Pimp my stripe

Is there anyone who doesn't love a breton?  And yes I use that in the bastardised sense of the word, as what I actually mean is stripey top or jumper.  We all know what I'm talking about. 

They are as much a staple of our wardrobes as a pair of jeans and a navy blazer.  Well, mine anyway, in my eternal quest to reach the dizzy heights of Parisian chic. 

Except that move over Paris, Milan is calling and I am now on a breton mission.  Take your normal stripe top.  And improve it.

So I found one yesterday from Per Una (yes I know I know, dig deep and think laterally peeps.  Frills and embellishments are your FRIENDS here)

And in my quest to be a Gucci-gal on an M&S budget, as soon as I got the new Boden catalogue this morning and saw "Make a Statement Breton" as an actual top, I thought - right, here's where to start. 

Make a Statement Breton from Boden £39.50  AND there's 10% off all new season stock plus free delivery and free returns with the code A3L7.

So we are starting subtle... breaking ourselves in gently so the husband and children don't think we've been sniffing glue.  Sleeve frill action at I Love Friday. 

I Love Friday Long Sleeve Top With Frill Detail in Breton Stripe £40

Metallic magic at Mango.   They say this is gold.  I think it's more of a brown.  I think it's absolutely epic, that's what I think.  As a change coming into the Autumn, this is superb.  For me - this is the crux of the Gucci vibe.  Taking something that's theoretically normal but putting an out there spin on it.  Brown breton with gold lurex.  Too delicious. 

Metallic Striped Breton T-shirt from Mango was £25.99 now £12.99

And it appears that this season, Breton needn't necessarily mean navy.  As I said - it's a stripe thing...  I found this in the sale at Boden and oh hello...  With black.  I love this.  With navy, with khaki.  I think it's about putting colours together you may not have though worked.  But in fact do.  Suck it and see, that would be my advice.  You'll know if it works. 

Drop Shoulder Breton Top from Boden was £29.50 now £14.75

And burgundy and pink at MiH in the sale.

MiH jeans Kate Breton was £115 now £34

Add detailing in the sale at Mango.

Message Striped Sweatshirt was £19.99 now £9.99

And in the red - also now only £9.99

However it's not all breton stylee.  It's just any old stripe that works.  Did I mention I was all the little bit obsessed with Gucci next season?  Fist bump for this one.  Apart from the price.  Serious sense of humour failure at the price. 

Gucci Embroidered Stripe Wool and Cashmere Blend Sweater £890 (it's not even all cashmere for the price *weeps with laughter*).  If you zoom on in the cat, I'm sure (SURE) it's not but it does look ever so slightly like they've knitted part of a real kitten into the jumper.  I guess it would explain the price...

Gucci Metallic trimmed cashmere and wool blend sweater £585

Now there isn't that much super stripey out there at the moment but that's not to say there aren't some bargains out there to be had in the dregs of the sale. 

This would serve you well now and into the Autumn from Mango. 

Striped cotton Sweater was £35.99 now £17.99

And in the ecru.. again £17.99

Pleated Stripe Longsleeve top from Topshop £34

However bargain of the day is this.  Be still my beating inner kids' tv presenter's heart. 

Modern Stitchy Stripe Jumper was £29 now £10

And in the monochrome, although I personally prefer the multicoloured by a country mile.  £12 down from £29

My favourite is the Ines Rainbow Breton Cashmere jumper from Wyse £170 BUT with 30% off all jumpers in the sale with the code .SUMMER16.

Of course the other idea is to just get a normal jumper and add something yourself.  Dare I say a brooch... This is for another day.  And I thought blouse was the only awful word beginning with B.  But I have to say, I think there might be mileage in this...

So the neutrals. 

APC Stripe top £105

Navy and white breton stripe cotton top from Orcival £55

Breton Stripe Crew Jumper from Warehouse £35

And in the navy.. LOVE this colourway £35

I cannot resist a stripe.  In any shape, colour or width.  And I wear all the ones I have.  In fact, I have to ration the ones I have as otherwise I could happily wear them every day. 

Yesterday - not so much stripe as full on Autumnal wear.  I'd love to say I was boiling hot in my wool ensemble.  Alas, I wasn't.  Summer - feel free to turn up any time you feel like ..

Grey front tie wool top - Zara
Wide leg grey wool trousers - Zara
Yellow faux leather jacket - Zara
Whtie cracked leather Stan Smiths - adidas
Haworth black leather bag - Village England

And today - again, not reinventing the wheel but perfect for the weather.  Without resorting to cashmere.  Which I was exceptionally tempted to do...

