Wishlist time

And today we've got a bit of bag porn.

I am going to pre-empt this by saying I actually don't need a new bag. 

Famous last words if ever I wrote them.  But for the moment, this is just a "wouldn't it be lovely if..." blog.  Christmas is around the corner (ok yes you can kill me for mentioning the C word in July.  When I say "around the corner" I obviously mean YEARS away) and it's never to early to start thinking about what might be, is it?

Something to look back on when I need it.  Or maybe I'll shelve the Gucci boots if I survive the Summer with my new found Rules in place (although I have to say - the rules are costing me a fortune.  New books, new pens - drawing is expensive! - art books etc... ) and get to the end of 6 weeks with lovely children like other people seem to have and not iPad riddled zombies, maybe I'll think of a bag and not boots.  Just maybe. 

Starting with new season at Matches.  Let's dream big.

Half Moon Patent Leather Bag from APC £290  I have the black one and love it so much.  Pared back, minimal, the perfect size - not too big and not too small.  Honestly, it's the Goldilocks of every day bags.  These do not hang around.  They are rarely in stock so I would snap this up whilst it still is. 

Adore this whole look.  Adore adore adore.  Autumn inspo right now.

Speaking of burgundy brown - I am rather infatuated with this one... (slightly concerned by the name, I'm not going to lie.  I'd love to assume there is another meaning for the word Teen but I fear not.  Please feel free to enlighten me..!  Not an aspirational name for a bag for anyone over the age of 14).

Teen leather cross-body bag in burgundy £590

Then there is the Chloe Hayley.  If I didn't already have my Chloe bag which I use super regularly, I would be buying this one in a heartbeat. 

Hayley Nano Cross Body Bag £570

It's not even that small! 

Speaking of bags I already have and don't need but want a ridiculously similar version, may I present the new Soho Disco... *fist bite*  LOVE this.

Gucci Soho Disco colour block bag £585

But... fear not.  Oh JCrew I love you.  Check this out.  Inspiration comes from many sources and this one may well have come from a certain company that sounds like Tucci but err... bothered?

Only issue is too many to choose from.  Because you obviously only need one... don't you... (oh how we laughed).

The Signet Bags from JCrew  Prices from £128 to £298

So essentially you get to completely customise your bag... Ok so they call it "what's your purse-onality" which does make me want to slightly puke, but apart from that, this is a completely amazing idea

Examples are...

I have been after a navy bag forever.  Maybe this will be my season.  This is a definite contender.  I could look at the JCrew ones but then I could also look at the JWAnderseon ones... 

Monogram Leather Shoulder Bag from JWAnderson £695

So I always bang on about navy bags but always end up buying black or tan.  And here's why.  These are probably my favourite out of all of the bags.  From Mango.  For a fraction of the cost of most here.  And how expensive do they look?

Chain leather bag from Mango in medium brown £59.99

And in the pastel brown - this would be my choice as the above is too similar to my beloved Chloe bag.   A colour I will say goes with everything. 

And this I love (not as much as the one above which I think is so completely unique).  A nod to a Chloe style but not a direct tribute.  Leather for less than £30.  Would double up perfectly as an evening bag too. 

Leather cross body bag from Mango £29.99

However, how about a coloured bag.  My red bag has been so so useful.  And I had a pink Mulberry years and years ago which was more useful than I ever thought possible.  Surely this would be worth adding to the wish list?

GG Marmont Leather Cross body bag £735

But finishing with a complete ringer.  I love this.   It's not the sort of bag I usually go for but it is incredibly useful.  On the eve of going to Port Elliot Festival for the weekend, this is the bag I need.  A sack to throw stuff in.  In small pouches (I have a plethora of small pouches..) so that it doesn't become the black hole.  This would be your Winter friend. 

Leather Panelled Shopper from Topshop £65

And if that wasn't enough - there are two to choose from.  Which one...?

Slouchy Shopper Bag from Topshop £55

So I would love to carry on and find loads more fabulous bags but I have packing to do.  It's festival time for us.  I am ridiculously excited - I have no idea what I shall be wearing - seemingly leaving it till the last minute seemed the best plan earlier (and I wonder why the husband despairs...!).  As I've always said - you can sleep when you're dead.  Although admittedly this is usually in a club on a girls' weekend away and not when I have to contend with three children and a husband for a 6am start.

