Happy 4th July. Although I apologise for being a day late...

...and so we're all about the Stars and Stripes today.  Except with not so many stripes. 

Basically Stars. 

Where does the inspo come from?  Well, yesterday I was doing some work for a company, writing about my favourite pieces from their A/W collection and I was bowled over by their star pieces.  Stars are going nowhere.  

In fact, when I went to Selfridges last week and was drooling over new season, it was the Saint Laurent obsession with stars that I was most struck by (and a pair of turquoise Gucci suede boots that made me look like Sam the Eagle - the big blue bald hairy one? - from the Muppets.  But we'll gloss over that.  That was "struck" in not such a great way...).

Clearly most of us will just be taking purely inspiration from Saint Laurent as opposed to stocking up on their star adorned goodies.  

Let's just take a moment to collectively drool....

Monogrammed envelope star-jacquard cross body bag from Matches £950

Star Print Shirt Midi Dress from Saint Laurent £1525

Babies star-embellished glitter ankle boots £535

And not forgetting the rather well know star sneakers.. which make the Golden Goose seem like a bargain.  Ish.  Ha.

Saint Laurent Court Classic Appliqued Leather Sneakers £345

Now I haven't managed to find boots but I have found shoes... 

I have to say, I am more taken with these than I possibly should be. 

Daisy Street Star Heeled Shoes £29.99

Ditto these.. someone stop me. 

Jeffrey Campbell Gazer Star Western Heeled Boots £125

These however are much more "sober" (well - as sober as a pair of gold glitter shoes with stars on can be) and I think are definitely Saint Laurent inspired. 

ASOS Lourdes Pointed Pumps £22

Starting with dresses and oh hello bargain of the day that I've found at Forever 21. 

Contemporary Star Print Dress from Forever 21 £23

And in the poppy...

And in case you didn't realise, the hush sale started today.  With some stars... (and lots more besides.. happy sales shopping!) 

The shirt version of the above dress. 

Vivenne Shirt was £49 now £35

And again in the poppy. 

Scatter Star Tee from hush was £30 now £20

And the Faded Star Print Tee - was £37 now £28

And jumpers - Starlight Jumper in midnight/fuchsia was £69.50 now £50

Other jumpers that I absolutely love are the cashmere versions from Wyse London.  Stars a plenty here.

Love the Maddy Slouchy beige orange/pink cashmere sweatshirt £170

Or the Maddy Slouchy in Navy Large Star cashmere sweatshirt - again £170

But my favourite would have to be the Luca Star Sleeve Sweatshirt with star sleeve £175

You may or may not be aware of the Kate Moss for Equipment blouses which are completely delicious and timeless and also heinously expensive.

However they would last forever so if you're feeling like investing.. 

Kate Moss for Equipment Star Print Tie Neck Silk Shirt £371

However.. now it's not the same and I have never heard of this company but you could always return it if it's completely pants. 

Meimei Star Print Chiffon Blouse £13.41

And then I've found a skinny scarf from New Look.  Now personally I would just put this with a plain black or white shirt, or even a tee.  And in fact, writing this, I think I will definitely get this - neck ties are the big thing for A/W and I have so many plain black items that this will be perfect for.  Kate Moss, eat your heart out. 

Black Star Print Skinny Scarf from New Look £4,99

Jackets now.   And I have a love/hate relationship with denim jackets.  I feel they don't love me.  Although I did feel the same about biker jackets and now they are my go to comfort blanket. 

This one though, I think I love.  Although it's only petite. 

Boohoo Petite Star Applique Jacket £25

Although I have found it in normal size but I randomly think I prefer the petite one... it looks more cropped.  And with this sort of jacket I think if it's cropped it needs to be cropped.  For the record I would NOT be planning on wearing this over hot pants - but over a midi dress - or over a maxi skirt/culottes and loose tee or shirt, this could work.  Or you could just revert to a biker jacket which is what I always do.

Boohoo Star Print Jacket £25

And then of course I can't not mention sneakers.

It's no secret that my sneakers of choice are Golden Goose.  You will either love them or hate them.  I adore them.  And if it helps make up your mind, they are THE most comfortable sneakers known to man. 

Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Supe Star Sneakers £280

However there are plenty of other options out there.

