Anyone for embroidery?

So you can either get merry with a needle.  Or buy a ready made pair. 

Following on from the Gucci thread the other week, of course it so happens that I am now obsessed with it and keep seeing tributes everywhere.  Oh happy days and oh lucky us.

Now you may need to bear with me for this particular trend.  At first glance, yes the early 90s are calling and they want their jeans back.  But if you look a little bit closer, this is a really easy addition to your Autumn wardrobe. 

Best thing about these is that one pair is all you need.  Everyone has a plethora of plain jumpers, tees, blazers and coats in your wardrobe - a pair of embroidered jeans or a denim skirt will transform these into a super up to date outfit.

Embroidered denim.  As I say you can do your own (and believe it or not, I did in fact embroider my own one Christmas holiday when I was at uni.  Time on my hands, or what?!) or you can take advantage of what the high street has to offer.  You could of course go premium, but honestly, for not a lot of money, there are some complete gems on offer. 

My tip to wearing these would be, keep to classics for the rest of your outfit.  A breton, a blazer, a pair of pumps (ankle strap ones I am All Over at the mo) or sneakers.  Plain jumper, trench.  That sort of get up.  Think French.  With some retro jeans thrown in (and now in my head I am Vanessa Paradis.  You can tell it's day three of the holidays.  Hysteria is starting to set in...).

So we're going to start at the safe end of the scale.

Embroidered Skinny jeans from M&S £39.50

Straight legs with blue detailing at Topshop. 

Blue Embroidered Straight leg jeans £45

Slouchy straight in navy again from Anthropologie.

Pilcro Embroidered boyfriend jeans £128  Currently free postage and returns at Anthro.

Have to say, these would be my jeans of choice though.  LOVE these.

Authentic 1969 Embroidered Girlfriend Jeans from Gap were £54.95 but now £34.95

Moving on from blue to some more colour.  Go on....

Parisian Blue Embroidered Skinny Jeans from New Look £24.99

Straight legs at Dorothy Perkins, currently with 20% off.  I've seen pics of these on the Dorothy Perkins Insta and they are completely awesome. 

Embroidered Straight Leg Jeans were £32 now £25.60 

Paler now at Topshop. 

Moto Floral Embroidered Jeans £58

Full on embroidery now.. not for the faint hearted. 

Embroidered Jeans by Glamourous at Topshop £39

And in different shades, also from Glamourous at Topshop £39

And I'm going to finish with a ringer.. a denim skirt.  Not any denim skirt but an embroidered one...  I have to say it's something I've never mastered (the denim skirt bit) and for me, these are too short.  But that's not to say I wouldn't rule out a midi (yawn).  However I love the shorter skirts on other people (which sounds slightly wrong diddly) but they definitely work on those who are shorter or who have gazelle like legs. 

Moto Denim Embroidered Skirt £35  If I look at this really quickly, I can see the Man in the Moon.  Possibly not what they intended.

And definitely floral, also at Topshop.

Moto Floral Embroidered £35

So to embroider or to stay plain?  I've ordered a pair which have now gone out of stock (the fact mine haven't arrived yet, doesn't bode well).  And even if they do arrive, chances are they'll be going straight back, but I'm definitely going to give them a try on.  Anyone else?

And outfits from yesterday and today. 

Fake tan fading so jeans made a lovely change. 

Tailored wide leg jeans - Me+Em
Black crepe sleeveless top - Zara
Falcon leather espadrilles - Seven Boot Lane
Straw hat - H&M
Black fringed Mario bag - Jerome Dreyfuss

And last night - never knowingly underdressed for drinks with the girls.  We couldn't get a date in at the end of term so cleverly postponed for the first week of the holidays.

Blush chiffon embroidered dress - H&M
Pompom suede sandals - Zara

Ocean floor shirt dress - & Other Stories
Suede tan heeled boots - Boden
Whiskey Medium Marcie Satchel - Chloe (anyone bored of seeing this yet?!)

So speaking of bags, I am being bombarded by emails that are full of new season loveliness.  Which I'm going to share with you tomorrow.. don't all thank me at once..!

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28 comentarios:

  1. I do like the first M&S pair, not so keen on the ones with coloured embroidery, maybe as I subscribe to the paired back French approach to styling.
    I did have embroidered jeans in the 90's and loved them to bits! I do still have an embroidered denim pencil skirt with blue embroidery (must have been bought towards the end of that particular trend), that still gets worn a couple of times a year and I don't like the idea of parting with it.
    Looking forward to the bags tomorrow (avoided buying any at recent visits to outlets, as I had nothing in mind, and nothing ambushed me telling me I had to buy it - my husband thought I was ill)!
    Danish Pastry

    1. So you're already doing the embroidery thing! Yes, I have to say ridiculously excited at bag porn!

  2. Ohhhhhhh dear! A big fat no from me.

    1. Ha ha ha! Wouldn't it be a boring world if we all liked the same thing!

    2. I am a total late adopter so will probably be in love with these just as everyone else is done with them!!

    3. I'll be honest, that's usually my way of coming round to trends!

  3. Love the GAP pair. They're down to £34.99 now. Woop woop! Sue xx

    1. oooh I've just edited to put the new price on! That was a super quick reduction. Thanks for letting me now!

    2. They have an extra 25% off today with TREATGAP so are only £26.24 now.

    3. WHOA! Now that's a bargain x

  4. Got the gap ones on order but god knows if theyll fit as the US/UK size thingy befuddles me. That blush dress from H&M is astounding btw

    1. Thank you! Fingers crossed for the jeans...xx

  5. Got the gap ones on order but god knows if theyll fit as the US/UK size thingy befuddles me. That blush dress from H&M is astounding btw

  6. No no no no!! Don't do it! Looks like something an awkward French exchange student may wear!

  7. That will be a no from me horses for courses and all that

  8. I must have missed embroidered jeans in the 90s too! It's a big no from me, but no doubt you will look amazing in them, causing me to reconsider... Jo

  9. Hi Kat, I remember you saying the & other stories dress was a little see through, does it need a slip? Do you mind me asking what size you're wearing? I'm putting in an order an trying to decide whether to add this in! Thanks.

    1. Yes, definitely needs a slip. I got a nude one from M&S. And I'm in a 10 (a 36). I would say it does come up on the big side. Hope that helps!

    2. If you live near a store pop in I got this dress today for £16!

    3. OMG NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! FAb fab buy though especially as the slip makes it £20 more!! Although I guess I can also wear it under the black and blue ones I have too as they seemingly are completely see through as well!

  10. Kat, you are rocking the midi/maxi dresses!! So perfect too with your pom pom sandals!! And I can't thank you enough for the Holiday Rules list! Pure genius and it has made our home so much more peaceful!

    1. Thank you and YAY for the rules. They're costing me a fortune though in trips out and extra art supplies and books.. can't believe I'm moaning about that now!!

  11. I love embroidered anything.
    Was watching the catwalks closely for ages and stocked up on embroidered denim jackets( have 3 currently- from Topshop, Glamourous and Missguided)
    Also made my own denim jacket with stitching embroidered roses patches- does it count ?
    Not keen on jeans - though the Topshop faded ones are lovely- seen them in person but i dont like the boyfriend/ mom fit.

    1. I have to say the fit does look better on than it does on the models... but I totally agree - a straight leg would definitely be my preference!

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