I shall be giving a run down of how we're getting on over on Instagram but will be back on Monday with a full report.  Festival chic in hindsight.. will I have got it right?  If I don't - clearly it will be the weather's fault. 

Today - in my new sneakers which I've got for the weekend - my nod to a festival vibe with a slick of glitter.  I cannot recommend these highly enough.  I did a three mile walk with them on, straight out of the box, no socks and not a mark on my feet when I got back.  Genuinely as comfortable as slippers.  In stock from today.

Boyfriend shirt - Boden
Dre jeans - Rag & Bone from Cocaranti
Copeland sneaker in glitter - Air & Grace 
Medium Marcie Satchel - Chloe
Straw and white hat - Zara men

It appears I will end up an entire car full of stuff - clearly new to this festival lark (yes I do have as much as I would packing for an entire week as opposed to three days) although the wine box is a new one for us.  Slightly sceptical as to how they can get three bottles of wine into a box that is only marginally bigger than an iPad.  Clearly getting my priorities sorted (which reminds me - where on earth are the kids' coats?  Ugh).

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14 comentarios:

  1. I love the new Chloe bag so much. My husband did not feel the same way. Oh well. Madewell (do you have them in The UK?) has an amazing new Lisbon bag that looks like a Chloe one. I think I'll have to settle for that. Enjoy your weekend.

    1. YES we do have Madewell. Well, we don't have them but you can order from the US and from Net A Porter... will have a look thank you! x

  2. Oh those bags! So annoyed they closed the Mango in Brighton as they look fab! I do find it very hard to get a bag I really love that doesn't cost gazillions so some great ideas here. Festival tips - don't try to look chic in the evening - it's always bitterly cold and take hot water bottles and thick socks. Have a great time and can't wait for the report and pictures

    1. They have closed so so so many Mangos.... I wonder why? Gutted as I loved them and returns are just a pain in the arse.

  3. I so need the blue glitter sneakers. Metallic blue Karters went back so just maybe ....

    1. They are AMAZING. I wore them all weekend and they were so so so comfortable!

  4. Love the updated Gucci Soho Disco apart from has it lost the tassle? Was so hankering after the red but now wondering if colour block the way to go. Agree totally about ysl and the 'teen' bag, do you think its marketing on their behalf as a starter bag for the younger generation?! as I have one teenager and one in waiting I'm sure they would definitely be stealing this off me! Hmm decisions decisions....

    1. Now it does seem that the new larger one (it looks larger..) has lost its tassel. But they do still have the originals in the single colours. Hope that helps!! And the thought of a teen stealing one of my new bags?! OMG NEVER!! Just deciding with the 11yr old which school bag to go for...a very different decision from my day! (and can I please just point out it won't be anything remotely from Matches!!)

  5. Ooh, loving the bag porn! Not that I'm on the look out, but those customisable ones from J Crew are looking good! Customisable is the buzz word for me at the moment, as I've been visiting and revisiting adidas's website and drooling over the options, especially as I'm going to end up returning the Boden sneakers (I'd advise to size up there), can't quite put my finger on it, but I'm just not feeling the love.
    Danish Pastry

    1. I can't get enough of my new Air & Grace sneakers. They couldn't be more perfect! But yes, it's so lovely to be able to customise something, for sure!

  6. Oh dear, I love a lot of these, have been looking at the Gucci and ysl ones but fear I will not be very popular if I mention getting another bag. Maybe a job for Santa, fingers crossed.

  7. Tempted by the second Topshop one although trying to get away from carrying loads of stuff as it kills my back. Can I just say you are looking super slim. I definitley need to get with a programme!

    1. You're very kind but I think this is just a very flattering angle. I will also that these are exceptionally flattering jeans. To me, I would say they were skinny but they're actually slim boyfriend jeans. Well exactly.. not boyfriend in ANY sense on me, BUT they're a super flattering *skinny* fit which works for me!!