Hunka hunka blazer love...

I don't even know if that's how you spell it.  Clearly too much sun today (she said with more than a hint of irony), which has gone to my head and made me slightly ronkers bonkers.

But the sun was indeed out today and revel in it a little bit I did.  It wasn't warm warm (I had to defrost the car at 7.15pm.  SERIOUSLY MAY?!) but it was gorgeous and so it was legs out.  Not out out (but bear with me on that... watch this space in the next week or so, miracles do happen) but out enough in a dress.

And I put a biker on (see below).  And.. shock horror, thought, meh.   WHAT?! 

I didn't love it.  I am all over a biker with a maxi skirt or dress but it just felt like something I've been doing for so long in a midi. 

Blazers.  YES sirree, that's what I need to wear with these.  Slightly longer line but the thing I'm really looking for is fluidity.  They need to flow and be loose and.. then I'll know it when I see it.  Ooh and whilst we're here, I like a bit of a boxy shoulder (you can take the girl out of the 80s...).

And ideally we're talking neutral colours here.  I love a coloured suit but seeing as most of the dresses I have a penchant for are brightly coloured and print, I'm drawn to a more pared back blazer to go with them.  Actually I'm going to be punchy here.  We're going as pared back as you can be.  Cream.  White.  No colour at all.  These are one of those things that I don't advocate spending a lot of money on as they get filthy.  Very quickly.  And whilst they can be dry cleaned, there are some stains that never go away.  Those of the red wine variety.  Or curry. 

So we're going mid range which is perfect for quality and a good drapey fabric that will stand the test of time if the ketchup doesn't get you first.

Let the search begin. 

First up - I am hunting this down at M&S tomorrow as it's the same as the red one I tried before, that's part of the suit.  Super flattering - I also think it's the same shape as the black tux one from Winter that I have been living in. 

Single Breasted Blazer from M&S £59

Single Breasted Linen at M&S £79

This at Mango looks like it could be a plan... 

Good old Zara...the one thing you can guarantee is always a winner from Zara - a blazer.

Flowing Blazer with Tie Wrists £69.99

Another at Zara in white £49.99

Chalk at Mint Velvet - this is a shorter one which is probably better if you're not so tall. 

Boyfriend Blazer £119

Then there are the double breasted ones.. which.. wouldn't be my first choice but well, actually, so long as they're longer lined I think they could work. 

Take this one at M&S for example.  Being the lighter colour definitely helps. 

Linen Blend Double Breasted Blazer £59

Cream double breasted at New Look £34.99

So this is the dress that I thought would look better with a blazer... I wasn't loving the suede jacket but actually, have to say, it had totally grown on me by the end of the day.  

Dress - & Other Stories (3yrs ago)
Jacket - hush (gift aw16)
Bag - Hill & Friends (gift current)
Boots - Zara (current)
Belt - & Other Stories (current)
Earrings - Kaaren Buchanan (current)

Are we back to the rain tomorrow?  *weeps*.  I'm off to London for meetings but I am definitely going on a blazer hunt.  Whilst we're here though - any other jackets that you are currently loving with dresses?  I'm secretly holding out for the amazing weather at the weekend. 

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4 comentarios:

  1. I love that dress on you, and the added touches of tan only make it better!
    But I can relate to the "I'll know it when I see it" school of thought!
    I've been looking for a cream blazer for a while, more fitted for my short arse frame though. I did have one with a tux feel, but the lapels were black, and not ideal for my wardrobe as it is now, so the search goes on...
    As does my search for an alternative to a denim jacket (I'll know it when I see it)!

    1. Oh I am so so SO with you on the alternative to a jacket thingy.... that's exactly what I'm looking for. I might adopt a trench for the next couple of weeks in the dodgier weather. Was struggling with what to wear over a dress for today and that's the solution. For today anyway....!

  2. Love, love, love that Zara blazer. But I still can't wear a blazer without feeling like I look like I'm going to work. Not helped by oldest daughter making smarty pants remarks EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I'm just not grown up enough :-( Mind you, I was back in my winter coat yesterday so it might be a problem I never have again!

  3. I just ordered three white blazers to try on - wish me luck!