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So I'm sure I'm not the person this happens to.  You get a nugget of an idea in your head and before you know, it's a full blown obsession.  The husband would be grateful if someone else could put their head above the parapet and fess up to this obscure foible too?  Just so he knows I'm not completely mad?

Yes yellow... absolutely toot all to do with buying sunshine but it sounds vaguely better and more wordy than "currently obsessed with yellow heels".  Although if it does what it says on the tin.

I've been thinking (too much..) about how versatile (go with me on this) a pair of yellow heels would be.  They look amazing with pretty much every colour, as my mum always used to say, think of flowers.  And she used to say some very impressive things so I am dining out on this.  

Heels for all those occasions we've got coming up.  And heels for all those times that you just want to look a bit - well a bit gorgeous.  I'm going to try and find some that aren't vertiginous - I'm too old and verging on too decrepit to totter around in skyscraper shoes.  But ones that just add a little "something else" to your outfit. 

Yellow looks amazing with leopard print - if you have anything at all that's floral, yellow will go with it (see flower reference above) and they would be the perfect lift for anything black, navy, khaki or grey.  Or cream or white or beige... see, see, see?

You may well have gathered that this is one of those "suck it and see" blogs - it's not one that I've seen loads of options on - I'm researching as I go along.   So we could have one pair or we could be here all week.

So I'm starting with shoe shoes.  I'm not going to lie - these are something I can't get to grips.  I know right - I can't wear shoes.  Seriously, what sort of gubbins is that?  But genuinely, I don't wear shoes.  I wear sandals, boots and trainers and I'm partial to a mule but somehow a "shoe"... doesn't compute with me.  I LOVE them.  I WANT to wear them.  I put them on and feel like I should be going to do typing and filing in an office.  Or I'm going to a wedding circa 1984. 

They look effortlessly cool on other people, I manage to relegate them to frumpsville.  Now this is obviously in my head as I'm not that talented but it's a really good reminder that if something doesn't make YOU feel fantastic - regardless of how they look on other people, find another option. 

Berkley Yellow Mid Heel Court Shoes from Kurt Geiger London £139 (very much a Malone Souliers vibe to them...)

Vintage vibe with a chunky platform sandal at Mango £35.99

I'm going to throw these in as a super summer option - to be discussed in MUCH greater detail another day.. The Espadrille.

Office Marmalade Espadrilles £49

Chunkier heel in a mule style at M&S. 

Leather Ring Mule Sandals £59

Mid heel at Jigsaw. 

Mysha Raffia Pom Heeled Sandals £110

And finishing with some flats.  As on holiday, I am often a flattie fan (and I've run out of heel options - how can that even be?!)  My inner Audrey elbowing her way to the forefront, who I don't think would do anything higher than a kitten heel...

The same raffia as above from Jigsaw but in a mule.  I was actually sent these to wear when we went to Cyprus but wore heels so will be cracking these out this weekend.

Raffia Pom Slip Ons from Jigsaw £98 

But I also LOVE these from Aldo £45

Buckle Flat Sandals £19.99 

Flat at M&S with a toe loop sandal in leather £45

Oh how I LOVE these from Mint Velvet.  Very Aquazzura....  

Katja Yellow Fringe Slider £89 (also in fuchsia)

Tie leg versions from ASOS. 

Park Lane Tie Leg Sandals were £25 now £16

Or how about a flat shoe?  Love these from M&S. 

Suede Cross Strap Mule Shoe £49.50

And today.. gearing up towards the sunshine at the weekend.  

Tee - Isabel Marant (ss17)
Jeans - MiH from Quattro Rish (ss17)
Boots - Tabitha Simmons (sale aw16)
Jacket - Isabel Marant (3yrs ago)
Earrings - Kaaren Buchanan (gift current)
Bag - Loewe from Matches (ss18)

So I'm not sure I've found anything that I had in mind.  But at this time of year I ALWAYS have a shoe related crisis.  Sandals - which style is going to work.  Heels.. do I want chunky or more delicate?  How high is too high?  ARRGGHHH... which I why I always end up wearing the same ones I have had for YEARS.  So maybe I'll just do that again.  Obviously this isn't the end of the conversation at all - help me out with this. 

What do you look for in a pair of sandals for during the day?  Or do you prefer a shoe?  And for nights out?  

Well, I am off to Paris for the weekend with my daughter, my best friend and her daughter.  And it's going to be hot hot hot!  It will be a dress fest but WHAT DO I WEAR ON MY FEET?!  Watch this space...

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  1. Your husband can be rest assured that it's not only him who gets an idea in their head and then can't think of anything else, I think I'm probably worse than you.

    1. *fist bump*... Must stop doing that.. I'm 45 FFS!

  2. Oh no, hot city breaks - footwear hell! There aren't too many that are comfy enough for pounding the pavements but also keep your feet cool and look even vaguely attractive. I'm watching this space. I have a pair of yellow heels that I've had for as long as I can remember and every so often they are just the perfect shoe. Considering I bought them super cheap in the sales at the time they have proved a mega bargain! I have piles of sandals but tend to stick to flat and slip on for all round convenience :-( God, I'm old. xx

  3. I'm a massive fan of delicate gladiator style flat sandals and they must have a zip at the heel.. so kinda chunky, but not big thick straps! They can be hard to find! And re the fashion 'OCD'.. Yup.. fully signed up member...have a fab weekend in Paris, Audrey x

  4. I can't wear completely flat sandals as they hurt my feet. Sandals with a slight heel of about 1 to 1.5 inches are even harder to find!

  5. The M&S toe loop comfy and smart..

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