Summer, come on down....

.. cos if you don't get buying now, when the actual sun does come out, everything's sold out.  Been there, done that, had to buy things I don't really want or resign myself to wearing old things (I know, I know, isn't that THE worst thing to ever happen to anyone?  Said no one ever. Ultimate first world problems and all that...). 

But in all seriousness, I am slowly collating a wardrobe of Summer gems that I love.  And this year, I've managed to find some that work perfectly for holiday but have that glorious versatility of being able to be worn in good old Blighty as well.  Dare I say to work and a wedding, as well as on the beach?  

Yup, this isn't what I expected to find when I was doing my monthly edit for M&S (where my paid project is to explore their new stock and style it the way I would wear it) - I had totally planned on exploring Summer dresses.  I had hoped to find some gems you could wear for an occasion, others you could wear to work and maybe a couple of beachy numbers. 

I did better than that (well I think I did anyway).

First up.  THE most versatile dress.  That isn't even new in.  I have looked at it a lot online and I will confess, I have scrolled over it.  But I saw it instore today and thought I'd give it a go. 

Well there you go. One of those things you try and it looks completely different on. 

Palm Print 3/4 Sleeve Tunic Maxi Dress £45

Now I truly LOVE M&S.  I really really do.  Genuinely one of my favourite brands to work with - I love hunting down true gems and making them my own.  THIS dress epitomises what's so awesome about them - you often can't see how fabulous and versatile the clothes are online or on a hangar. 

I would never have thought this dress would be this fantastic.  I just added the belt I was already wearing.  Ideal for work, for play, for dinner, for anything.  I'm wearing the 12 here.  It has a tie neck that you can wear done up or undone.  You can belt it or wear it loose. 

And then I tried it off the shoulder (the neckline is elasticated.  There is no sophisticated way of saying elasticated.  It sounds all the wrong diddly, but it really does work).  This is coming on holiday with me.  IDEAL.  It comes with a slip underneath but it's the perfect kaftan without it for over a swimsuit.  And then you can wear it with a belt and heels for the evening.  My favourite sort of dress.

As if that's not enough - how about with the blazer that I had on the blog post yesterday?  Instant wedding outfit.  Not to mention the jacket would look great with jeans and a tee.

Pure Linen Single Breasted Blazer from Autograph £79

Another dress that I tried (so sticking to the brief that I had set myself...) - and yes, it's the perfect holiday dress. 

Pure Linen Half Sleeve Bardot Dress £45

And a still from my videos that are over on Instastories where you can see everything moving and a grooving (ish).  This is me in the 12.

But then I went totally off piste and oh. Hello.  Heads up - BUY THIS SKIRT.  I have two M&S cream skirts from last year and every time I wear them, I am plagued by people asking where they're from and if they can get hold of them.  This is sublime.  Perfect for holiday, perfect for work, perfect for a wedding.  The only downside is no pockets.  But for less than £40, I can forgive them.  The fabric is also one of M&S' gems.  Drapey, heavy with a slight silky/suede feeling to it.  Belies the price x a gazillion. 

Drop Waist Maxi Skirt £39.50 

This is me in the 10.

Also wearing the Printed Notch Neck Long Sleeve Blouse £27.50 But this is the 12 and I think the 10 would actually be better...

Then there's this dress which I bought a couple of weeks ago and have tried to wear a number of different ways but haven't loved.  Until I put on this morning with my boots and trench coat.  TA DA!!  I absolutely LOVE it like this.   BUT, don't all hate me - it's almost sold out in all sizes now.  However, hopefully you'll be able to get hold of it instore?  

Geometric Print Half Sleeve Dress £69

I bought this with my own money and have in fact ordered another (in a big size) as I *might* customise it and add more tiers to the bottom of the skirt to make it a super flouncy maxi.  

Dress - M&S (current)
Trench - Acne (sale ss17)
Boots - Mango (current)
Sunnies - Walter + Herbert (gift ss17)
Bag - Loewe from Matches (ss18)
Belt - Dodo Bar Or from My Theresa (sale ss18)

So there we have my picks which you can also see over on good old Instastories.  I've also got a plethora of sandals to report back on but I'm saving them for another blog all to themselves.  I couldn't even BEGIN to mention the S word (summer or sandal) on a day where we had hail and biblical rain.  And I mentioned the weather.  COULD I BE MORE ENGLISH?!

This blog post was written as part of my monthly paid partnership with M&S.  All thoughts are my own, unedited. 

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8 comentarios:

  1. Hi Kat - I love reading your blog & following your insta account. I am sure you recently posted quite a few summer/bardot dresses but the article seems to have disappeared - in the vague hope of some decent weather, can you re post it? Thanks

    1. Ok there's a problem with the blog on a laptop.. BUT you can still see it on a mobile device... hopefully... currently in the process of moving the blog to a new host site which should solve all these glitches!

  2. The best blogs are where you show the item in the shop photograph and then you try it on and style it up. The palm Print Dress looks super useful though i would not have looked twice at it from The M&S Photo.

    M&S really do have the most awful photos that do not sell the clothing to us ladies at all, or maybe its just me??
    Just don't wear the lovely dress when Fran (The Fashion Lift) is wearing hers too..or maybe you should and then show how us how you style them so differently

    1. So agree, M&S photos suck! I would never ever have considered those wonderful navy wide leg trousers with turn ups if I hadn't seen them on Kat! Do wish they'd do more petite jackets and coats too (jumpers and tops I can get away with in regular sizing, but not with more tailored items).
      Hoping you'll give M&S our feedback, Kat!

  3. Delighted you have auggested a white jacket over a dress for a wedding. I am putting together a potential outfit of a bublegum pink long silkdress with a loose white pinstriped crepe jacket; but was worried about wearing white to a wedding. xd

    1. I think it's absolutely fine so long as white is part of your outfit and not the main crux of it! Sounds gorgeous!!