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Bear with me.  

As we've done this recently and most people thought they were ming a ring ding.  However, I tried some on the other week in Topshop and got so many messages from people saying they loved them or they weren't quite right and could I find some more. 

They also weren't right for me so I came home that night so on Sunday afternoon, I sat with a bag of crisps (healthy diet going well) and plundered the internet for info. 

Well.  What I did find was a plethora of gorgeousness plastered all over Pinterest.  Seriously at times, does anyone else find Pinterest just irritating?  Here are some PERFECT sandals.  That you can't buy anymore.  This is of absolutely ZERO help.  I found the same thing we were doing our house (probably why it's not finished).  Perfect rugs, perfect lamps, perfect pictures - that you can't actually purchase.  Ideas, my friends, are not that blooming useful, if I can't replicate them.  Can you tell I was slightly irritated by it?

I'm dragging you all down with me.  Here are some perfect options we can't buy (these are what I'm looking for anyway)...

Vintage Uggs

Some absolutely "vile" Chanels (said no one EVER).  I may even contemplate selling a kidney for these.

Isabel Marant *weeps*

Then these - which I know are too high... but...

Should be easy no?  No is the answer.  

I utterly heart those Isabel Marant ones above.  I would swim to France for them. 

But not to be.  This is what I've found.   

Free People Adelaide Clog from Yoox £128

Embellished.. close to losing the plot here.. 

Fendi Embellished leather mule were £730 now £365

I've gone slightly off piste as I was DESPERATE! 

Michael Michael Kors £89

In for a penny, in for £630... 

Gucci Marmont Fringed Mules from Net a Porter

There are other mule options but I'm not entirely feeling them... 

Huntington fringe-trimmed mules from Tory Burch were £330 now £165

Then there are sandals.. (slowly losing the will to live here...). 

Studded Leather Sandals were £300 now £150

But there is always navy... *rethinks entire Summer wardrobe*...

Studded Leather Sandals from Rag & Bone were £233 now £118

And then I found these.. which I tried on yesterday in John Lewis Westfield and LOVED.  

See by Chloe Alex Block Heel Sandals £255

Which weren't remotely on brief.  Which made me realise - what on earth am I looking for?  I loved them, I really loved them.  They are super comfy and they aren't as high as they look, but it made me think - when am I going to wear them?  I have touched them all too many times, I have seen too many pairs, I am now officially confused and have gone so far off piste I'm up to my boobs in powder.

What AM I really looking for?  I'm like a man without portfolio.  Sounds vaguely less shallow than a woman who already has 20 pairs of sandals and really can't decide what on earth to wear with them.  Vaguely. 

NONE of the ones above are right.  Which got me to thinking - when I am actually planning on wearing them and what with?

And there in lies the issue.  I have NO idea what I really want them for.  I appreciate I am just rambling but I can't be the only person who knows she sort of needs something to wear *as you wear sandals in the Summer* but doesn't really like them.  

I get this question all the time from people.   

"Why can't I find a biker jacket that I like?"  
"What sort are you looking for.. and what do you want to wear it with?"
"I don't really know.. I don't really like biker jackets...but everyone looks great in them and everyone wears them so I sort of feel I should have one."

"AHA!!  So don't buy one then.  Buy another jacket that you love and that you will wear.  Buy another denim jacket.  Or another blazer.  Or another military coat".

We can't all like all the things all of the time and heeled sandals - whilst I love them on other people (ditto the ladies with the biker jackets) I just never feel like me in them. 


Love me.

And here I am yesterday - loving what I love best - good old trainers. 

Skirt - Mint Velvet (part of paid partnership current).
Tee - FWP by Rae (gift current)
Jacket - Zara (5 or 6 yrs ago)
Trainers - Ishikawa from Quattro Rish (current)
Bag - Loewe from Matches (ss18)

I can hear the people at the back asking - but weren't your feet hot??  Ok - yes is the answer.  And what will I therefore be wearing in the coming months when the temperature is set to sore?  Flat sandals.  I am on the gladiator hunt (true child of the 80s/uni in the 90s.. can't hear the word gladiator without hearing GLADEEYAAAAY-TOOOOOORRRRRRR and seeing Ulrika, Hunter and Wolf rocking their leotards  - the latter two - not sure Ulrika ever got down and dirty in a bodysuit.  Did she have a thing with Hunter or have I just totally made that up?).  

And mules.  Give me all the mules.   So long as they're flat.  Out of interest, is there anything you think you *should* wear but have come to the conclusion that NOPE.  Not me.  Or are there things that you keep trying and should possibly admit defeat?  Sharing is caring... come on...!!

