted dress (and yes it has pockets..!) is the Miranda Dress.

Miranda Dress from Boden was £49.50 now £39.60

But today, for me it was definitely a no sleeves day.  One of the best £15 I spent this year, way back in February on this H&M complete bargain of a dress. 

Here I am in the heat today.   

Orange dress (is it orange or is it red?) - H&M
Straw hat - Fat Face
Tan tie ankle sandals - Forever21
Whiskey Medium Marcie Satchel - Chloe

So tomorrow - oh lord too many ideas.  Hats, espadrilles, pared back sandals and then thinking forward to A/W.... Where to start? 

In the meantime, I hope everyone is enjoying the heat.  Looks like we've got one more day of it - another day, another dress.  Anyone else loving their frocks at the moment?  At this rate, I may never wear a pair of trousers or jeans every again.  I am officially turning into my mother... (she only ever ever ever wore dresses or skirts when I was growing up.  And now I know why!) 

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  1. I love tunic dresses, but with a bigger bust they do need to have just a little bit of shape to them for me. The things I hate most are dresses with elasticated waists - they invariably fall in the wrong place, or are too tight, and it ruins far too many dresses! One of my favourites is an old one from Seasalt which has a drawstring waist. I can tie it as tight or loose as I want!

    1. I do love ones that have a built in waist (if that makes sense..) and the best I've definitely found are a drawstring. I think most flattering for everyone. small or big boobs. We should just have a drawstring waist dress shop!!!

  2. Oooh you're talking my language here! I have the Whistles Lola dress which ticks all these boxes but always on the look out for more. Off to check out the Velvet by Graham and Spencer......thanks!

  3. Yes, yes, love summer shift dresses and tunics (especially in linen and silk)! If I hadn't been so diligently collecting them all summer, I would be so tempted by the Boden ones (the Miranda dress is gorgeous, although I prefer no-waist in general) The White Company also do great shift dresses and I love the black Danielle dress from Hush (now half price although sadly I bought it before the sale.)

    1. I don't think you can ever have too many... I've been wearing all of mine recently - they're SO much easier than a top and bottom combo. And I don't think they really go out of fashion either - which is random but they don't! With a dress - anything goes. I'm sure the hush one wouldn't have been in stock in your size anyway...!

  4. Your dress does look more orange, but a picture doesn't always give accurate colour reproduction! The weather here is definately warm enough for dresses!
    My Per Una sweater arrived today, ordered at the weekend, dispatched Sunday, arrived in Denmark yesterday evening and in my hands by 9am this morning!
    The fit is slightly looser than I'd expect for something described as tailored, and the label doesn't agree with the website as far as percentages of materials used. The label on the sweater only says 3% wool (no mention of merino) while the website says 10% merino! That being said I do like it, the textures are good, velvet front, with different knits for the arms and back, and I'm a sucker for raglan sleeves. I also got a 20% discount as it's my birthday soon, that coupled with the exchange rate means it was a really good price. So it's a keeper, although it'll probably be October by the time I wear it!
    Danish Pastry

    1. RIght, well I got the olive top too. Meh. I wanted to love it but the fit isn't right for me... Do you think it's quite short in the body? I LOVED the fabric but the fit was funny. The 8 was too tiny but the 10 was too big. I also ordered the navy and white ribbed one from Limited Edition whcih I have to say I LOVED but ambitiously bought in the 10 and it was seriously spray on!! WIll definitely need to size up but am going to reorder as it's really quite cool....

  5. Love all of them We've always called them buffet dresses too, they are so comfy ��

    1. They're fab aren't they? My Irish family (some of whom are slightly larger bone) are obsessed with these dresses and have been buying them for years! The glee at finding the perfect "buffet dress" or "buffet top" is well known in our fam!

  6. Love all of them We've always called them buffet dresses too, they are so comfy ��

  7. Love all of them We've always called them buffet dresses too, they are so comfy ��

  8. Love these dresses! It's so hard to find a dress that doesn't flash all of ones backside when you bend over, or feel like you're flashing too much flesh - especially if you're over 5'10! But god, is there any better feeling than throwing on a dress and being able to breathe out.....! RESULT.

    1. Nail, head with the length thing... One of the reasons I LOVE a midi. No butt flashing to the world!