How to do a bit of boho.. just a little bit.

But not full on.  Does that makes sense?  A nod to the summery theme is something that appeals but the fear of ending up full on national costume is strong?

I can't do it.  I would love to - I really would but I just feel wrong diddly.  And I never knew why until someone said something that other day which made me think YES.  We were talking about espadrilles and I said that's something else I struggled with.  As did she because "it just felt wrong wearing them in the city and in this climate". 

YES.  YES YES YES - that's me too.  It's the fact I'm in the UK.  In the country with not a hint of Ibiza waftiness, or beach club chic, or even blooming sunshine for that matter.  That and the fact I'm a bit pasty and more than a bit British means the full on boho vibe (complete with espadrilles) - just makes me feel a tad wrong diddly. 

That's not to say I think it looks wrong on other people at all.  I love the look on other people but so often - don't you find when you try and recreate a look you love on yourself, it doesn't quite pan out? 

And so I got to thinking.  Sometimes it's about not trying a look from head to toe but just adding a piece or two into your wardrobe so that it works for YOU.  So that you still feel like you but a Summery version of you. 

Team new pieces with the elements of your wardrobe that you love.  I adore a skirt.  I love a cream skirt, I love a pair of wide leg trousers, I love jeans, so how about getting a top to go with them. 

And then instead of adding a jacket - as what chuffing jacket do you wear over a bohoish style top?  My mind hurts thinking about that.. go cardigan.  Go oversized, go a big knit, even go a bit of print.  Take something you're comfortable with and invest in an updated, slightly alternative version to take you through into Autumn and beyond. 

Dare I mention shoes?  Well I will perhaps tomorrow and I'll be coming back to the cardigan but in the meantime, I am on a top hunt. 

To make things even easier for me to get my head round (hope you're still with me on this...), I'm thinking a neutral top - cream or white.  With a boho vibe to it - not necessarily full on embroidery. 

First up - a gem of a top at AND/OR at John Lewis.

Olivia Blouse £69 (also available in red)

Another one that gives the illusion of boho in the shape, as opposed to any significant detailing on the blouse.  This is probably my favourite. 

Puffed Sleeves Blouse from Mango £39.99

Similar again at Monsoon - actually maybe I prefer this one... 

Plumeti Panel Blouse £49.99

Fabulous detail on the bib of this.  Living my best Bruce Forsyth today and THIS is my favourite...

AND/OR Kitty Embroidered Blouse £59

AND/OR Avery Metallic Speckled Check Blouse £49

Sleeveless at Mango £29.99

Lace is a perfect way of bringing some boho to the table without full on embroidery or tassels.

Miss Selfridge Isabel Lace Blouse £35

Throwing in a bit of colour.. 

AND/OR Long Sleeve Embroidered Lana Tunic £79

Black and red now at Mango £49.99  And actually a perfect example of how they work with a pared back bottom to them.  TA DAH!  I love it when a plan actually works (as opposed to me thinking it might work in my head and then looking utterly pants).

Embroidered Linen Blend Skirt £49.99

Black at Monsoon.

Gina Embroidered Shirt £39

And finishing with one that I shouldn't really love, but I do think it does fit the boho bill.  In a Chloe boho way  (I'm coming to that another day...).  So think chiffony boho as opposed to embroidered.  Make more sense?  

ASOS DESIGN Wrap Blouse £32

So what do we think about the different boho options whilst we're here.  Are you an embroidered fan or are you more Flake advert boho?  To be discussed in more detail another day...

And today without a shirt on at all as it was super dress down, working from home as I am away this weekend.  

Red tee - Zadig & Voltaire from TK Maxx (ss18)
Skirt - Zara (9yrs ago)
Trainers - Ishikawa from Quattro Rish (Current)
Biker - hush (gift 5yrs ago)
Bag - Loewe at Matches (ss18)

Busy weekend starting from Friday - yes tomorrow when I will be at Fenwicks Canterbury at 1pm (a couple of tickets still left I believe on this link... actually you can get all the tickets on that link!) and on Saturday afternoon at 2pm, I will be at Fenwick Tunbridge Wells.  Then on Sunday, I'm off away for a couple of days with the husband.  Apparently we did such a good job of looking like we had an amazing time on the Royal Caribbean cruise, they've invited the husband and myself back as a thank you!  Couldn't get rid of the kids fast enough (ish..!!!).  Will miss them terribly of course, but I am so so looking forward to just spending two days with the husband.  Holidaying in dog years again...

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4 comentarios:

  1. You are so right about not doing boho full on and I love the idea of a top. I mean I do wear tops with subtle frill detail, so one of these would not be too far out! I like the metallic check one best (I'm a sucker for button detail), if I buy this I have a sneaky feeling I may cut the ties off though.

  2. Showing my age here but they kind of remind me of the New Romantics era, Adam and the Ants, Spandau Ballet ....

  3. Beautiful

  4. Mint Velvet have a good selection of this kind of top in whites and creams. They also have tan sandals. Not sure if they are what you are after? x