Oh hello Christmas of comfort...

… heels - you can just do one.

This is the year when I embrace the flats.  I am no longer teetering around on spindly heels at every opportunity - nope, I shall be the one dancing into the wee small hours in her flat, practical BUT gorgeous shoes. 

As they truly can be gorgeous.  As I am going to show you now. 

That's not to say I'm going to throw the baby out with the bathwater and never don a stiletto again but with maxi skirts and dresses and wide leg trousers - these are a complete no brainer. 

Not only do they look better than heels (in my personal opinion and yes, that's easy for me to say at 5ft10...), they are more comfortable and certainly more practical when you're on your feet for hours.  For parties, for drinks, for the pub, for Christmas Day, for New Year and for every occasion in between. 

reasonable numbers if you do just want them for the party season - these from ASOS. 

ASOS DESIGN wide fit embellished shoes £28

ASOS Madagascar Embellished Mules £35

And THESE aren't in my size,... but could someone else please buy them as they're simply divine. 

Kurt Geiger Peacock Feather Flats were £129 now £58

Lost ink Red Studded Mules were £30 now £21

Velvet at M&S for £19.50

Or in black - also £19.50

However upping the budget BUT it's so worth it as these will get worn way into next Summer too. 

Princely Camel Embellished Shoe from Kurt Geiger £129

In the black again £129

And the fuchsia which are in the sale... 

Princely Pink Rainbow Embellished Shoes from Kurt Geiger were £129 now £89

Velvet shoe porn at Kurt Geiger... now I have checked and you can wear these out of the house, they're not slippers slippers but I would probably avoid rain... 

Velvet Slippers Floral Velvet were £99 now £69

Or in the Silver Tweed... oh HELLO!  Now £69 were £99.

But fear not! I have found some shoes.  These are like proverbial rocking horse poo - it's all about the mules don't you know and as someone who very much prefers a mule, I apprciate I am in the minority so I do find it surprising.  Maybe not everyone does like a full shoe?  (I think they do though...)  So here are some suggestions. 

These are amazing from Kurt Geiger. 

Noa Black Embellished Shoes £59

Or... yes, call off the dogs, I have found the leopard print versions, again £59 from Miss KG at Kurt Geiger.

Jasmin Black Embellished Flats from Miss KG at Kurt Geiger were £69 now £34

Finishing with some leather ones from Kurt Geiger, now on offer - ideal before Christmas!

Kingley Multi-Coloured Embellished Shoes from Kurt Geiger were £129 now £69

And here I am in some outfits from this week... wearing flats.  Admittedly they are trainers...

Top - H&M (current)
Trousers - M&S (current and back in stock in some sizes....)
Coat - Helene Berman & Anthropolgie (aw17 but available again this year here....)
Trainers - Russell & Bromley (men's gift from press day AW18)
Bag - Hill & Friends (gift 2yrs ago)
Jojo Glasses - Alexis Amor

So it appear that December is racing towards us at a race of knots.  HOW?  WHERE?  Oh my lord, please tell me that I'm not the only person who is totally disorganised.... I am trying but there just seems to be so much.  Dropping the balls all over the place, even my lists aren't helping me.  Can someone just put a brake on December for a day or two?!

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3 comentarios:

  1. Hello! I'm the one (perhaps out of many more...) who bought the asos Madagascar mules that you recommended. :) Thanks for getting me hooked on them. ;) Angie, www.yourtrueselfblog.com

  2. Yes! I'm not tall, but i prefer flats to heels any day! And pointy ones are supposed to lengthen the leg!
    These are right up my street, especially as most of my partying is done at other people's houses these days (and most Danes tend to like you to take your shoes off indoors), these days you can get "posh" slippers, but bejewelled flats are my choice, and you dont have to worry about the weather or impracticality of velvet mules when they only get worn indoors!

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