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  1. I’m sure Ulrika and Hunter had some sort of affair. I was rather jealous as I loved Hunter as a child. My kids are currently watching re-runs of Gladiators and I can only assume no-one ever looked in the mirror in the early 90’s?
    I have to say I’m not a huge fan of the clogs but I do like the Chloe sandals. I have a similar Kenneth Cole pair, your blog reminded me they’d be perfect with the dress I want to wear to a party on Friday x

  2. Blazers. Or those suit like jackets. Everyone else looks amazing in them. I look/feel like I got dressed at the weekend and then got confused at the last minute and thought I was going to work...

    1. That's me And I don't even wear a blazer to work :D I also can't do bikers or denim jackets so I have real jacket issues! And issues with any clothes that look grown up. Which is a severe problem now I am a grown up... I also can't do anything with excessive fabric. And I'm not too great with patterns. It's a wonder I have anything in my wardrobe at all!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I'm adding the lady belows white shirts to this! I have a friend who wears all these things and always looks amazing. Why can't I do it? And why can't I learn that I can't do it. Endlessly buying stuff because other people look fantastic only for it to hang at the back of my wardrobe before it shuffles off to the charity shop!

  3. I'm that girl who LOVES a biker jacket... but on other people. Have looked and looked and must have tried on about 3 trillion, but they never seem quite right. I think its the bigger bust that seems to make the lapels stick out and become a dominating (unatractive) feature. Oh and polonecks... lets just say uniboob. Nuf said! X

  4. 'Classic white shirts' apparently everyone should have one in their wardrobe. I've hated every single one I've ever tried on. Ugh.

  5. Blazers and trousers over here. I always end up looking very Miami Vice wearing a blazer and trousers do nothing for my thighs. Love them on other people just not for me. Thanks to your wonderful blog/insta I did manage to dip my toe in a midi/maxi skirt and it turns out I’m hooked. All there had been missing was a belt!!! Thank you so so much x

  6. I agree with all the replies. Its like we're being taunted all the time with blazers, suit jackets, biker and denim jackets. White shirts, a white T (white doesn't even suit me). It's just cruel. I know I'm going to look terrible in all of them, and yet I have kept trying because I'm constantly been told I need them as staples in my wardrobe! I've actually STOPPED trying now after looking at myself in a denim jacket I ordered just last week. I lasted about 2 minutes looking in the mirror with a disgusted look on my face before it was repackaged and ready to send back. I'm best off in jeans, trainers and a long cardi!

  7. So true I lust after something then try it on and err no not gonna work, take pleated skirts wether they’re velvet, chiffon, leather dressed with a t shirt or jumper or cami I just look wrong, but I still try on everyone I see in the hope that perfect skirt exists x

  8. Hunter and Ulrika did have an affair as they were often seen out and about in York together. He went onto to father a child with a friend of mine.
    It was a pleasure meeting you and chatting to you last week in York when you visited for the do in Fenwicks (demolition, need I say more)

    The item I love on others but just can't do myself is a midi skirt (and believe me its not through lack of trying) I can just about pull off a moxi skirt although I still don't feel like me in them.I also fail miserably at pulling off a pleated skirt as I just feel like my gran in them, again, amazing on others, pants on me.

    The other item I wont be buying this summer is a sandal, not that I don't like them, far from it, it just has to be baking hot for me to wear them as I suffer from freezing cold feet, we don't get enough really hot days to justify another another pair and who can be arsed with keeping up with the pretty feet? Give me trainers or mules any day. (I am not trying to hide trotter feet, honest)

  9. Midi skirts , white shirts, biker jackets and belts, BELTS - make me look even shorter than I am.

  10. It's sometimes a question of getting your head around what works for you and what doesn't, mostly by trial and error unfortunately!
    I love my biker, gets loads of wear, for the longest I thought a denim jacket was the solution for summer until I came to the realisation I'm not made keen on them. Now I'm looking for proverbial rocking horse poo, as I want an alternative jacket lightweight enough for summer, not leather or denim - linen maybe?

  11. For me like some others it is also a case of so called-classics: white shirts and T-shirts (my hatred of ironing might have something to do with it admittedly), trench coats (too short?). Supposedly trickier items (e.g. culottes) I am much happier with!

  12. yes! The classic 'white shirt'. I just look like some sort of 80s throw back. And not in a good way!

  13. Actually most of what you wear is in that box for me - just not my style. I think you look great in it and you make me laugh, so I follow you and you're one of my favourite accounts on Insta. I'll never buy a biker jacket tho and I can't see myself in a maxi skirt and trainers EVER but it's fine to admire someone else's style and accept it's not yours. I do love a clog tho - Swedish Hasbeens for me but they need breaking in