Converse All Star Chuck Taylor Miss Match Cream Stars Plimsoll Trainers £60

But I have hit pay dirt now... I am on a bargain roll.  How amazing are these?  YES they are £25 from Dotty P's.

Silver Chelsea Trainers from Dorothy Perkins £25 

And in the burgundy £25 

Having said that - it would be a toss up between the Golden Goose DP tributes above, or the Saint Laurent inspired Topshop Copenhagens.

Copenhagen Star Trainers £26

And if you don't feel actual star inspired.. how about cheating with the Etoile tee from hush, now in the sale.  I love these tees. They're the perfect combo of just the right amount of fitted but still loose and not clingy... if that makes sense?   And they wash like a dream. 

Etoile tee from hush was £30 now £20

So I had my Etoile tee on yesterday but today I plumped for an old grey tee that I've for years from Alexander Wang.  And seeing as it was freezing, cloudy and drizzly this morning, I went for Autumnal shades on a Summers day.  Still loving the jacket...

Grey tee - Alexander Wang
Khaki midi skirt - Topshop
Yellow faux leather jacket - Zara
Gold studded tan suede boots - Quattro Rish
Leopard print bag - Tory Burch

Tomorrow I'll be back - reporting back on some more sales success that you may have spied over the last week.  And still waiting on my Mango skirts (I ordered two sizes..) which are still to arrive.  I need something to cheer me up.  Things I have learnt today.  A hot glue gun is really hot.  And that I am not expecting a call any time soon from the RSC wardrobe department (yr 6 production... A Midsummer's Night's Dream aka a nightmare chez moi).  On the upside, I am a complete pro at making antique looking parchment.  A talent which may come in handy when......

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14 comentarios:

  1. Sat up late for the Hush sale - rebought the sarong (Oh come on I'm not the only one who does that!), a stripy rucked skirt (I have two that I live in over leggings) and a metallic gold T shirt I think will be useful - very pleased!!!

  2. Still on hols but sneaked a look at the Hush sale but both items I'm interested in out of stock in my size! As for stars I love them, I have the Hush scatter star tee from last year and Etoile from this year, and I have the TS Copenhagen sneakers, I love them! ( also proud owner of a Mint Velvet cashmere jumper with cream stars scattered over it)

    1. Well you will LOVE LOVE LOVE hush new season.... !!

  3. Must admit I was apprehensive when I saw the header as I got thoroughly fed up with stars when they made a fashion round years ago and I wowed never to wear again. However these stars feels much more classic and dare I say something I might try out again... Ah Hell, I bet I will be doing a fashion 360 and all of sudden lust after everything stars. As always Ur blog is as dangerous as it is lovely :) x

    1. AHA!! No I am totally with you - I'm not really one for a "motif". But these do seem - well different. I'm not going to lie - it was the Saint Laurent trainers that made me think - oh hello... Even though I've been wearing the Golden Goose Superstars and didn't realise that there was a Star on them (ignoring the fact too it says "superstars"...!)

  4. I am a star fan. If I wasn't Scottish and, therefore, my kidneys are worthless, I'd definitely sell one for those Laurent trainers :-)

    1. *snort*. I have to say if you blinked, you'd be forgiven for thinking the Copenhagens were Saint Laurents and not from Topshop!

  5. The sneakers and cashmere sweaters are my thing, I've been eyeing up those wyse ones and trying to decide which one is for me!
    Danish Pastry

    1. The Wyse ones are AMAZING. Although I have to say I do like their Ines style the best for me - slightly fitted but not fitted. THE perfect jumpers to go with skirts! (which is so so so hard to find!)

  6. Oh I love stars! Some really lovely inspiration, as always. I have several (you can never have too many) scarves with stars on from Becksondergaard, converse trainers and a grey tee with faded stars. Some of those cashmere jumpers would be perfect for autumn *sits on hands as has bought a lot of knitwear, already*.

    1. Scarves are a great way to add interest although I have actually not worn as many scarves the last couple of seasons.. have preferred a chunky collar! But knitwear... well that I can't resist!

  7. Thanks for the tip off about the new look star scarf, I've had my eye on the Kate Moss one for the last few weeks but really could not justify the £100 price tag. Whilst the delivery charge was almost as much as the scarf I just had to purchase!!