Project Summer continues.

The project that I have embarked on which is to basically man up to the fact that we're not having a Summer and stop buying clothes that we would need to layer with thermals to wear now and look at purchasing those perfect items we can put on immediately that will see us through to Autumn, not to mention Winter (which frankly I could be writing about now.  Out of interest - yesterday morning it was apparently one degree warmer than on Christmas Day....I'll just leave you with that nugget..)

So last time we looked at the perfect midi skirt.  Well today, we're looking at a top that you can wear with them but for me - these are also ideal to give new life to those old jeans for during the day or for out at night.  Perfect for work and lightweight enough to wear should the weather ever get warmer... (and I'm not going to jinx it by saying that it looks like we might break the 20degree barrier this week but....).

A year round staple - we're talking the blouse.  I have even come round to rather liking (ok maybe that's a tad too strong a sentiment but I don't *mind* it.. ) the word.   But I'm not talking any blouse, we're talking the pussy bow blouse.  For me, this is now a classic. 

I promise if you buy one of these, it will become so useful, you will wonder how you ever lived without it.  The ultimate dress up dress down top, I can assure you.

And first off, it would be rude not to have one more sweep through the sales to see if there are any bargains left.  I apologise now as you will lose an hour of your evening to the Mango sale site.  Go forth and browse the bargains.  Of which some are of the pussy bow variety.

Openwork trim blouse from Mango was £35.99 now £17.99

And in the white... again £17.99

Or the dark red... ok this is a tad autumnal but looks amazing with khaki and denim.

Another white shirt at Mango were £49.99 now £24.99

And to give more inspiration on how you can tie these blouses - this is the same as above but in the navy again from Mango and now £24.99

Pink perfection at Me+Em in silk. 

Pussybow Silk Blouse in Pink Sugar £148

If mustard is your thing... this looks gorgeous with navy, grey or black.  For day wear - just throw on with a pair of jeans, blazer and ankle boots. 

Eyelet Tie Neck Blouse from M&S £39.50

Black now and mixing it up with a textured fabric.

Dobby Blouse by TFNC at Topshop £33

To add more interest, there's always print.  I should probably keep these for another day but they're tie necks so they're going in here.  Love. 

Tie-neck blouse from Mango were £35.99 now £17.99

Or the gold.. again £17.99

And now for sleeveless and I appreciate I'm stretching the boundaries of pussbow here as this is more "just bow" but .. well, there aren't that many shortsleeved/sleeveless versions out there (that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it - oh and I happen to love it..!)

Striped Bow Blouse from M&S £22.50

And in the navy mix... again £22.50

But I have come up trumps with a blush version.  Proper pussy bow. 

Tie Neck Blouse from M&S £25

However my favourite has to be the swing blouse from Me+Em. 

Halter Tie Neck Blouse £79

Me+Em are Queens of the sleeveless tie neck blouse, of that there is no doubt. 

Tie Collar Top in Sugar Pink Crepe £115

And a Silk Silver Grey blouse £148

However if you didn't want sleeveless, I have found one short sleeved version. 

Tie Neck Blouse from Me+Em £89

Bow blouses, yes or no?  I love the versatility of them and the fact you can tie most of them in a number of ways.  I have a black one from Zara in silk that I bought seven years ago I think.  Still going strong.

So this is yesterday when the sun did shine.  It also completely and utterly poured with rain. Faux leather jacket is earning its keep already.  Football with the boys early doors and in the afternoon took five 9 year old boys to a laser tag party in Lingfield, called Bullswood Skirmish.  Anyone vaguely local seeking ideas for boys' parties (or outdoorsey girls of course) should look no further.  Amazing (by all accounts according to the small boys...)  With no effort At All on your part (which makes it super amazing in my book).

Breton top - Joseph
Ada Trousers in navy - Marks and Spencer
Yellow faux leather jacket - Zara
White cracked leather Stan Smiths - adidas
Silver Have a Nice Day bag - Anya Hindmarch from Collen and Clare

Last night for yet another meal out with the husband (third time this week - we don't know we're born and yes obviously we've almost run out of things to talk about...) and then a Comedy Night. 

