Suede boots. 

I know we're in the throws of Summer but we've had a week of good weather, I've worn my Summer dresses and am frankly over it now.  Fickle, moi?  Mais oui.

I have developed a rather disturbing obsession with suede boots.  This is second to my addiction to dresses which is on the verge of becoming out of control (but they're soooooo useful) and I may have succumbed to only one pair so far (the terror of them being sold out before it gets to Autumn is real, my friends). 

What has led me to think these are going to be my number one footwear for the Autumn?  Well - firstly they are the perfect addition to my new found dress obsession - bare legs for Summer (I shall be wearing mine shortly seeing as it's not 30 degrees any more) and either tan tights or opaques going into the cooler months. 

Rain = a suede protector spray.  That's all I'm saying on that topic.  Although I will attempt to reassure you that they're not nearly as fragile as one would perhaps think.  I reserve the right to exclude, from this theory, a pale suede.. but even then, I have old Ash Jalouses which I've sprayed and wear (albeit not in a downpour or in the depths of Winter) and have aged really quite well. 

They also look amazing with culottes, with wide leg crops, with skirts (the skirt is racing up the obsession stakes and currently charting at number 3) and with cropped jeans.

So we're starting with a pair that are both sublime and ridiculous.  But they would be so unbelievably useful and would go with genuinely everything that cost per wear (and I would start wearing mine now) these will probably work out at being your cheapest pair of boots (probably.. I appreciate it's a hard one to sell).

Marmont Fringed Suede Boots from Gucci £645

Whilst we're in fantasy land and blowing the budget, I am rather in love with the Harper boots from Chloe.  Embracing the Victoriana.  In a boot.  Be steal my beating inner Helena Bonham Carter.

Harper lace up suede ankle boots from Chloe £795

I'm not even going to mention the blouse and skirt here but *sharp intake of breath*....

Or in the navy... 

However I have found a pair that aren't a direct copy but are the most superb variation on the theme.  And I'm going to so far as to say that I prefer both the colour and the heel.  I definitely prefer them being less than a tenth of the cost.

I was also thinking of adding a velvet khaki ribbon to the lace up...

Suede boots from H&M £59.99

Lace up also at Mango.  Slightly different but the nod to Victoriana is there.  It also means that these should hug the ankle well.  Saggy ankle issue be gone.

Lace up leather boots from Mango £79.99

And a black pair with a skinny heel. 

Lace up boots from Mango £49.99

However when it comes to lace ups, for me, these are a close second to the H&M ones.  They remind me vaguely (as in they're not remotely similar...) to the ancient leather peep toe lace up Kurt Geiger heels I've had for 6 years.  And still love and regularly wear. 

River Island lace up boots were £85 now £51

And the black ones, which I don't think are as nice as the tan ones but are cheaper... now £42.50

Khaki again at River Island.  The sock boot has landed.  I predict these being even more prevalent this season than last.  They are so easy to wear under those awkward length trousers, skirts and culottes.  Not to mention, they're ideal with dungarees and jumpsuits which have always been notoriously difficult to team boots with. 

Khaki heeled sock ankle boots from River Island £50

And in the black again £50 

More black suede, close to the leg loveliness from Boden.  Yes, these are from Boden.  And there's also 20% off with the code A3G8.

Suede Stretch Ankle Boots in Black £129 pre discount

But I have to say, for me, it would be the burgundy...

A blog on boots or shoes these days, wouldn't be complete without a contribution from Topshop.  This season looks like being as good, if not better than the storming Summer they've had.  Lock up your credit cards.  That is all. 

Anabel Ankle Tie Boots in Black suede £69

And in one of the must have colours of next season - the burgundy - well, they say rust but they look like a wine colour to me (I'm all over this, khaki and camel.  Yum.  Scrum).

Anabel Tie Detail Boots £69

Get out your sunnies for these.  How perfect though for the Autumn?  And for now.  I am seriously screwed with so many lovely boots out there... 

Mustard Western Boot in Red Suede from Topshop £75

And finishing with a pair that, I know I said suede but these are velvet.  However they are so unbelievably amazing, I'm putting them in here.  And sitting on my hands not to buy them....

Brown Leopard Print Sock Boots from River Island £50

So please don't tell me I'm the only one who has started thinking about boot purchases for the Autumn.  Or now.  First sign of a coldish snap and I shall be whipping these babies out.  

Which ones get your vote or are you more of a leather boot person?  Lace ups floating anyone else's boat?  

So today, the sun was still definitely shining, my fake tan was still standing from Saturday so it was another day another dress.  Another best buy in the sales from last year with the 7yr old gladiator sandals.  I'm also amazed by how much I've been using this bag.  Three years old now.  

Shirt dress - & Other Stories
Gladiator sandals - Aldo
Hat - Zara Men
Whiskey medium marcie satchel - Chloe 

We started the first day of the holiday with a list of rules.  According to some on Instagram (the list is on there if you would like to check it out - @doesmybumlook40) they are slightly draconian.  I however, figure if you don't start hard, you have nothing to negotiate with.  And actually they're nothing that I didn't have to do as a matter of due course as a child.  In fact, I had to wash up instead of emptying the dishwasher.   And playing outside for 30 mins was a treat not a chore.  Darn iPads.   We have had a WHOLE day without them.  Even though they are allowed them after they've played properly inside and out, done something vaguely intellectual and done some (hardly workhouse) chores.  Just limited time.  Otherwise they would veg about on them all day.  

