Could this be this season's dress alternative?

I'd love to say I'm going to come up with something super interesting and amazing but clearly I'm not going to be reinventing the wheel any time soon so maybe dial down your expectations slightly.. 

I'm talking skirts.  This is something that I have definitely been a later adopter of.  I have wanted to love them for years.  For YEARS.  But struggled with what tops to wear with them.  I am more thick of middle than I am a curvy figure type so I do find it trickier to find something that works without making me look like a Weeble.

I would love to say that - again, I come bearing gifts of the perfect top variety but luckily for me - fashion has moved forward and we have more options to consider.  

But I did say this blog post is going to be about the skirts and we'll come to the tops shortly.  However when we look at the bottoms, have in mind what you would wear on the top. I will say that for me - anything goes.  Tees that you can do a half tuck with, jumpers that are either super oversized or shorter ones with a waistband that bounces neatly over the top of the skirt.  You can also tuck in a silk shirt and team with a belt.

However we're coming to that another day - suffice to say you WILL have something in your wardrobe that works (a sweatshirt for example is the perfect skirt partner) and so let's crack on with the search. 

First up - one that I have just bought.  I even wore it the night I got it but no photos as we've been at Soho Farmhouse and I'd love to say it's because you're not allowed to take photos but it could also be that we may have forgotten (plus it gets dark waaaaaay too early these days *weeps*).

Yes I already have the leopard version of this.  I bought this from The Store at Soho Farmhouse as I'd never seen it before 

Ganni Polka Dot Midi Skirt £160

Ganni Polk Dot Print Wrap Skirt £170

Ganni Tilden Floral print wrap skirt £160

Ganni Floral Print Crepe Skirt £170

Just so you can see the Ganni ones are a very good buy, not that much cheaper on the high street at Whistles.

Black/Multi Freya Skirt £145

But there are definitely cheaper out there... 

ASOS Wrap Skirt £28

ASOS DESIGN Mixed ditsy print wrap skirt £35

This with a black silk blouse for evening or a chunky black, yellow or white jumper for during the day would be perfect.  I would ALWAYS add black tight in the Winter if you're a cold bird - and to be honest - with a wrap skirt and a gust of wind, there is often a lot more exposed to the elements than you would like.

ASOS DESIGN Abstract Print Wrap Skirt with D Ring £32

Another similar style but with a flat front which may work better for some - especially if you're more diminutive as there is less fabric which is probably preferable if you're not so tall.  Now this IS a big split but nothing that a pair of tights can't sort out.

Raven Floral Midi Skirt from Topshop £36

And a random that I LOVE.
Rika Floral Silk Maxi Dress from Whistles was from £199 now £139

Here I am in mine today - at The Berkeley with Clarins for the launch of their new Beauty Sleep Treatments.

Skirt - Ganni (current)
Bag - Nunoo Bags from Quattrorish (current)
Shoes - Valentino from Bicester Village (part of paid partnership current)
Jacket - hush (gift 5yrs ago)
Blouse - Winser London (gift 2yrs ago)

In case you think it's all the glamour - I have just had a hysterical boy on the phone as he can't change the studs on his rugby boots (don't ask my why needs to) and won't let anyone help... the poor husband meanwhile, who is on his way home to take him to rugby is on a delayed train and will be late.  These things NEVER happen when you're there, do they?.... I am going to ignore what I can't help and try and enjoy myself this evening and pick up the pieces tomorrow! 

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