Off white silk bardot top - Warehouse
Flared Jeans - Saks Fifth Avenue
Gold heeled sling backs - Topshop
Leopard print bag - Tory Burch

And today for painting the back drop at school for the Yr 6 production.  Ironic trousers of course... 

Black lace vest - birthday present from a friend and no idea where she got it from.
White linen oversized tee - Max Studio
Paint splattered khaki trousers - Zara
Rose gold and black leather sandals - hush
Whisky medium Marcie satchel - Chloe

I am exhausted after the weekend and the plan for this evening is the football and a glass of wine. 

Tomorrow - a 4th of July special....Hope everyone else has had a great weekend!

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13 comentarios:

  1. The sleeveless pink Me & Em one is beautiful. However, I am frankly sick of buying summer clothes that only get worn on holiday (meaning I always overpack and hardly wear any of it). I've discovered I own an indecent amount of Summer clothes that practically live in a suitcase in the coat cupboard due to our relentlessly shitty weather. Depressing!

    1. And that's the whole point of these blogs!! So we can buy things to wear now but that we can also wear for the rest of the year too. I would happily wear the sleeveless pink one with a pair of black peg leg leather trousers for a Christmas Party!!

      But I completely agree that full on Summer clothes, I am refusing to buy anymore. I have bought ONE properly Summer dress this year - I even bought new sandals to go with it but have found some in my wardrobe that work just as well so am returning them and putting the money towards boots!!

      You'll love todays blog then... !!

  2. I'm on holiday at the moment in case you hadn't noticed on Insta and I'm actually wearing my summer wardrobe, but I brought too much with me and won't be able to wear it all before we come home but I have at least worn all my new items (once each) so mission accomplished xxx

    1. Yes - you WIN at wardrobe Summer wearing at the mo!!!

  3. Tops that can be worn now and can go on into autumn always tick my box, I worked out years ago that if I wanted to wear high summer clothing until it wore out I'd end up freezing or moving at least a 1000 km south, but as I actually like our unpredictable climate I decided not to buy as much!
    I'd call those paint splattered trousers a stroke of genius - nobody can see how much paint didn't end up where it was supposed to. ☺

    1. I think we actually need three outfits. For the entire Summer for RIDICULOUSLY hot days. Obviously I'll be eating my hat when it's 30degrees every day in August!! (although we're off to Cornwall, Ireland and Suffolk so I'm thinking, I'm probably safe to keep buying boots and coats!)

  4. Oh, lovely outfits! Stripes, culottes and biker - perfect for the "mild" (that would be the crap) weather. Love the off the shoulder top with the flares, I do like flares in summer. Very funny paint spattered trousers...

    I seemed to have lived in jeans and trainers at the moment. I did manage a denim skirt for a 4th July garden party yesterday, but wore it with nude tights as it wasn't really that hot! *Looks at sundress, vest tops and sandals that I haven't worn yet*.

    1. TIGHTS!! oh my lord. I have ONE sundress that I have bought. That. Is. It. If it's hot, I shall be living in it!!

  5. Completely agree with everyone about the summer clothes that don't earn their keep * look sternly in the wardrobe*** I'm trying to be ruthless in packing to go away FRiday . Have just got delivery of the khaki sarong from hush and love it! Can see it doubling up as a scarf at home as well. Any recommendations for the hush sale? Worth staying up till midnight tonight? Went to love supreme festival over the weekend and stayed away from the stalls selling 'festival' clothes - always seems such a good idea at the time!!!

    1. Oh gosh there is so much from hush that I love. I hope I'm not to late to bag the pink jumper... bugger - had better stay up!!

  6. Oh the Warehouse Bardot top looks stunning with the flared jeans. I have a black pussy bow blouse that I've had for years and often fills the 'I don't know what to wear' panic just before I'm going out.

    1. Nail. Head. My black pussy bow blouse has saved me on so so so many occasions.

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