Day one.  Me - 1. IPads - 0.

I have promised myself that if I keep this up all holiday, those Gucci boots will be mine.  Now that's a proper incentive...

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25 comentarios:

  1. Hi Kat, I saw these boots by Billi Bi after reading your blog:
    Very similar to the Guccis, I'd say...

    1. Gosh they're a really good copy aren't they?!

  2. I don't think your list is draconian at all. Speaking as a teacher I wish more parents set firm boundaries, schools would be happier places! Some children have a lot of difficulty in September settling, for this reason. Good parenting and great style, fingers crossed for the Gucci boots!! X

    1. Oh than you. I think it's also more difficult to understand what it's like living in a house with an ASD child. I have to say, we probably wouldn't need to be putting these into place if I just had my other two but it's certainly not doing them any harm at all!!

      Day one was a HIT and he earned a whole extra hour of ipad time but of course we were so busy yesterday and he was so tired, he didn't go on it at all yesterday and so first thing this morning "I get my extra time on my ipad...". It's hard to argue with that. Although I will now spend the next hour arguing with him to get off it which will result in meltdown.. Gin on my cornflakes ok?

  3. Ha ha! It's a slog with a special needs child, but they benefit more than most from consistency and reinforcement. He sounds bright enough to understand rewards systems and will want to benefit from that. Progress isn't linear of course so don't beat yourself up about bad days. I've felt utterly lost but mine is now a happy and confident adult xx
    All the best. Xx

    1. Oh my lord this is so so lovely to hear. On mornings like today when I have a huge work assignment i'm trying to do and keep them entertained at the same time... ARRGGGHHHH!! But it's done now - we're off for a dog walk!

  4. Hi Kat,

    We've dropped you an email and think that it may have landed in spam. Please could you check? Or possibly drop us an email at info@blogospheremagazine.com

    Best wishes and look forward to hearing from you,


    1. ooh I will do thank you. haven't seen it but gmail is notorious for spam. I found my passport appt confirmation in there ysterday!!!

  5. Those River Island ankle boots are almost an exact match for these Stuart Weitzman boots, regularly $595, in the US Nordstrom sale: http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/stuart-weitzman-perfection-bootie-women-nordstrom-exclusive/4292092 Supposedly they are the. best. ever.

    Katherine C

    1. Oh my lord, they are, aren't they?!!! I think I"d take a punt on the RI ones for that price difference, no?!

  6. I think I've fallen in love with the Chloe boots in navy, can't justify the price though! Hopefully they'll inspire other boots that are more affordable.

    As for raising kids, I'm all for structure and knowing where the boundaries are. We often get comments to the effect of "you don't know, as you don't have kids yourself". Which to a point is true, but it does mean that we are unbiased (hopefully) observers, and know who out of our friends have a structured system and who don't, there is a direct correlation in terms of which children are most pleasant to be around, and who have grown up well rounded, confident and able to take on the responsibilities of adulthood! After all there are invisible boundaries everywhere in adult life!
    Danish Pastry

    1. I completely agree - I will say, with an ASD child the boundaries need to be so much firmer and you have to be consistent which is so ridiculously hard when they can wear you down like a belligerent toddler!!!

  7. Accessory QueenTuesday, 26 July, 2016

    Two teenage girls.....
    I'm in hell
    Only your blog keeping me sane

    1. Oh nooooo. I thought they got easier as they got older??!!!! Shoes are the only way out. New ones. And a bag to match.....

  8. The Harper boots are so beautiful. My most loved ankle boots are oxblood leather ones, most similar in shape to the Boden ones. I bought them on a whim, as they were massively reduced. Initially I thought that "coloured boots" wouldn't go with as much as a sensible neutral brown/black/navy/charcoal. But they are worn so much! Now I think of oxblood like I do animal prints, they are my new "neutrals".

  9. OMG! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Those River Island boots

    Least practical boots ever but I'm so going to check them out in the shop

  10. Ooh... boot porn! Love the RI ones, the H&M ones (didn't see those today when I went in with my 10yr old), the topshop ones etc.

    I don't think restricting screen time is draconian at all. And I say that as a teacher and a parent of a special needs child. It came to a head one breakfast time with minecraft on youtube over the cereal, I may have been a little bit cross. But we agreed that afternoons when other stuff was done it was ok.

    1. The H&M ones are genuinely even more lovely in the flesh...

  11. Oh. My. Lord. Kat. I did not know that I needed a pair of suede ankle boots for Autumn. But now I certainly do. My eyes are on the Billi B black pair ;) Sue xx

    1. I am totally in love. How pairs is too many?!

  12. Thanks for this post. Having just bought my winter coat in the sale from reiss I could do with a new pair of boots to go with it for winter. I love the top shop ones, must investigate. I'm a recent follower of your blog and Instagram, and love it!

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