Living my best colour life

And it's all thanks to a new lipstick. 

Ok so it may not have escaped anyone's notice, especially if you watch Instastories, that I am vaguely pants when it comes to lipstick.  Yes I know that sounds ridiculous but I also know there are loads of us in the same boat. 

The world is divided into those who meander through their lives with the most perfect made up red (or coral or berry) lip.  And then there are those of who make a valiant effort but it always look bit chapped, a bit "I applied this at the traffic lights", a bit "I didn't apply it at all".

Now I'm not saying I've found a solution to transform all of us Sorry Lip People into Perfect Red Lip People but I can guarantee with these, you will be a much better version of your former lip self. 

How do you fancy plump, hydrated, glossy but not sticky lips in a myriad of colours that will transform your makeup?  Thanking you kindly Max Factor for the launch of your Colour Elixir Lip Cushions.

Over the months that I've been working in partnership with Max Factor, I can honestly say, this is my favourite product of theirs.  Yes I love their mascara, and when it comes to lips, I have always loved their Lipfinity lipsticks but this is just a different level of ease and comfort. 

And when it comes to the Summer, we don't necessarily want a heavy, perfectly lined lip (which is handy for me...).  Something lighter, fresher, dewier and less solid is definitely on my list of ideals. 

So without further ado - may I present the Max Factor Colour Elixir Lip Cushion £8.99

What's so amazing about these?  And how are they different from other lip glosses?  For me - the colour has a stain element to it so doesn't just disappear as soon as you have a sip of something (water obviously... never rose or a g&t...never...).  It also is genuinely moisturising - totally different from so many of the sticky, gloopy glosses I've tried in the past. 

Application is another winner.  A sponge applicator means you can apply it in seconds - no mirror required (believe me, if I can do it, anyone can).  

They are simply the perfect lipstick option for those who find they can't really "do lipstick".  They're also the ideal Summer lip option for those who usually prefer a heavier looking pair of perfect smackers.  A must have if you feel you simply can't go without colour on your lips - these are a moisturising slick of colour, easy to apply, light and long lasting.  Handy enough to slip into any bag or purse - the sponge applicator means that they're also easy to apply in the super hot weather (anyone foolishly tried to take a bullet lipstick onto the beach, only to find it melt over your face as you attempt to apply it?!).

They come in 8 different colours - there definitely will be something for everybody.  At least one.  In fact, there's a free gift with Max Factor at Boots at the minute so it's well worth stocking up on more than one.  The wonderful Caroline Barnes was waxing lyrical last time I met her about, how you can transform your make up and outfit by matching your lipstick.  But I don't know how yet!  Fingers crossed we'll be able to report back on that soon but in the meantime, here I am with the ones that I chose - some are very much in my comfort zone - a couple I'm going to experiment with.

Right.  First up, I have to say it is HARD to photograph these on your lips.  I did try and swatch them on my hands but I find they look completely different to on my lips so I've gone down the hard route... don't all laugh..!!

Splendor Chic  This I have to say is my favourite. It's more colour than a nude but it's not FULL ON COLOUR.  It's better than your usual lip shade, is how I would define it.  Perfect for those days when you want to look made up but don't want an overly made up look.  Actually I would say the one to go for with more eye make up.. or when you have a tan and nude lipstick can actually be too pale.

Majesty Berry  This is definitely darker - can't really see here (gifted at this lip photo thingy I am... said no one ever).  Hopefully you can get a better idea in the picture below below - with hat.  It's more of a statement lip but still light enough to be perfect for a super hot summer's day or holiday.

Nude Glory   Definitely a nude with more of a brown tone to it.  Perfect for when you don't want to look like you're wearing any make up (but have to, otherwise you scare small children.  Just me?).

Baby Star Coral  Ok so the face maybe says that this isn't my favourite... I didn't realise this until I looked at the photos.  Isn't it funny how our subconscious can play tricks... Anyway, it's not that I dislike it - it's that it's VERY far out of my comfort zone.  Interestingly, the actual shade when on, isn't as CORAL as the tube.  I think this is one I will need to have a chat to Caroline about what shades to wear with it.  I can imagine with the right outfit, this would, in fact, look amazing.  Green maybe... ooooooh.

Starlight Coral - I would say this is definitely a pinky pink and not a coral but what do I know..!  A pinky nude is how I would term it.  Ideal for a hint of colour.  Like above, this doesn't seem to bear as much resemblance to the tube colour as the first three. It's definitely not a super pale pink - I had visions of a frosted 80s number before I tried it - a pinky nude is how I would describe.

AND AND AND there is a chance to win one of three sets of all 7 Lip Cushions over on Instagram (@doesmybumlook40 T&Cs are below).

Here I am in the Majesty Berry... definitely a real berry tinge to it.  

So I would love to know what you think of them - they are so so ridiculously easy to apply, small enough to throw into your handbag and fabulously moisturising for the glorious weather which is undoubtedly on our way... 

Let me know which are your favourites (as I'm sure there will be more than one....!).

This post has been written as part of my paid partnership with Max Factor.  All thoughts are my own, unedited.

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6 comentarios:

  1. I totally suck at lipsticks. I've lost count of how many red's I have been brain washed into buying, only to try on once and immediately wipe them off with a tissue and throw them into the drawer full of junk in my kitchen (everybody has one of those, right??) never to be seen again. Loving the look of the first one.....I can feel a trip to Boots coming on!

  2. I love the splendour chic which would be a great everyday lippy. Like the one you have siting in the special lipstick pot in the car (cos I always put my lippy on in the car sitting in traffic jams, never enough time to actually put it on in the house before you go out the door.) I also actually love the starlight coral on you - it looks amazing, so young and fresh. Sometimes it's good to step outside your comfort zone. Can't wait to hear what Caroline has to say about lipsticks. Xx

  3. Easy to apply with the lip
    shaped applicator and very smooth and glossy once on...i just need to be braver and try bolder colours rather than the subtle pinks!

  4. I'm a smug perfect lipstick person :P I like it bold. They look a little too sheer and glossy for me but I think I'm willing to take a chance on the berry one so perhaps I'll get one some day. Doesn't hurt to try something new

  5. I’m a total makeup snob but think I will definitely give the Majestic Berry one a go. X

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