Black triangle top - hush
Denim culottes - Zara
Black Boucle jacket - Isabel Marant
Black patent Ness shoes - Whistles
Fringed Black Mario bag - Jerome Dreyfuss

So I won't bore with you with the plethora of chaos that is the end of Year 6 as a parent who can't say no to volunteering but suffice to say, everyone said it would be bonkers and it's that times a thousand.  Brain.  Fried .

Not helped by my sales purchases that keep arriving which are PANTS.  Warehouse floral dress - err hello.  Demi Roussos called.  He wants his kaftan back.  Ditto a leopard print dress from ASOS, skirts from Mango (barf), the pink sandals from Carvela that I've decided to send back as I haven't worn them, which leads me onto my blog for tomorrow.  I am in sandal hell.  You have been warned....

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16 comentarios:

  1. Oh, love a stripe! I'm sure someone cleverer than me could add embellishments to a stripy top (Gucci, seriously how much for not-cashmere?).

    I know what you mean about end of term madness, my 2 are at neighbouring infant/junior schools and the combined calendars are making my brain fried! We will be doing the Year 6 thing next year...

    1. Yes, embellishments are NOT my strong point unless they're attached with a pin!

      Yr 6 is so so lovely though, albeit bonkers and super emotional!

  2. What's not to like with stripes, not that I need any more, wardrobe bursting at the seems as it is, but if I was in the market for more stripes, the Boden one, or the Whistles sweater or.....
    But definately not Gucci, they just don't float my boat (the opposite in fact), not even if they were priced reasonably!
    If it's any comfort the weather has taken a turn for the worse her in Berlin, we were caught in a freak thunder storm yesterday with no jacket or umbrella as the weather forecast didn't say anything about rain! There were even hail stones, and some shops had to shut due to leaking roofs! Needless to say we are better prepared today.
    Danish Pastry

    1. And wouldn't it be a dull world if we all liked the same thing...

      Welcome to our Summer then... *weeps* Although today it's GLORIOUS!

  3. Love a stripe. This was my sales bargain pimped out breton - love it - very cosy - perfect for chilly summer evenings...


    1. Stripes AND sequins... what's not to love?!

  4. Loving a breton. Im over the sales now.I managed some tan espadrille wedges in the Jigsaw sale-half price. The perfect neutral summer shoe & have been searching for years.

    1. They have some amazing shoes now at great prices! I need to do a whole espadrille re think....

  5. I am a big stripes fan too. In fact when my kids were small I dressed them in striped tops 99% of the time. Love.

    I am quite keen on the navy Warehouse top, I think it would suit my frame (and my wardrobe) the best. Might check it out.

    Weather pants in Ireland right now as well. Occasionally the sun peeks out, it hits 20 degrees and then the skies open. So pretty much the typical summer!

    I picked up a few bits in the Hush sale - the Etoile T, another Striped Zoe T and a Dolman sleeve sweatshirt in Ecru in a bigger size for sloppy wear. (I already have the two grey shades and adore them). Other than that I am done.

    1. That weather had better improve by the time we come over in August pretty please...!!! I LOVE the Dolman sweatshirts. I tumble dry them too (don't tell anyone....!!) And yes, the Etoile T is amazing. Won't tell you about the embroidered jumpers they've got coming up....!

  6. I thought the new Boden catalogue was lush - how much have they upped their game?! And more than one buy-able embellished Breton between the pages. Don't mean to rub it in (ahem), but I'm off to much sunnier (for that read 'excruciatingly tropically hot') climes tomorrow, so I'm not quite ready to embrace the Autumn stuff yet and am really rather excited to don my off-the-shoulder Pampelone tunic and tasselled sandals. Bikini-ville here I come!

    1. Oh you think that is good.. you should wait and see what else is coming. OH MY LORD I could wear all of it!!! Happy excruciatingly hot. Apparently it's going to be that here too....OOOH

  7. How much do I love the Boden breton. THANK YOU for your post. I was dithering. and at risk of missing it. the one thing that I actually really want / wear most in my entire wardrobe. So I pounced and it is on the way. THANK YOU THANK YOU. So happy.

  8. Kat I'm undecided which Wyse jumper to go for. Either the one you feature here or the grey with stripes on cuff. Which do you recommend?

    1. Oh I am so so sorry for not getting back to you. Ok I have both but I have to say my favourite is definitely the navy with the stripe front. But both are infinitely useful although for me - it's the navy that I find more useful - primarily as I have NAY boobage so anything that I can wear that gives the illusion of lift to my bust is a bonus for me!